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[Free App] WTF Generator 1.0 - Funny pics

Dieses Thema im Forum "Sonstige Apps & Widgets" wurde erstellt von WTF Software, 27.02.2012.

  1. WTF Software, 27.02.2012 #1
    WTF Software

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    Let us introduce you to
    :w00t00: WTF GENERATOR :w00t00:
    the easiest way to watch funny stuff on your mobile

    WTF Generator is extremely easy and funny app that allow you to browse random funny pics, comic strips and other jokes via your mobile and publish the chosen ones on Facebook.

    What you get is funny stuff from a number of different internet site and only one simple button to watch it. That is what makes WTF Generator perfect for wasting your time laughing wherever you are.

    Please take a look and tell us what you think?


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