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  1. pytek, 25.08.2011 #1

    pytek Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    habe die v.Tim4e auf meinem pad
    (Ver. Android 2.2 vom 20110529
    Modelnummer DISCO10
    Build NR. FRF85B)
    seit kurzem funktioniert das wlan nicht. habe schon folgendes gemacht:

    Connecting to adhoc wifi network
    The rom includes a driver for adhoc support, but it's not turned on by default, because while it works for most network it has been reported that it can not connect to certain type of other wifi networks (PEAP)

    You can switch back and forth between the drivers through the dedicated GScripts:
    click on the corresponding GScript to switch to the Ad-hoc, original rom wifi driver ( that one is the default when you boot)
    If it doesn't seem to work, reboot or try this application

    hat leider nicht gebracht
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