[KERNEL][G900F][CM14.1][N][ANYKERNEL] *10.12.16* CrazySuperKernel v13 [SYNAPSE]

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Diskutiere [KERNEL][G900F][CM14.1][N][ANYKERNEL] *10.12.16* CrazySuperKernel v13 [SYNAPSE] im Custom-Kernel für Samsung Galaxy S5 im Bereich Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für Samsung Galaxy S5.



I am not responsible in any way for anything that can be happen to your device when you flashing my kernels.You do so at your own risk!

Der CrazySuperKernel ist ein kraftvoller Kernel mit vielen super Features!

Falls ihr irgendeinen Bug findet nutzt bitte den Tab zum Bug melden oder klickt HIER und ladet ein Log hoch, OHNE LOGs GIBT ES KEINEN BUG!

- OTA Updates from Kernel Adiutor app(coming soon)
- Anykernel2 zip For maximum compatibility with all ROMs, CrazySuperKernel uses your existing ramdisk (Do NOT flash this over other custom kernels!You should only flash CrazySuperKernel over the kernel that came with your ROM!!)
- Synapse Support - Complete Kernel Control!! (need instal Crazy-UKM and download the app from Play Store)
- Compiled with DF 4.9 Toolchain [latest update]
- Kernel runs with SELinux enforcing by default
- init.d support
- insecure kernel (adb has root privileges)
- Faux sound control
- Frandom support
- gpu governor selection support
- CPU governors : interactive, impulse, ondemand, smartmax, zzmoove,ondemandplus,pegasusq,nightmare,conservati ve,lionheart,powersave,userspace,yankactive,smartm ax_eps,intellidemand,intelliactive
- IO schedulers :bfq-tripndroid-cfq-noop-deadline-fiops-row-sio-zen-vr-fifo
- TCP congestion controls: cubic-bic-westwood-htcp-highspeed-hybla-reno-bic-hybla-vegas-lp-yeah-illinois-scalable
- Gpu governors :msm-adreno-tz, conservative,simple_ondemand,powersave,performance ,userspace,cpubw_hwmon,msm_cpufreq
- Kcal v2 with inverted colours
- Intelli thermal v2
- Mako Hotplug
- Alucard Hotplug
- Adreno idler
- Fast charge support (by yank555)
- LED extended control (by yank555)
- Prevent wakelock when ambiend display disabled(misc control tab)
- Wake And Sleep Functions
- CPU Voltage Control
- Slimbus overclock
- Enabled Arch Power
- CRC Check Disabled
- Gentle Fair Sleepers (Disabled by default)
- Android Logging switcher
- Enabled All Suspend and Idle Modes
- Power Suspend Mode/State
- Dynamic filesystem read-ahead
- QuickWakeUP
- Dynamic FSync 2.0
- Fixed recent SafetyNet failure,you can use Android Pay again (thx Sultanxda)
- tcp congestion changed to Westwood
- A lot improvments
- A lot fixes


- anykernel big updates
- upstream updates from cyanogenmod
- disabled completly mpdecision
- enabled updated bricked hotplug
- script with many set up for kernel features included in anykernel zip
- added led tab in synapse
- fixed many synapse bugs
- removed wake functions
- removed touch boost and cpu boost
- faux sound updated
- deleted unstable hotplugs
- fixed many bugs
- battery improve
- performance improve
- some feature fixed
- many improvments under the hood

Ältere Changelogs:
- upstream updates from cyanogenmod
- added crazyactive(my governor[info:balance governor for great battery life and performance based on interactive])
- added updated UKM(synapse) in anykernel
- anykernel update for better nougat compatibility

- upstream updates from cyanogenmod

-init.d support
-simple ondemand gpu governor update
-msm adreno tz governor update
-tap2wake update
-kcal update
-touch boost update
-cpu boost update
-touchkey control update
-conservative gpu gov removed
-some fixes
-some useless features removed

- big anykernel update
-removed uksm (battery drain fixed)
-insecure kernel (adb has root privileges)

- many fixes under the hood

- upstream updates from cyanogenmod

- fixed recent SafetyNet failure,you can use Android Pay again (thx Sultanxda)
- Anykernel update
- Anykernel clean up

- removed many unstable governors
- clean up some files
- bug fixes

- upstream updates from cyanogenmod
- Anykernel update
- removed slim governor
- removed intellimm governor

- upstream updates from cyanogenmod
- Anykernel update
- deleted many hotplugs

- upstream updates from cyanogenmod
- added intelli thermal v2

- initial release

Download Links:

Download Link [AnyKernel]:downloads for Samsung Galaxy S5 by CrazyGamer | AndroidFileHost.com | Download GApps, PA GApps, Roms, Kernels, Themes, Firmware and more. Free file hosting for all Android developers
Download Link UKM/Synapse support here:Crazy-UKM V4.0
Download Link UKM Unistaller here:UKM Unistaller.zip | by CrazyGamer for Galaxy S5


- Flashe den Kernel nicht über andere Custom Kernels!
Du solltest den CrazySuperKernel nur über den Kernel flashen, der standardmäßig in deiner ROM enthalten ist.
- Lade den Kernel aus dem Downloadlink
- Flashe den Kernel über die Recovery
{Cache und Dalvik Cache Wipe empfehlenswert}
- Reboote
Viel Spaß mit dem Crazy Super Kernel !!!!

Empfohlene App zur Konfiguration des Kernels:
- Synapse Support
- Complete Kernel Control (need download the app from Play Store)
- Kernel Adiutor

Was tun, falls es zum Bootloop kommt:

Falls es zum Bootloop kommt halte Lautstärke runter, Powertaste und Home Taste gleichzeitig gedrückt, bis das Gerät vibriert und es zum Reboot kommt. Direkt danach, noch vor dem Samsung Logo, halte Lautstärke hoch, Powertaste und Home Taste gleichzeitig gedrückt, bis das Gerät vibriert und in die Recovery booted. Installiere deine ROM noch einmal dirty drüber, so dass der original Kernel wieder installiert wird, danach sollte das Gerät wieder normal starten, in jedem Fall wird ein Backup im Vorfeld empfohlen!


Quellcode CrazySuperKernel: https://github.com/FrancescoCG/Crazy...el-CM14.1-KLTE

Quellcode Crazy-UKM: GitHub - FrancescoCG/CrazySuperKernel_UKM: Samsung Galaxy S5 Support only (any variant)

Quellcode CrazySuperKernel-AnyKernel2:https://github.com/FrancescoCG/Crazy...LTE-anykernel2

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