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    [Recovery] [13-Dec-2009] RA-dream-v1.5.2
    This is a custom recovery based on Cyanogen's recovery source.
    The purpose of this recovery is to avoid using the console by accessing all features directly from the menu.

    This recovery if for the HTC Dream/G1 only, if you have an :
    - HTC Magic/MT3G you should go here.
    - HTC Hero you should go here.
    - HTC Sprint Hero you should go here.

    Use the trackball (up+down) to navigate through the menu, press the trackball to select items.
    You can also use the volume keys (vol-up + vol-down) to navigate, and the CALL-ANSWER key to select items (in case your trackball is broken).

    Always check recovery.log before posting your issues!

    • full ADB access in recovery mode
    • Busybox v1.15.2
    • HW-Key navigation (volume keys + CALL-ANSWER) option
    • Extended menu (with keyboard-shortcuts):
      • [HOME+Back] Reboot system now :: reboot your phone
      • [Alt+X] Go to console :: bring up the console
      • [Alt+T] USB-MS Toggle :: enable/disable USB mass storage (use when the phone is connected to your PC)
      • [Alt+B] Backup/Restore (recovery partition not included!)
        • [Alt+0] Nand backup :: Make a Nand backup
        • [Alt+1] Nand + ext backup :: Make a Nand + ext backup
        • [Alt+2] Nand restore :: Restore a Nand backup
        • [Alt+3] BART backup :: Make a BART backup (Nand + ext)
        • [Alt+4] BART restore :: Restore latest BART backup
      • [Alt+F] Flash zip from sdcard :: Flash a zip update file from your sdcard
      • [Alt+W] Wipe
        • [Alt+0] Wipe data/factory reset :: Wipe /data and /cache
        • [Alt+1] Wipe Dalvik-cache :: Wipe Dalvik-cache both on /data and ext
        • [Alt+2] Wipe SD:ext partition : Wipe the ext partition on your sdcard
        • [Alt+3] Wipe battery stats : Wipe the battery stats in /data
        • [Alt+4] Wipe rotate settings : Wipe the sensor settings in /data
      • [Alt+P] Partition sdcard
        • [Alt+0] Partition SD :: Interactive SD partitioning
        • [Alt+1] Repair SD:ext :: Repair the ext partition
        • [Alt+2] SD:ext2 to ext3 :: Convert ext2 to ext3
        • [Alt+3] SD:ext3 to ext4 :: Convert ext3 to ext4
      • [Alt+O] Other
        • [Alt+0] Fix apk uid mismatches :: Does extacly that
        • [Alt+1] Move apps+dalv to SD :: Moves all apps and Dalvik-cache to sdcard (This will NOT enable apps2sd!)
        • [Alt+2] Move recovery.log to SD :: Moves the recovery log file to your sdcard. (Use when you want more detailed recovery log information)
    • Scripts available from console :

    Copy recovery-RA-dream-v1.5.2.img to the root of your sdcard start the terminal emulator app
    Diesen Code eingeben und nach jeder Zeile ENTER.
    flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.5.2.img

    There are several ways to install a custom recovery, choose the one that suits you most (I probably forgot a few).

    via a simple reboot -> Requires Cyanogen or my RA ROM (other ROMs will probably work too, check init.rc where to put the recovery.img)
    Rename recovery-RA-dream-v1.5.2.img to recovery.img
    Copy recovery.img to /data
    Reboot fully (the recovery will be flashed automatically)
    Reboot to recovery
    via adb -> Requires a custom recovery (with test-keys) like Cyanogen's v1.4 or my previous recovery
    Copy recovery-RA-dream-v1.5.2.img to the root of your sdcard
    Boot into your current custom recovery (boot while holding HOME)
    Connect your G1 via usb to your pc/mac/...
    adb shell
    $su (not required if you have root already)
    #mount -a
    #flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.5.2.img
    via console -> Requires root
    Copy recovery-RA-dream-v1.5.2.img to the root of your sdcard
    Boot into your current custom recovery (boot while holding HOME)
    select console from the menu
    $su (not required if you have root already)
    #mount -a
    #flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.5.2.img
    via terminal -> Requires root
    Copy recovery-RA-dream-v1.5.2.img to the root of your sdcard
    start the terminal app
    $su (not required if you have root already)
    #mount -a
    #flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.5.2.img
    via fastboot -> Requires engineerings SPL!
    Copy recovery-RA-dream-v1.5.2.img to a location where fastboot can find it.
    Boot your G1 into fastboot mode (boot while holding BACK)
    Connect your G1 via usb to your pc/mac/...
    fastboot devices (to make sure that fastboot "sees" your device)
    fastboot flash recovery recovery-RA-dream-v1.5.2.img

    Download the R version if you have a Roger's Dream EBI1 phone!!.

    ALWAYS check the md5sum to make sure the zip isn't corrupted.
    Click on the Mirror-link if you don't like rapidshare

    If you want to download these images directly from your mobile you need to install "Download Crutch Lite" from the market first

    Latest :

    Old stable versions :

    Change-log :
    - Updated Nandroid to v2.2.2 (fix ext restore issues)
    - Added a v1.5.2R version for the Roger's EBI1 Dream

    Change-log :
    - Fixed Nandroid-ext restore issue where nandroid didn't restore the backup-ed ext partition.

    Change-log :
    - Fixed the issue where Nandroid would freeze when returning to recovery from console by using the "recovery" command.
    - Fixed Nandroid/BART backup issues.
    - Updated Nandroid to v2.2.1 (ext support!).
    - Added a "Nand + ext backup" menu-item.
    - Removed the "Nandroid restore no recovery" menu-item, and set it as default for Nandroid.
    - Nandroid and BART menu items will not backup or restore the recovery partition by default.
    - Removed the mdt6 patch from the kernel, so no more splash1+2 backup/restore support.
    - Updated init.rc to only load /sbin in PATH.
    - Removed the loading cramfs and sqf filesystems from fstab.
    - Added an unmount script that is called at the start of most scripts.
    - Updated the BKMO-utility script to it doesn't backup/restore the recovery partition + changed the re

    Change-log :

    - Changed the item select key to CALL ANSWER-key instead of HOME-key. The HOME-key was conflicting other operations.
    - Added a "Nandroid restore no recovery" option which allows you to restore a nandroid-backup without recovery (handy when you don't want to overwrite your current recovery with an old nandroid backup recovery)
    - Added "Other" sub-menu :
    - Moved "fix apk uid mismatches"-item from main menu to "Other" sub-menu.
    - Added "Move apps+dalv to SD"-item.
    - Added "Move recovery.log to SD"-item (Check this log if you want to see what is going wrong).
    - Fixed the Nandroid restore menu; an error message is now displayed when no nandroid backup or device-id was found (instead of showing an empty menu).
    - Removed flash submenu and "Apply" item, because we already have "Apply sdcard:choose zip".
    - Removed "Wipe cache partition" item, wipe cache is already included in the "Wipe data/factory reset" item.
    - Changed UMS-toggle enable behaviour; you can not access the menu while UMS is enabled (avoid mount issues).
    - Changed some menu-item labels to make the options more clear.
    - Fixed UMS-toggle disable behaviour; files are now refreshed in the menu (sdcard is unmounted).
    - Updated the busybox binary to 1.15.2 which has fixes for ash and hush (`trap` handling), dd (fixed handling of I/O errors), find (fix for -follow and symlinks), pidof (corrected recognition of kernel thread names), sed (SEGV), uniq (memory leak), line editing (Ctrl-D works again), build system.
    - The busybox binary was :
    - statically linked against uclibc (0.9.30)
    - configured to preferentially execute busybox applets
    - busybox --install -s installs links into /data/local/bin (JF patch)
    - mount looks for loop devices at /dev/block/loop (JF patch)
    - modprobe and family look for modules in /system/modules (JF patch)
    - fixed an issue with vi where it would save a file as just a blank file (JF patch)
    - Compiled new kernel : RA-recovery-v1.0:
    - increased CONFIG_MSM_CPU_FREQ_ONDEMAND_MIN to 384000
    - enabled "Support for large block devices and files" to fix ext4 issues
    - removed Multimedia device drivers as they are not needed in recovery mode
    - removed Network File Systems as I don't see the real need for that in recovery mode
    - applied mtd6 kernel patch from Cyanogen so splash1 and splash2 screens can be backed-up with nandroid.
    - added all modules to /lib/modules in ramdisk
    - Updated sdparted script to v0.6

    Change-log :
    • Fixed Nandroid restore selection, it will now correctly restore the selected nandroid backup!

    Change-log :
    • Fixed keyboard shortcuts
    • Added keyboard navigation, use the volume keys (vol-up + vol-down) to navigate and the HOME key to select items.

    • Created a new sub-menu structure
    • Added Nandroid restore selection
    • Added BART backup/restore option
    • Added Interactive partitioning
    • Added a toggle USB_MS option instead of 2 separate options
    • Added a wipe Dalvik-cache on ext and data option
    • Added a wipe cache only option
    • Added a wipe battery stats option
    • Added an upgrade ext3 to ext4 option
    • Changed keyboard shortcuts for submenu's
    • Added new Scripts :
      • fs and wipe (replacing all removed scripts)
      • ums_toggle
    • Updated Scripts :
      • fix_permissions v2.03
      • bart v1.0.1
      • latest BKMOD utility
    • Removed Scripts :
      •, ums_enable, ums_disable, upgrade_fs, wipe_ext, fix_rotate, deldalv

    Gruß:Kino Joe


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  2. #2 Al-xmaniac, 15.11.2009
    kann ichs auch auf meinem 32B Magic installieren?

    Grüsse Alex
  3. #3 Kino Joe, 15.11.2009
    Hallo Al-xmaniac,

    da wird es sicher wieder eine eigene 32B Magic-Version geben.

    Gruß:Kino Joe
  4. #4 Schmalzstulle, 15.11.2009
    Hat schon mal wer dieses Bart Backup probiert?? Und wo liegt der Unterschied zwischen Switchrom und Bart??
  5. #5 Moskito, 15.11.2009
    Es gibt bereits die v1.3.1!

    Updated to v1.3.1 :
    • Fixed keyboard shortcuts
    • Added keyboard navigation, use the volume keys (vol-up + vol-down) to navigate and the HOME key to select items.
  6. #6 mandyhenrik, 15.11.2009
    Hab jetzt auch die V.1.3.1. Läuft gut!
    Danke! ;)

    mfG Henrik
  7. Kann die einer mal hochladen?
    Der xda rapidsharelink bringt bei mir nen Fehler!

    Mfg Yunky
  8. #8 mandyhenrik, 15.11.2009
  9. #9 Moskito, 15.11.2009

    ALWAYS check the md5sum to make sure the zip isn't corrupted.

    Latest :

    Versuchs mal mit dem Mirror!
  10. #10 Schmalzstulle, 15.11.2009
  11. Vielen Dank euch dreien!

    Mfg Yunky
  12. #12 StefanG1, 15.11.2009
    ThRiLL_KiLL und mandyhenrik haben sich bedankt.
  13. #13 Schmalzstulle, 16.11.2009
    Wasn nun hat schon jemand Erfahrungen mit dem Bart Backup??? Was ist daran anders als bei Switchrom??
  14. BART ist eine Weiterentwicklung von switchrom. Ein Unterschied ist z.B., dass BART die gesamte Ext-Partition sichert, nicht nur apps und dalvik-cache.
  15. #15 Schmalzstulle, 16.11.2009
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 16.11.2009
    Dankeschon....das heißt sicher aber auch es wird noch mehr Speicher für das Backup verbraucht auch dachte ich das auf der Ext Partition eh nur die Apps drauf sind und Dalvik. Was enthält denn die Ext noch für Daten?? Bei Switchrom sind es ja schon fast 150Mb komprimiert. Aber ich werd mal versuchen ein Bart Backup zu erstellen.

    THX nochmal
  16. Bekomme bei mount -a immer eine Fehlermeldung, flash ging trotzem über Terminal Emulator.
  17. Im Terminal benötigst du den mount-Befehl nicht, da die SDcard schon gemountet ist. ;)
  18. Ok, dann könnte man betreffende Zeile aus der Anleitung löschen, hab mich halt gewundert, da ich nach dem flashen von Ra-dream-v1.3.1 nicht ins Recovery Menü kam. (Ich dachte das hingt eventuell mit dem Fehler oder so zusammen)
  19. #19 Android-Jeck, 17.11.2009
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 17.11.2009
    Jetzt brauch ich auch Hilfe...Hab versucht die 1.3.2.img lt. der Anleitung hier über Terminal Emulator zu flashen, bekam aber immer eine Fehlermeldung. Hab mein G1 dann neu gebootet und wollte das ganze über die Konsole versuchen...aber ich komme gar nicht mehr ins Recovery!!! Mein G1 bleibt beim G1 - T-Mobile Screen hängen...
    Wenn ich normal boote (Einschalttaste) startet es ganz normal...ich komme also nur nicht mehr ins Recovery-Menu.
  20. #20 StefanG1, 17.11.2009
    1) Dann mach es doch über ADB.

    2) Welche Fehlermeldung hast du denn bekommen?

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