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  1. berndcapitain, 02.11.2010 #1

    berndcapitain Threadstarter Junior Mitglied

    große nachfrage, aber wenig hilfe zum thema. daher:


    Sorry, I have no time to post a complete tutorial. you have to do some readings but, YES, I have arabic support (in browser and -if you want- complete interface), now!

    :eek: Beware: On your own risk - you can destroy your phone!! EVERYTHING WILL BE SET DO FACTORY DEFAULTS, you will have to reinstall everything (i must not, but i thought i would. so you better think that, too!)
    Do the following:

    0. Make a Backup of you phone! read about "nandroid" to do so. (its a bit harder than the steps below, but i STRONGLY recommend it!)

    1. Learn how "RSD Lite" works. Its a tool to flash ROMs on your phone. it basicly simple and i always used it to flash new updates etc.
    for example here:

    MILESTONE 2.1 update and root guide - Android @ MoDaCo
    or -in german:
    [How to flash a .sbf File mit RSD Lite]

    2. Download the official SBF-ROM for Arabic countries here:
    2.1 ARABIA, SHOLS_U2_02.27.6

    sbf:milestone [And Developers]

    3. Unzip (!) the SBF and Flash it with RSD-Lite. You can use the rsd lite tutorial i linked above. you only have to use "our" SBF-file.

    4. You can than set the Complete Inteface to arabic in the language settings of the phone! if you select another language, you still have arabic support in browsers and apps !

    5. Have Fun!
    ! حظا سعيدا! تحية من ألمانيا
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