[Kernel] 04.03.2013 XMister #192 AOSP & Sense

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hier ein weiterer Kernel der, wie ich finde, sehr stabil ist und hohe Leistung bietet.

Wenn richtig eingestellt, mit SetCPU, SystemTuner, oder ähnlichen Apps,
kann dieser Kernel entweder viel Energie sparen oder hohe Leistung erbringen.

OverClocking ist ebenso möglich wie underclocking und undervolting.

  • Quad 1.5GHz
  • MPDECISION from showp1984
  • CPU Hard Cap (Your max freq setting will be respected)
  • CPU UV Interface
  • GPU@520MHz
  • GPU OC Interface
  • GPU UV Interface
  • Sweep2Wake
  • Fast Charge
  • Improved interactive governor
  • Optimized gaming and battery life (1,2,3,4,5)
  • USB Mass Storage (Except Viper)

Dev Thread: [KERNEL][#192][04/03/13][3.1.10][AOSP & SENSE][HardCap][S2W][GPU@520][UV]XM-Kernel - xda-developers
GitHub: https://github.com/Xmister/endeavoru-jb-crc-3.1.10/

Installationsanleitung: https://www.android-hilfe.de/forum/anleitungen-fuer-htc-one-x.650/anleitung-flashen-eines-kernels-fuer-beginner-26-06-12.244545.html
Script um FastCharge direkt beim Boot zu aktivieren > Iba21 FastCharge.zip (189 KB) - uploaded.to (via Recovery flashen!!!)
Script um FastCharge & SmartDimmer direkt beim Boot zu aktivieren > FastCharge_SmartDimmer.zip (189 KB) - uploaded.to (via Recovery flashen!!!)
Script um FastCharge, SmartDimmer & GPU UV direkt beim Boot zu aktivieren > FastCharge_SmartDimmer_GPU_…zip (189,05 KB) - uploaded.net (via Recovery flashen!!!)
Script um UC & UV der GPU zu aktivieren > GPU_UC_UV_Scripts.zip (188,96 KB) - uploaded.net (via Recovery flashen!!!)


xm_kernel_192.zip: Dev-Host - xm_kernel_192.zip

XMister Kernel Archiv: XMister


ViperX 3.3.8: XMister_192_repack_for_ViperX_3.3.8.img (ca. 4 MB) - uploaded.to

CM10.1 Beta 10: XMister_192_repacked_for_CM10.1_B10.img (ca. 4 MB) - uploaded.to

ICJ 2.5: XMister_192_repacked_for_ICJ_2.5.img (ca. 4 MB) - uploaded.to

Stock Kernel

ICJ 2.5: ICJ_2.5_Kernel.zip (ca. 4 MB) - uploaded.to

CM10.1 Beta 10: CM10.1_B10_Stock_Kernel.zip (ca. 12 MB) - uploaded.to

ViperX 3.3.8: ViperX_3.3.8_Kernel.zip (ca. 14 MB) - uploaded.to

Previous lag should be fixed.
Added kernel changes for CM B10 BLN. (But repack needed)

Better CPU spinlock handling. (A little faster and less overhead)
Spearate 3D and 2D OC Interface. (See the bottom of the post)
Video drivers is the same as #106.
Gaming governor added.
Interactive tweakable again.

Better synced the core freqs. Should solve some issues, and even less heat.
Interactive is providing much better gaming now, as we have don't have to avoid heat that much.
Fastcharge doesn't need replug to be activated. (Thx to maxwen)
EMC(memory) ratio changed. (Thx to kozmikkick)

Lowered unnecessarily high core freqs to stock (except GPU of course). Lower heat, better battery.

UV Interface changed for more "conservative" undervolting per freqs. (Now although you will only see 1 voltage per freq, it will undervolt the other voltages on that freq with the same difference.)
Fixed: GPU OC Interface didn't report/set the minimal frequency.

Switched to JRCU.
Boot freq is at 1300MHz. You can change that to lower of higher with your favorite tuner app, preferably Trickster Mod.
Some unnedded high boosts lowered to be more battery friendly.
Some cherry-picks from maxwen.

Core UV on higher freqs decrased a bit.
Another video changes.

Core UV seems a little too much. Please wait for the next release.
Video driver changes. Please test and report if video playback issue is solved.
Every clock is using the default minmal stock voltage by default. (This means a safe 25-50mV UV depending on clock.)
Core (and so GPU) has 50mV UV by default too.
GPU OC and GPU UV interface added. (These are only for experts and brave warriors. For more information see the bottom of this post).
Please from now on use Trickster Mod to change anything. (Don't forget to accept the changes in the top right corner!)

Video drivers close to stock. MHL should work on stock, and in older AOSP ROMs(with ICS blobs).
Westwood+ disabled, only caused connectivity issues.
Interactive and MPDEC tweaked again for less heat.
Interactive sysfs interface disabled to prevent ROM to overwrite the values. If you need more performance regardless the heat, use Gaming Boost, with ondemand.
Smartdimmer disabled by default. For enabling it, see the bottom of this post.
Default Ramdisk now is for CM 10.1 Beta 7.

UMS works on stock ROMs (except Viper) with lyapota's modpack. (Thanks for n3o for the kernel part, and Zulake for testing)

Voltage control interface changes. (more info, even more info)
Audio min. freq is at 204MHz

Implemented proper voltage control. You NEED to clear the data of the apps that can change voltages to let them reset the default values!
S2W activates on longer slide.

Enabled Westwood+ TCP Congestion for better throughput on Wi-Fi and 3G.
S2W register threshold increased to prevent loss of touch on buttons.
Interactive tweaked for less heat. (Only means something if your ROM doesn't tweak it.)

Gentle Fair Sleepers disabled. (Can help in smoothness and battery)
Add ARM cpu topology definition. (Better scheduling decisions between the cores)
ARCH_POWER enabled. (Possibly better power management)
Enabled task autogrouping. (Can help in smoothness)

GPU min. freq. lowered to 247MHz for stability.
Tweak MPDEC to turn off extra cores sooner for less heat.

GPU min. freq. raised to 267MHz.
Another USB fix.
LED backlight fix. (Faster wake, thx to Thoemy)

USB fix
Added TouchDemand governor per request.
Some other small fixes

Removed some unimportant optimization for stability.

ROW optimizations. Should be even smoother.

Reverted autogroup patch, it caused lag in some games, and higher cpu usage in idle.
Switch to fget_light in do_fsync() -> Less overhead in fsync -> More battery, more speed.

Reverted another few commits that could have caused the freezes for some.
Added ROW I/O scheduler and set as default.
Added smartdimmer from trip

Disabled optimized RWSEM algorithm. (Possible cause of freezes)

Variant info on sysfs introduced. (/sys/kernel/debug/t3_variant, cpu_process_id is your variant. Reworked from faux's code.)
Various fixes/optimizations, mostly from faux's n4 kernel. (more info on github)
MPDEC tweaked a little for slightly less plugging.
Some more USB MS fixes from n3o's kernel (Thömy).
Little longer boost for smartmax.
Global input boost cap from maxwen.
SIO is default now.
Audio min. freq raised to 102MHz.

Driver updates & other kernel fixes. (See github for more information)
USB Mass storage fix.
Smartmax won't boost over capped freq.
CIFS Support.
MPDecision values tweaked for less heat. (And more battery life)
SIO added.
Better compression. (Smaller kernel size)
Quite a lot changed in this release, that's why I'm giving it the Beta tag. If you have a problem, report, and revert to #106. Thank you.

Driver updates from Nvidia.
Smartmax grovernor from maxwen. (It should be better for battery life, now this is the default)
Interactive old again with conservative values, to avoid LP lockup.
Lower LP voltage from TripNRaVeR.

New interactive again, and it's again better for gaming.
Ondemand a little more battery friendly.

Fix LP lockup. (Hopefully this time really)
Swap is available again, if someone needs it.
Just use ondemand for everything.

Swap is back.
Possible fix for LP speed stuck. Please test! (Game with interactive governor as long as you can.)
If you see it stuck (game becomes extremely laggy, and only one core used at 475MHz) report.

Fix for errors when trying to change governors on some ROMs.
A little more performance from interactive.
A little less lag on ondemand.

SW AES optimized. (~30-50% faster)
HW Accelerated AES enabled.
Interactive back to stock again. (Too much heat with the tweaked one)

Frequency lockup fixed.
Interactive back at 3.4 again.
Ondemand should be less laggy even more.
ThumbEE disabled. (It could have been the reason for some issue)
Some other fixes from n3o and lord.

Replaced stock hotplug algorithm with MPDECISION. (Thx to showp1984 for the code).
Interactive is back at ver 3.1 (3.4 didn't get along well with MPDEC), and tweaked a little.
This means much better gaming experience.
Make ondemand smoother.
More performance on interactive.
Some fixes from maxwen.

Make ondemand more battery friendly. (Values mostly from iba21's script)

Proper Hard Cap. Now it will be kept during suspend/resume.
Voltage Control.

Deadline added back after accidental removal.

Introducing CPU Hard Cap - Restoring after suspend is not working yet. For that use SetCPU "On Screen Unlock" profile.

Rebased on pabx 3.17 source
Everything added back except CPU OC, voltage control and dynamic_fsync

CPU OC Removed
Dynamic Fsync Removed

CPU OC Removed
Dynamic Fsync Removed

Possible fix for some user who had no GSM and Wifi

Dynamic fsync re-enabled

Dynamic fsync removed for safety. (Probably re-enable it in the future, it was a false-alarm.)

Bluetooth fixed for AOSP Roms (If don't work, try to reboot.) Please report back on bluetooth, wether you have a problem with it or not, and what ROM are you using. Thanks.
CPU Quiet removed

Rebased on KozmikKick's sources, which means:
Updated Touchscreen driver(Now should work for everyone)
Voltage Control
1.55GHz OC
Backported ondemand gov. from Kernel 3.4
Plus some other awseome stuff
And a few extras added:
Volume wake, USB Fast charge, Dynamic FSync, Backported interactive gov. from Kernel 3.4
And of course:
Sweep2Wake, GPU@520

A few optimization for better gaming.

CPU tuning works (Use SetCPU, no OC yet)
GPU OC to 520MHz

Fix for multitouch that S2W broke

Added Sweep2Wake

#10(First public release)
Working CPU hotplug and everything else
GCC optimizations (Compiled with linaro 4.7)


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