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    Join Roboto on an action platforming adventure of intergalactic proportions.
    Roboto is an action packed platformer with over 30 exciting levels, epic end boss battles, and addictive minigames.
    Get Robot Now for a special introductory rate! Price will go up to full price on 8/08/2011. Roboto is a big game and requires a device with at least a 1Ghz processor for optimal performance.

    Want to try before you buy? Play a free online demo at:

    Fenix Fire: Roboto

    IMPORTANT!!! If you are experiencing errors downloading or installing Roboto, please follow the steps in this link provided by Google for this common Android Marketplace bug: Troubleshooting Download Issues - Android Market for Developer Help

    **What the press are saying**
    “Roboto is as good as platformers get on smartphones, so do yourself a favor and pick this game up – now."” - Smart Keitai
    “...you will love it, a polished platformer with excellent visuals and wonderful controls.” - The Play Vault
    " It’s got a great soundtrack, lots of levels, boss battles, and jaw-dropping graphics. I’m not exaggerating either folks, it really looks that good" - Android-Apps
    “Simply put, Roboto is out-of-this-world awesome.” - Android Central

    Join Roboto, a typical awkward robot boy who’s already having a hard enough time learning how to rocketboard when the girl he is crushing on unexpectedly blasts off to another galaxy.
    Can our titanium teen robot boy find this mysterious robo-girl? Does he have what it takes to cross the galaxy in his epic quest to ask out the girl of his dreams? Even if he finds her, will she say yes? Find out as you shred every bot and GINORMOUS mechanical menace that stands between you and your one true love.
    Enjoy retro style platformer action while you jump, hover, and skate up walls with your hyper-powered rocketboard. Pick up power ups, collect coins, get upgrades, and discover secrets throughout the exciting futuristic galaxy. Shoot, stomp, and defeat all kinds of enemy bots and giant mech robots!
    Vibrantly colorful, super crisp, high definition textures and graphics sing on your Android device. Roboto's story unfolds through HD cinematic sequences throughout the game.
    Silky smooth thumbstick and button controls for easy movement and navigation.
    Earn new weapons and armor upgrades to aid in your epic quest.
    Tons of achievements to unlock and level leaderboards for ultimate bragging rights via OpenFeint.

    ✭ 30 Galvanizing Levels – Explore over 30 unique and challenging levels
    ✭ Perplexing Action Puzzles – Master tons of acrobatic platform puzzles
    ✭ Super-Powered Weapons – Blast every bad tempered bot that stands in your way
    ✭ Power Up System – Boost Roboto’s abilities with powerful upgrades
    ✭ Epic Boss Battles – Face off against megalithic mech robots
    ✭ Mini Games – Play challenging arcade style unlockable minigames
    ✭ Shredding Soundtrack - Killer all original punk rock soundtrack
    ✭ OpenFeint – Full leaderboard and achievement support
    ✭ XPERIA PLAY Optimized – full feature support for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

    For more updates and news on Roboto and upcoming Fenix Fire games, follow us on twitter @FenixFireTweet or on Facebook at Fenix Fire Entertainment | Facebook!
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