[ROM/Diskussion] HoneySmartDroid|Runnymede Sense3.5|FullyTweaked|Honeycomb taste

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Diskutiere [ROM/Diskussion] HoneySmartDroid|Runnymede Sense3.5|FullyTweaked|Honeycomb taste im Custom-ROMs für HTC Desire HD im Bereich Root / Hacking / Modding für HTC Desire HD.


The beginning...

...the evolution...

--Sense 3.5| Android 2.3.5
--RunnyMede porting 1.14.709.2 Asia Sensation XL base--
--No Bliss parts--
--BusyBox added--
--Root and Superuser Added--
--Bloatware removed--
--data\app function added--
--init.d function added--
--fully optimized and tweaked--
--Beats Audio inside
--Pure Sense 3.5 Experience
--No Bliss parts--
--Old Market--
--Tweaked Build.prop(a collection of best scripts for Build.prop, most made by @Mike1986..if someone recognize his work, (since I can't remeber where I took all of the scripts) just tell me, and I'll give you the proper credits)--
--init.d scripts--
--a lot of useful app--
--new gps.conf--
--a lot of uneuseful app removed--
--amazing battery life---
--Kernel V8 RCMix--
--Inspire 4G Compatible

-Based on RUU_Runnymede_hTC_Asia_TW_1.14.709.2_release_22877 0_signed (very good branded one)
-ADDED Inspire4G compatibility (THX to @Alireza)
-Added NEW mixed camera 100% working with best performances (THX to @Lyapota and Amaze Camera team, both of their patches are in my rom)
-Added newest @Lyapota Music BOX 2 (THX and Credits to @Lyapota)
-Added NEW tweaked build.prop (THX to XDA Community)
-NEW more lite Ram script
-NEW SD card speed fix (taken from original Honey rom)
-NEW 3D Enhancement (THX to @Mike1986)
-Added NEW gps.config, very fast fix in every country
-Added UltraSmooth Rosie from the first flash (repatched on the new rosie) THX @Hamdir
-Added Multilanguage
-added custom @He_Stehone64 Skin (THX)
-added custom boot\NEW unedited down animation
-added custom ICS dialer (THX to @he_stehone64)
-Added other app's:
Es manager
Logging Test App (THX @TrevE)
No frills
old market
maxthon browser
new quicklaunch widget
ril info's
gps status
sd increase(default rom values is 2048, the best, but u can use this app to increase\decrease this value)

__________________________________________________ ______________
4EXT recovery is STRONGLY recommended
-Format system
-Format Data
-Format Cache
-wipe data factory reset
-flash the rom
-Eat a donut of some variety - VERY IMPORTANT!

__________________________________________________ ______________
Set the ROM

-wait few minutes after the first boot
-restore your apps (whatever u want)
-APPLY He_Stehone64 Skin from Personalize\Skin, to have a FULL Honey experience.
-on the first charge, let the phone plugged till 0mA (use CurrentWidget or similar to monitorize the mA values), reboot without unplug, wait the 0mA again, and when reached, unplug the phone. Your battery is now properly calibrated. Wait 1 or 2 drain cycle to see the very improvement (don't let the phone discharge itself till it turn it off, it's uneuseful. Plug it when u reach 10 to 15% of battery left..it's enough.

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