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  1. Scum, 22.03.2012 #1

    Scum Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Virtuous ROM: Virtuous Primadonna - X-Series

    We are pleased to announce the first release of Virtuous Primadonna, this is based on the leaked 1.56.401.11 release RUU.
    We would like to give special thanks to Football for the RUU.

    This build currently falls as an X-Series release, how ever it is suitable for use as a daily driver if you can live with a few bugs.
    We hope to have ROM feature complete as soon possible.
    Check bellow for a full list of what is working and what is not

    • HW Acceleration
    • WiFi
    • Bluetooth
    • Mobile Data, SMS, MMS & Voice Calls
    • GPS
    • Sensors (Auto Brightness is a bit iffy)
    • Audio
    • USB Storgage (No 3rd Party App Required)
    • FM Radio
    • More....

    Not Working
    • Camera
    • WiFi Hotspot
    • USB Tethering
    • Auto Brightness Values
    • Softkey rotation on Inc 2/S
    • More....

    Supported Devices


    • Based on the Primo ROM (1.56.401.11).
    • Fully Deodexed
    • Ported for almost full functionality on all of supported devices
    • Heavily optimized for fluid performance and usability.
    • Overclocked kernels with numerous additional kernel modules.
    • Built-in screen state frequency scaling (1.1Ghz-307MHz/ondemand screen-on, 768Mhz-307Mhz/conservative screen-off), via custom built virtuous_oc C daemon.
    • Market-sourced applications (Gmail, Maps, Voice, etc) automatically installed on first boot into /data/app for easy removal. Bloatware and unnecessary applications removed.


    Virtuous Primo v1.12.00 Alpha 1
    MD5: d627906c5d467fdb03559dfb757741d0
    [Mirror 1][Mirror 2]
    We ask that you do not mirror or files without express permission from the team

    Basis Primo Rom ... Bin ja Gespannt ob es jetzt etwas "rasanter" vorangeht! :drool:
  2. Cripz, 22.03.2012 #2

    Cripz Neuer Benutzer

    Die ROM gefällt mir besser als die Primo-s rom
    hier wird keine app mehr gebraucht um mit den pc zu verbinden.

    Und mir kommt es so vor das sie auch etwas schneller läuft, kann das jemand bestätigen?
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 22.03.2012
  3. torxx, 23.03.2012 #3

    torxx Android-Ikone

    Wird gleich mal geflasht, das Virtuous Team ist immernoch das Beste..

    Wie es aussieht, haben auch die sich von den xda's zurückgezogen.. :/
  4. TimeTurn, 23.03.2012 #4

    TimeTurn Foren-Inventar

    Habe mal den Titel angepasst.
  5. DynBunti, 24.03.2012 #5

    DynBunti Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Alles sehr "Alpha".
    Menu Button geht garnicht.
    Suche Button zeigt bei mir die letzten Apps an.
  6. Scum, 01.04.2012 #6

    Scum Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    [MOD]Primo Sense 4.0A (1.56.401.1) MegaPack ver1.0

    The mods package for Primo DHD custom ROMs based on HTC One V (1.56.401.1) Sense 4.0A.
    Package can be applied to Primadonna 1.12.0, Primo-S 3.1, ICESense V 2.5.2

    The package includes such mods, fixes and patches as:

    • The battery with percent
    • Full beats support
    • Mounting SDcard without any third-party applications
    • APM - Advanced Power Managment
    • Media controls in screen off state by long press volume keys
    • Fix package signature checking
    • Minor fixes that I can not remember

    Volume key long press media control.
    This mod controls media player when device in sleep/deep-sleep mode, screen off and locked.

    So now without turn device on You can:
    1. Start player by long press VolKey Down or VolKey Up in sleep state.
    2. Skip track Forward by long press VolKey Up in playing state.
    3. Stop player by long press VolKey Down in playing state.
    4. Short press become volume +/- in playing state.

    Full beats support
    This mod give global beats control include third-party media players.
    You can change sound effects in android settings.

    Two parts RAR arhive in attachments or one ZIP file on dropbox.

    NOTES: The package have many changes in framework, so don't forget made NaNd backup before flash it!

    DropBox one file
    Attached Thumbnails [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Attached Files
    [​IMG] lyapota_MegaPack10_PrimoS31.part1.rar -
    [​IMG] yapota_MegaPack10_PrimoS31.part2.rar -
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