[How-To] mot_boot_mode als init service

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    if you have many data on your mot_boot_mode,
    the editing can be difficult.

    so, I created a script that allows to separate
    the code of the different initialization scripts.

    so, you may include in a directory files
    initialization and that they be read by mot_boot_mode
    automatically, thus adding a new code
    is to simply copy a file to this directory.

    to do this have to do that:

    i've tried, and working, but i'm not responsible for
    damages, brickes, etc...  :)
    1) mounting system for read and write

    2) create the directory where all scripts are stored

    mkdir /system/boot_scripts
    chmod 755 /system/boot_scripts
    3) copy all the scripts.
    assuming that they have in /sdcard/boot_scripts
    (Attached the Dalvik-Cache moving and overclocking)
    (lock at the overlock script. it assumes you've
    the overclock.ko at /system/modules/)

    cp /sdcard/boot_scripts/* /system/boot_scripts
    chmod 755 /system/boot_scripts/*
    4) preserve the original mot_boot_mode
    (Not do if they had done)

    cp /system/bin/mot_boot_mode /system/bin/mot_boot_mode.bin
    chmod 755 /system/bin/mot_boot_mode.bin
    5) copy the new mot_boot_mode
    assuming they have left in /sdcard

    cp -f /sdcard/mot_boot_mode /system/bin
    chmod 755 /system/bin/mot_boot_mode
    and now all the files at the "/system/boot_scripts"
    are executed in boot time :)

    greetings and enjoy


  2. very nice work ;)
    in the OpenRecovery LMF mod the mot_boot_mode is also splitet, to easy add new features, but i add numbers to the filenames, to load the scripts in a specific sequence, so thats a script thats needs a other script load befor is load after this script...

    just take a look ;) i think we do the same thing in 2 different ways ^^
  3. #3 The Matrix, 20.05.2010
    sorry, but i don't find it :(
    please, provide me the url
  4. #5 The Matrix, 20.05.2010
    hi, downloaded, but not capable to find the related mot_boot_mode.
  5. the mot_boot_mode is under /OpenRecovery/LMF/bin
  6. #7 The Matrix, 21.05.2010
    ok, the mot_boot_mode at LMF uses busybox in order to list files sorted by name (find).
    i don't like busybox. i preffers my script ;)

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