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  1. BeXo, 15.03.2011 #1

    BeXo Threadstarter Erfahrener Benutzer

    Hallo, hab heut wieder ein tolles spiel gefunde, Spielprinzip ist ähnlich wie Ninjump.. nur viel geiler :)

    Ninja Go! (Free) Android Market Description

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Want to be a ninja? Come to our school! We can coach you into a qualified ninja if you train hard. To become a good ninja you need to be brave, quick and smart, learn your environment, and always know where your next step is: elastic, pole, lever, wheel, or kite? Touch the left or right side of screen to jump up to the left or right. You can even make double jump and triple jump in the air if you’re fast enough. And be careful to avoid the monsters and bombs along the way. Otherwise you’ll lose some of your limbs. Also remember to collect the souls in the way to get extra bonus and boost yourself. Be the master of the mind and body, make yourself the best ninja in the world!
    Traditional Japanese art style
    Realistic physics
    Fantastic animations and special effects
    Funny and destructible ragdoll
    Different difficulties from easy to very hard
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