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  1. BeXo, 09.02.2011 #1

    BeXo Threadstarter Erfahrener Benutzer

    Hallo, hab heut ein cooles Spiel gefunden.


    Fly GaGa which held a long term position in the top 5 downloads in 5 different countries is now available in Android Market.

    What is Fly Gaga?

    Blast to the past with Fly Gaga, as you bounce your worries away on the trampoline.
    Obtain special items as you fly up into the sky, but watch out for black-holes and other obstacles on the way! Control the flying baby by tilting the screen from side to side. Smash obstacles on the way down! Feel the rush of adrenaline as you the try to control the baby as it gains speed!
    Warning: Fly Gaga is highly addictive! Do not play Fly Gaga while driving!

    An exciting arcade game with a baby jumping off a trampoline to fly up into the sky as it obtains special items and dodges obstacles on the way.
    1. Feel the Thrill of dodging obstacles at super fast speeds!
    2. Feel the Satisfaction of smashing those pesky obstacles on the way down.
    3. Look out for random cuteness.

    How to play
    1. Wait for the baby to climb onto the trampoline.
    2. Touch the screen, pull down and release the trampoline, shooting the baby into the sky.
    3. Pull down all the way to shoot the baby higher.
    4. Tilt screen left and right to control the baby and obtain items while avoiding obstacles.
    5. Obstacles, excluding the Back-hole, can be smashed as the baby flies down.
    6. Be sure to land on the moving trampoline! Watch the arrow to see where it is.

    There are useful and harmful items up in the sky, beware!
    1. Useful items
    - Milk: Gives power to jump higher
    - Candy: Gives twice the power of Milk
    - Thunder hat: Fries obstacles with thunder
    - Helmet: Smashes all the obstacles on the way up
    - Shield: Protects the baby from the obstacle as it flies up
    - Booster: Baby becomes invincible, flying higher into the air
    - Cute bird: Allows the baby to fly higher
    - Rocket: Allows the baby to fly higher
    - Bomb launcher: Allows the baby to fly higher

    2. Harmful Items / Obstacles
    - Red balloon: Baby gains weight and cannot fly higher
    - Black balloon: Baby goes out of control flies into the opposite direction
    - Bees: Game over when baby touches
    - Board: Game over when baby touches
    - Ladybug: Game over when baby touches
    - Black-hole: Game over when sucked in, the only obstacle that cannot be smashed
    - Water drop: Expands when the baby appears, game over when baby touches
    - Raining Goblin: Game over when baby touches rain or goblin
    - Drunken bird: Game over when baby touches


  2. Wingnut, 09.02.2011 #2

    Wingnut Android-Lexikon

    Das Spiel hat was, ist echt mal was anderes :). Aber die Auflösung ist ein graus, ich verstehe nicht warum Games nicht für 800x480 entwickelt werden...diese Auflösung ist doch am weitesten verbreitet.
  3. BeXo, 10.02.2011 #3

    BeXo Threadstarter Erfahrener Benutzer

    Ja die Auflösung ist nicht grade gut, aber ich finde es macht trotzdem spass :)
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