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  1. #1 kenosis, 26.02.2010
    Anybody using Tello ROM? If yes, how can I change the color of Time Display which is Top-right corner of phone screen.

    I cannot see the time because it is in black color and the background is also.
  2. #2 IrealiTY, 26.02.2010
    you have to move the service.jar to system/framework and overwrite the original one~
  3. #3 KisteBier, 27.02.2010
    the file you meant should be "services.jar", i think ;) not a big thing but won´t work without the "s" at the end..

    after copying/moving the file to /system/framework, don´t forget to set it´s permissions to 644! (read and write for user; read for group and also read for others)
  4. #4 IrealiTY, 27.02.2010
    my bad ^^ sure it's services.jar
  5. Please use the Thread from TelloBJK for questions.

    --> Closed!

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