[ROM] Revolution 3.0.0 auf neuer Base ist raus

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  1. CL:

    Android Revolution HD 3.0.0

    --- release date: 19 April 2012 ---
    • Based on latest HTC update 1.28.401.9
    • - Sense Calander widget crashing fixed
    • - HTC Calander double dates has been fixed
    • - Speed improvement
    • - HTC Sense not crashing anymore
    • - Screen glitches are gone
    • - Playing Tegra3 optimized games feels better now, have not had any lag yet
    • - HTC Gallary playback goes smoother
    • - ICS detection improved, dots removes in Youtube app
    • - Beats audio improved, no more skipping
    • - Non-Sense widget scrolling is now smooth
    • - HTC already included the same changes into services.jar as Supercharger script was doing
    • - New Wi-Fi drivers
    • - Disabled DTM
    • - New kernel build
    • - Other changes we don't know yet
    • Added Arabic location in the languages menu
    • Fixed DropBox FC when sharing via Gallery
    • Other minor changes and fixes
    - You NEED to flash boot.img via fastboot!

    *schäm* Habe den ROM-Thread nicht gefunden! *schäm*

  2. Ob Du's glaubst oder nicht! Ich habe ihn wirklich nicht gefunden! Ich bin nicht drauf gekommen! Mist! *schäm*
  3. Hallo,

    in diesem Forum gibt es eben Unterforen!


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