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After I have tried a lot of ROMs for the HTC Desire, and each one of them was perfect in another way, there was one kind of ROM I couldn't find: a ROM which is as small as possible, with Sense, and Gingerbread, and as clean as possible.

First of all: I am not an experienced developer, such as LeeDroid, or Coolexe (by the way, thanks a lot guys, loved your ROMs, and used each one of them without any issues, so kudos for your hard work!).

I'm just a 15-year old boy, who wanted to create a ROM which is as small as possible, but keeping Sense. If you have things to say like 'Loser, why would I flash this ROM, there are dozens of other ROMs', don't say anything at all.

However, if you have tips, questions, or think you can help me with this ROM, don't hesitate, and feel free to post!

About this ROM:

-Based on Gingerbread RUU from HTC for HTC Desire (Bravo)
-Su + Superuser + Busybox included
-Removed a lot of stuff, resulting this ROM to be less than 120MB in size!
-Kept Sense, but some apps are removed (such as Stocks, Footprints, and Facebook, which you can download from the market anyway)

So, if you are looking for a lightweight version of Sense and Gingerbread, this is the ROM you're looking for. It may contain bugs, and I can not be held responsible for any damage. If you tell me about the bugs, I could try to fix them, but don't think I'm an expert with Android development, but I'll see what I can do.

To do:
-Implement a new kernel (probably Bananacake's kernel)
-Check for some other bloatware to remove
-Perhaps create a special update.zip for some popular apps (filemanager, terminal, DSPManager)
-Make a custom theme (custom, and it will be really nice!)
-Fix the bootanimation (just a black screen at the moment, trying to find out how to fix it), the ROM boots just fine though

-Apps you can install from the market (Facebook, Gmail, Flash)
-Apps which have better alternatives (HTC Twitter)
-Apps which bugs a lot of users, even when they're not being used (HTC Stocks)
-Apps of which I can't even come up with a reason why they would be installed by default (Polaris Office, if I'm right about the name)
-Live wallpapers which are pretty useless in my opinion (Smoke Wallpaper, Music Visualizations)


New build of Bananacakes kernel, by Sibere, running on 1GHz, OC'able to 1,2.
Bootanimation is either ANDROID now, or still a black screen, bit confused about that due to a lot of builds..
New font, Ubuntu.
Also removed alarm and notifications tones except the default ones.

-Removed LiveWallpapers (every LWP except HTC Sense)
-Removed Mode10Wallpapers (the HTC Sense LWP)
-Replaced dock (used the one from the Slate theme for Sense 2.1)
-Replaced the default Sense wallpaper for a custom one
-ROMs will be uploaded onto our own server from now on, which means: no waiting, and direct links (thanks DonUber!)
-Removed FriendStream (Twitter and Facebook were removed anyway, so Friendstream was unusable)
-Removed all ringtones except for 1 (saved about 2MB)
-Swapped the ucsh00d_c.ttf font for DroidSans.ttf, saving about 3.5MB
-Swapped the gcsh00d-hkscs.ttf font for DroidSans.ttf, saving about 1MB
-Removed some images in /media/resources, saved about 500KB, since the images are never used in Android anyway, AFAIK
-Modified updater-script with some ui_prints to inform about the progress
-Bananacakes new kernel (0.4) implemented
-Two versions from now on: with A2SD, and without A2SD. In the version without A2SD, you can insert any A2SD script you would like (both versions have init.d support). Recommended HBOOTs are Stock or Data++ or Bravo Sense. I have only tested Stock though, so if you use another HBOOT, please post your results.

-Init.d Script Support
-A2SD (Darktremor Script) installed by default, should be working

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Läuft schön flüssig und teste mal weiter.
Ist aber sehr spartanisch. Gmail fehlt (wie beschrieben), aber auch z.B. das Kontakt Widget.
Außerdem scheint Ext 4 nicht zu funktionieren.


1.2 ist erschienen.

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