[ROM/Diskussion] RCMix3d VoidU



capychimp schrieb:
Hello Flashmaniacs
For those who don't know RCTeam, we have been around since htc Magic (sapphire) we were on Hero Desire DesireHD, and made roms like the first sense 3 on desire HD, aria to hero and sapphire, we do stock roms, but we are strong on ports, the real cooking, everyone can throw something on a ruu and release a rom, we enjoy the fun of making something run on the phone that was not meant to.
This rom is based on HTC RUU 3.06.405.1 android 2.3.5 DHD
RC Team presents

This rom is created by RCTeam: Robocik, Capychimp, QD2DC, Klquicksall, Bigt305 (banner boot animation guy)

Screens coming​

  • Initial release
  • added advanced power menu
  • added all videos in app drawer
  • secure sms
  • block list sms
  • transparent rosie navbar
  • resized lockscreen icons
  • Esfile explorer included
  • User auto install apps (thc rmk for writing it)
  • 3D settings homescreen enabled
  • rom manager included

RCMix3D VoidU v1.0 - Multiupload
MD5: d15833eb976cad37621cd857ab4a2d4d

Hier ist der original xda-thread:

Das Rom basiert auf die offizielle Sense 3.0 RUU fürs Desire HD!
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