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  1. Scum, 13.11.2011 #1

    Scum Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Here I'm with my secret rom that I've been working on for a while. Its based on CM7 and completely built from sources.
    I've added some very cool features to stock CM.


    Features cherry-picked by me:

    MiUi like top battery bar option available.
    Share ScreenShot option after taking screenshot from power menu.
    Option to change the overscroll color from the settings menu.
    Fix : Lockscreen hide slider toggle.
    Rework Lockscreen Style settings.
    Fix : Lockscreen hide slider toggle.
    Added an option to reset everything in profiles menu.
    Added option to disable volume key beep sounds.
    Option to show active profile on statusbar.
    Ultimate Wallpapers added.
    Option mute camera shutter sound.
    Maintain separate media volumes for when the headset is and is not plugged in.
    File Manager: Ability to put file shortcuts on desktop.
    ADW launcher: Added ability for homescreen looping.
    Reworked protips widget.
    LockScreen Alignment: Right Part
    Add options for next, previous and play/pause to gestures on lockscreen.
    Preference to disable bootanimation for faster boot.
    Lockscreen : Previous screen fix
    Lockscreen : Show album art if unlock slider disabled
    Power widget defaults (brightness and sound)
    Add status bar battery icon configuration.
    Device settings added:
    Voodoo sound tuning settings
    Voodoo color tuning settings
    BLN settings.
    DSP Manager : Add checkbox preference, that makes dps effects enabled during the ringing.
    Camera : Touch to focus fixed by me.
    Performance and battery life tweaks.
    Lots of other fixes merged in.

    Many other options install the rom to see them :p

    Other features:
    IceCream Sandwich sounds, notifiacations and alarms.
    Icecream Sandwich clock.
    Robotac font from IceCream Sandwich.
    IceCream Sandwich Music app.
    Internet tweaks.
    Memory tweaks.
    Performance tweaks.
    Diablo theme apk added.
    Long press option to open the corresponding settings from the status bar added.
    Swipe to clear a notification.
    Adb shell added
    Adb on boot script.
    Faster market and GPS hack.
    build.prop changes and tweaks.
    Much more [​IMG]


    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    Google Apps addon:
    2.3.5 gapps -
    updated talk -

    Pictures by arhamjamal - Photobucket

    Alles weitere hier:
    [ROM] Ultimate Ace v2.0 - xda-developers
  2. Eneco, 13.11.2011 #2

    Eneco Android-Lexikon

    Ist aber nicht DEIN Rom, oder? Kommt nämlich so rüber, aber der OP im XDA-Thread kommt aus Indien...
  3. Scum, 13.11.2011 #3

    Scum Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Nein ist nicht mein ROM! Ist teste sie nur gerne :smile:
  4. TimeTurn, 14.11.2011 #4

    TimeTurn Foren-Inventar

    Und wieder ein verwurstetes CM7 :flapper:
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