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  1. mr.stylo, 10.06.2011 #1

    mr.stylo Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Ich hatte es gestern in irgendeinem Tread prophezeit dass es bald einen Fix für den leiseren, linken Lautsprecher geben wird, und hier ist er auch schon. Ihr braucht dafür allerdings Rootrechte.

    -Left speaker actually working
    -Root Explorer or similar file manager (recommended method)
    --ADB if you don't use Root Explorer
    --Text editing program (Notepad++ is recommended and free) if you decide to use ADB

    Let's start with the recommended method, Root Explorer.

    Step 1: Open Root Explorer and navigate to /system/data.

    Step 2: Tap on the "Mount R/W" button.

    Step 3: Tap and hold on the file "srs_processing.cfg" and once the menu comes up, select the "Open in Text Editor" option.

    Step 4: Scroll down to:

    //BLOCK: ( srs_spk_int : ) TruEQ - Internal Speaker Tuning

    Here's where things can get kind of annoying, because you will have to change values, save & exit, then reboot and test your results. Anyway, there are 4 values you will want to focus on, and those are:

    srs_spk_int:trueq_lband0 = 900.000000,-9.000000,0.700000 // TruEQ Left Band 0 Tuning (CF Gain Q) -
    srs_spk_int:trueq_lband1 = 11000.000000,6.000000,0.500000 // TruEQ Left Band 1 Tuning -
    srs_spk_int:trueq_lband2 = 400.000000,3.000000,0.7000000 // TruEQ Left Band 2 Tuning -
    srs_spk_int:trueq_lband3 = 2500.000000,-9.000000,0.700000 // TruEQ Left Band 3 Tuning -

    The values in bold are the only ones I've messed with so far with very good results. The beginning values have a maximum of around 16000, and 17000 results in your left speaker not working, something above 16000 but below 17000 may work but I haven't tried it. The two middle ones, I don't know the maximum because It wasn't necessary to up them that much. For example, mine look like this:

    srs_spk_int:trueq_lband0 = 1400.000000,-9.000000,0.700000 // TruEQ Left Band 0 Tuning (CF Gain Q) -
    srs_spk_int:trueq_lband1 = 16000.000000,10.000000,0.500000 // TruEQ Left Band 1 Tuning -
    srs_spk_int:trueq_lband2 = 900.000000,7.000000,0.7000000 // TruEQ Left Band 2 Tuning -
    srs_spk_int:trueq_lband3 = 7500.000000,-9.000000,0.700000 // TruEQ Left Band 3 Tuning -

    For me, this works out wonderfully! However, results may vary.

    Step 5:
    Once you've changed those values, save & exit, then restart your TF and examine results. Repeat steps if necessary.

    Method 2: ADB. NOTE: Make sure USB debugging is enabled.

    Step 1: Connect TF to computer.
    Step 2: In a command prompt/terminal navigate to where your Android SDK is and type adb devices to make sure your TF is recognized, if so, type adb remount. If it succeeds, proceed to step 3, otherwise you may need to either enable USB debugging, or install drivers.
    Step 3: Type "adb pull /system/data/srs_processing.cfg" It will save the file in the same directory as adb.

    NOTE: Do not close command prompt/terminal.

    Step 4: Open "srs_processing.cfg" in Notepad++ or whatever qualified text editor you use. NOTE: Due to the nature of how Windows reads files, Notepad might not save the file correctly and definitely will not open it looking pretty. Wordpad might be the same. Basically, the file needs to be saved in UNIX format.
    Step 5: Scroll up to Step 4 of the Root Explorer method and proceed.
    Step 6: Save the file with Notepad++ or whatever qualified text editor you use.
    Step 7: Back in command prompt/terminal, with the file saved over the original type "adb push srs_processing.cfg /system/data/"
    Step 8: Reboot your TF as you normally would, or with adb method "adb reboot"

    Ich habe den Fix nicht gestestet da ich noch immer kein Transformer habe.

    Ihr macht das alles auf eigene Gefahr!!!

    Quelle: [HOW-TO] Fix left speaker balance - xda-developers
  2. mysticc, 10.06.2011 #2

    mysticc Android-Experte

    Auch meine Rede, Linker LS wird per SW einfach lauter gemacht, dafür verzerrt er früher, was logisch ist wenn man ihn lauter einstellt.

    Hmm, bringts ned wirklich.....
  3. 0wn0r, 10.06.2011 #3

    0wn0r Erfahrener Benutzer

    Ich hab den Spaß gerade mal probieren wollen und bin auf den Beitrag gestoßen:
    xda-developers - View Single Post - [HOW-TO] Fix left speaker balance

    Wenn man diese Zeile:

    srs_spk_int:trueq_lband2 = 400.000000,3.000000,0.7000000 // TruEQ Left Band 2 Tuning -​

    in diese ändert:

    srs_spk_int:trueq_lband2 = 400.000000,3.000000,0.700000 // TruEQ Left Band 2 Tuning -​

    (also nur eine 0 weg macht beim fett Gedruckten) ist das Balance Problem zumindest für mich gelöst.

    Im Anhang ist meine srs_processing.cfg incl. einer Sicherung der Orginalen (unterschied sollte am Dateinamen erkennbar sein ;))


  4. donklaos, 14.05.2012 #4

    donklaos Android-Experte

    Kann man die Gesamtlautstärke nicht "einfach" hochpimpen? Der TF ist echt sehr leise...
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