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  1. Ok..
    Im really starting to pull my hair out with this.I really hope someone on this forum can explain it to me.
    Up until yesterday, I had the old EU 2.1 firmware, and I managed to get overclocking to load on boot no problem using the instructions provided in this thread.


    However. Once I flashed the Shols 2.36 UK firmware, I am not able to get overclocking on boot with either of those scripts.

    The phone just hangs on the boot logo

    I have the latest milestoneoverclok.apk installed.
    Also I had app2sd installed both times.Before 2.36 and after 2.36
    The GOT open recovery mod also doesn't help.
    The phone just hangs on the Motorola boot logo whatever I try :(
    Any help would be appreciated:)
  2. #2 Nudelholz, 01.07.2010
    Just look into this thread: http://www.android-hilfe.de/anleitu...8049-how-vsels-mpu_opps-etc-overclocking.html, exspecially to this part:

    You gotta change your frequencies in /system/bin/boot_script/71_overclock.sh if you are using G.O.T. Open Recovery. Don't change them in the old file mot_boot mode.

    I hope, you understand, what i mean - otherwise wait for someone with better english skills. ;)
  3. Thanks for your help..
    But I only used GOT as a last resort.
    Shouldn't I be able to manually enter it in mot_boot_mod manually using instructions given in the thread i referred to?
  4. #4 eybee1970, 01.07.2010
    as Nudelholz already told you: you have to make changes here: /system/bin/boot_script/71_overclock.sh

    in mot_boot_mode likeyou did in 2.34.....
  5. #5 scheichuwe, 01.07.2010
    The mot_boot_mode has to look like this.

    export PATH=/system/bin:$PATH
    #run original script
    insmod /data/data/pt.com.darksun.milestoneoverclock/files/overclock.ko omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table_addr=0xc004e4b0
    echo 68 > /proc/overclock/max_vsel
    echo 800000 > /proc/overclock/max_rate
    nizam1 bedankt sich.
  6. #6 eybee1970, 01.07.2010
    yes, without OC-Script from G.O.T-OR, you have to make it like scheichuwe wrote....the cpufreq_table_addr changed from 2.34 to 2.36...
  7. I think I found my mistake.Not sure though..What does that bit in bold do?
    I didnt have to enter it the last time :confused:
  8. #8 scheichuwe, 01.07.2010
  9. I see eyebee answerd my question already. Let me give it a try and report back to you.
    Thanks a lot for the replies guys
  10. Still no luck :(
    My mot_boot_mode now looks exactly like the one posted above with the exception of the app2sd script added
    The phone at least started this time but the frequency remained at 550 Mhz.
    I can't see what I'm doing wrong
    Any other ideas ?
  11. #11 eybee1970, 01.07.2010
    ok, try with OC-script in G.O.T.-OR, afterwards do your specific mods in /system/bin/boot_script/71_overclock.sh:

    insmod /data/data/pt.com.darksun.milestoneoverclock/files/overclock.ko [B]omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table_addr=0xc004e4b0[/B]
    echo 68 > /proc/overclock/max_vsel
    echo 800000 > /proc/overclock/max_rate
  12. The thing is..
    When i use the overclocking option on GOT -OR, my phone doesnt even boot.
    Doesn't even get past the Motorola boot logo.
    Have to perform a nandroid restore to get my phone back
    So..theres no way I can access that script or folder.
  13. read this:
    KernelModule - milestone-overclock - How to use the kernel module - Project Hosting on Google Code
    here is the part you must do:


    You may also supply the addresses of the two needed in-memory kernel structures which may change with each firmware build and will probably have to be supplied either at load time with the freq_table_addr and mpu_opps_ptr_addr parameters or with their respective /proc entries. You can also ask the module to try to autodetect them if you give it the address of omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table. The app does this automatically. You can easily find it manually with:
    # grep omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table /proc/kallsyms
    c004e498 T omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_tableSo now you can load the module with:
    insmod overclock.ko omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table_addr=0xc004e498
  14. Yeah..I read that.
    Can't I type out that command in ADB ?
    When I do that though it just says

    grep : not found

    What i did was-

    adb shell
    then the command
  15. you must have busybox installed or may use the follow command:
    /pathtobusybox/busybox grap omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table /proc/kallsyms

  16. I tried the above command without installing busybox
    and it returned

    /pathtobusybox/busybox not found

    Then, booted into open recovery by GOT. Chose -install buybox in system/sbin option

    Rebooted, tried the original command..
    Still says
    grep : not found

    Im sure its something simple i'm missing
    Getting damn frustrating :(
  17. wenn you have install busybox to /system/sbin, just boot normaly...
    then open the adb shell and use the original command...

    you must use the command when you device is normaly running, not i recovery
  18. That is exactly what I did.

    Although,should I use this command ?

    grep omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table /proc/kallsyms c004e498 T omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table

    or this ?

    grep omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table /proc/kallsyms
  19. this
    grep omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table /proc/kallsyms

    when it says command not found use this:
    /system/sbin/busybox grep omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table /proc/kallsyms
  20. Success !!! Finally !!

    The last command given by Fufu worked.
    Think busybox was the key !!

    Thanks a lot Fufu and the rest..

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