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    Greedy Pigs – Review by Jan

    Background story:

    There is a very cute story introducing the storyline of the Greedy Pigs game which is being introduced to the player in a short comic. The dwarves live happily and peacefully in their forest. Their biggest treasure is the magical booze barrel which can produce huge amounts of their beloved wine. One day though, a group of other forest animals discover the dwarves’ booze barrel. They get so jealous that they want to steal from it and before the dwarves could react, an army of pigs, bears, hedgehogs, etc. starts attacking them and going for the booze they love so much. But the greedy attackers didn’t prepare themselves for the dwarves’ powerful resistance. Using stones and even magic they do everything in their power to defend their precious booze.

    A new dimension of a “Tower Defence Game”:

    First of all I need to say, that „Greedy Pigs“ has nothing to do with „Angry Birds“, even if the name might make you think that. Instead it’s a very unique Tower-Defence Game. Because normally the towers will be placed at a certain position where they will stay fixed but in Greedy Pigs this is completely different. The towers in this game are the dwarf warriors, hunters and magicians, which can be moved around the map during the game. There are just a few obstacles on the map which minimally limit the free moving space. So during a wave of attack the towers can be moved freely which makes it easier to defeat the enemies.
    This makes the game very unique and special. This way you can play using different strategies. Let me briefly introduce two possible strategies:

    1) As fast as possible you create the maximum number of towers (dwarves) available and try to defeat the enemies with as much attack as possible.

    2) You rather save your money and just create a few, cleverly positioned dwarves, which you then level up as fast as possible to be more powerful and more sufficient when attacking the enemies.

    Now that this part has been explained let me introduce you to the protagonists of Greedy Pigs. They can roughly be divided into 2 groups.

    The attackers:
    • Pig: tough little animal that never comes alone. Use warriors to defeat them.
    • Pig with helmet: Even tougher than the normal pig because you first need to shoot its helmet off his head.
    • Hedgehogs: In the game they are actually called the timid hedgehogs because as soon as the get attacked by warriors, they become invisible and can’t be harmed by the warriors anymore. The hunter however can’t be fooled with these tricks, his attack is still effective even against the invisible hedghehogs.
    • Bear: The bears seem to love booze most and hence are very hard to defeat. Make sure you have enough dwarves ready to battle them.
    • Ostrich: The Speedy Gonzales among the birds. You should definitely use a magician to slow those fast beasts down before attacking them, best with a hunter if the ostriches are aligned in a straight line.

    The dwarves:

    • Warrior: The dwarves are the most common form of attack in Greedy Pigs. They throw lumps of rocks and Stones to harm the greedy attackers. The higher the warriors are developed, the more powerful is their attack. In the higher developed stages the rocks turn into fireballs and eventually very powerful bombs.
    • Hunter: The hunter is the most powerful attacker in this game as long as his victims are attacking in a straight line. In that case, none of his shots miss the target and in combination with a magician he seems almost invincible.
    • Magician: The magician uses his magic to slow the attackers down so they can’t run away as quickly and therefore get attacked more powerfully by the hunters and warriors. When reaching higher levels of development, the magicians magic power enhances as well as the radius of his attack.

    Story Mode:
    This is the normal mode of game play. There is a certain amount of waves of attacks, that need to be survived in order to win the game. As the game proceeds, each wave gets more tricky, the monsters become harder to defeat and they bring more and more of their friends to join them steal. The booze barrel can be restored in exchange for coins. If all the booze is stolen, the game is over.

    Survival Mode:
    In the Survival Mode the number of rounds is not limited. The number of available dwarves is higher so you can strategically place them on the map in order to withstand as many waves of enemies as possible. The catch is that the booze barrel cannot be restored. That’s why it’s very important to protect it as well as you can and level up your dwarves soon to build the best defence.

    Special versions:
    Besides the original Greedy Pigs game, 2 special editions have been released so far. I am a big fan of these new editions because they come with completely new designed maps so that the player is challenged again to protect the precious…. no it’s not booze anymore ;) Read on to learn more.

    Halloween version: In this version the maps are all scary themes like graveyards with glowing pumpkin lights, etc. This time the greedy attackers turn into scary ghosts, mummified pigs and gremlins, very nicely designed. Instead of booze their goal is the big candy pot filled with Halloween sweets. The dwarves are also wearing their costumes; the whole combination combined with eerie music gives the perfect Halloween feeling.

    Xmas version: This is Greedy Pigs’ second special edition, themed with our favourite holiday. Again every level’s game play is completely new and this time the maps are covered in heavy snow, with snowmen and lots of presents and Christmas trees. The greedy pigs are wearing scarves and hats against the cold, furthermore there are Yetis and elves going trying to steal. In this version they are going for … what else could it be… Santa’s presents.


    Great game, even though I have to admit that it’s not easy to kill the sometimes very cute animals that try to steal the booze. What I really like about this game is that the towers are freely movable makes this game very lively. And since they keep coming up with new versions, it never gets boring since new maps are provided and they keep surprising me with their new ideas… Hopefully there will be many more versions to come.
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