[ROM][MIUI-V4][2.6.1] Oodie MIUI | 06/02 |[BETA]

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Diskutiere [ROM][MIUI-V4][2.6.1] Oodie MIUI | 06/02 |[BETA] im AOSP/AOKP basierende Custom-ROMs für Samsung Galaxy S im Bereich Custom-ROMs für Samsung Galaxy S.


Welcome to Oodie MIUI


This rom is stable as for daily use, things are going to be fixed all one by one.


What you get from installing this rom

- This is a slightly modded Stock Miui 4 rom / Now with Android 4.0.4

- Some tweaks added

- Comes with CM9 stock kernel (can flash whatever you like)

- Some apps updated due to some errors in stock apps

- Softkey Mod added

- Superuser Fully working ( Miui security app )

- Usb debugging enabled straight from ramdisk

- Zipaligned - Deodexed

- 3 way reboot power menu

- etc .. etc

Download Rom - OodieMiui.NS.pRiMe. - Flash it with Recovery / Download the BigMem Fix: bigmemfix.zip - Flash it with recovery (not tested yet)
{Full Wipe is reccommended for Better Stability}
Then Reboot -First boot might take a while . MUST REBOOT BEFORE REPORTING BUGS
After The First Boot , Do another reboot after 3-5 mins For apps to get settled
Enjoy !!

BUGS: EMMC not mounting, will fix tomorrow by benja
two bars bug (it shows two bars instead of 3 or 4 but signal is the same)
Video watching on gallery cant be played (use mx player from store)
cant make videos because camera after 20 seconds stops (not force close) any help?

Credits Goes to ..

MiuiAndroid - For Miui Sources
Brainmaster - For Tweaks
evillisto - For mods
r_data - For Airkernel
iiro - For ftp space in his domain aosp.in
KalimochoAz ,SWAT miui team , Cobrato , Doomlord , Kong , fergie716, Mathkid, bedalus, r_data & All who helped me in many ways .
Donations Are much Appreciated & Hitting Thanks Is a Must !!

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