[ROM] StarBurst Froyo HTC 2.29.405 [9 Mar] Stable Data2SD | Unlimited memory | Stock



Da ich dieses ROM nutze und wirklich begeistert bin, poste ich es mal hier:

droidzone schrieb:

(Sense | Android 2.2 (Froyo) | Stable DATA2SD / Optional A2SD | Any ext | Official 2.29.405.5 WWE | Stock rooted Desire Rom | Multilanguage | Over the Air (OTA) updates | ROM Manager download | Dedicated Site)

Now in three flavors-StarBurst Standard for those who like a completely functional Rom on install, Lite for those who prefer Stock ROM with options (Both Standard and Lite are Data2SD based); and StarBurst A2SD for those who are nervous about the stable Data2SD.


[FONT=&quot][This performance was measured on my Class 4 3CPro card. With a faster class card, you should get better performance)[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]StarBurst Team:

Droidzone - ROM Development
Sibere - Data2SD for StarBurst

Partition Required: FAT32 followed by one ext2/ext3/ext4 partition
Base Software: 2.29.405 WWE

Standard (with third party apps and few customizations like additional keyboards.
Lite (Completely Stock, with updated system applications and features like VPN support etc), and A2SD

The main feature of this pure HTC Sense Rom is the stable Data2SD that is built in

In case you didnt already know, the Desire's Internal memory is severely limited (A maximum of 147 MB. Within no time, you will be asked to remove your favoite apps to clear space. Earlier implementations like A2SD, App2SD+ are all imperfect, and everything will never be moved. Even MTD partitions are limited.

With Data2SD, you decide the amount of Internal memory you want!
As a side effect, you get faster I/O too, since Sd is faster than Nand. the real world performance depends on the Class of your card. The faster the better!

This rom is based on Sibere’s Data2sd scripts, which with the latest ext4 based script, is arguably one of the best of the lot. Other than this, the Rom has been kept stock, with the base rom 2.29.405.5. It is for those who want the HTC Sense Rom, but are tired of the low disk space warnings thrown at them! Of course, important mods like the Restart menu, Supercircle battery mod (@UOT) etc are available.

Contrary to prior Data2SD scripts which were infamous for their boot loops and force closes, this latest script has been rigorously tested and developed into a stable product by Sibere. To date, I havent had a single force close or boot loop yet on this Data2SD configuration

I know there are a lot of Stock rooted roms out there, but this one supports Data2Sd best, mostly because it’s been built for the sole purpose of giving a problem free Data2sd experience.

  • HTC Official FroYo Sense 2.2 FR91
  • Based on the latest HTC RUU 2.29.405.5
  • Rooted
  • StarBurst is fully compatible with the latest version of Clockworkmod Recovery (Edify)
  • Init.d scripts supported
  • Latest Busybox-1.18
  • ROM Manager supported New!!
  • Over the Air updates (OTA) via ROM Manager New!!
  • Kernel: kernel-bravo- @snq-
  • Optional O/C max frequency @1190mhz (using setCPU)
  • Default governor & frequency - "Smartass" @245-998 Mhz
  • Available CPU Governors - Interactive, Conservative, Powersave, On-demand, Performance & Smartass!
  • Interface to query/set cpu supply voltages for every frequency
  • Increased read ahead buffer size to improve SD R/W performance("sdfix")
  • Improved 2D & 3D Graphics performance ("GPU+")
  • /data/app/ support
  • EXT 4 for Data2SD
  • Data2SD using the extremely stable latest Sibere Data2sd scripts (From personal experience, this appears to be the stablest Data2sd experience for Desire. The emphasis is on Stability and storage, rather than Quadrant scores. This Rom is indeed faster than the stock Sense experience though)
  • Quadrant Benchmarks of an average of 1700 with Class 4 MicroSD (It improves with the class of your card).
  • Fully De-odexed (For best modding experience)
  • Zipaligned to improve RAM performance
  • Nano command-line text editor support
  • Bash command shell support
  • Video Capture, 720p
  • New superuser permissions 2.3.5 @ChainsDD
  • Removed the annoying HTC Boot sound
  • Themed icons (modpack) included with the Supercirclebatterymod
  • Helicopter view Homescreen Rearrange option
  • Most extensive Access point lists (APNs)
  • Most extensive language and locale support
  • Trackball Wake
  • 4-in-one Reboot menu (modified from snq)
  • VPN Support (tun.ko)
  • Additional Keyboards-idrops and Android keyboard
  • Android Market Update 2.3.4 ** NEW **
  • Anti-Malware patch ** NEW **
  • Adfree added, fixed and updated 0.6.4
  • Latest Adfree hosts added
  • Gmail ** update **
  • Google Maps 5.1.0 ** update **
  • Facebook for Android 1.5.1 ** update **
  • Gmail Unread Count Widget
  • Sms Unread Count Widget
  • Astro File manager 2.5.2
  • Adobe Flash Player ** update **
  • Youtube ** update **
  • Massive APN List
  • Massive Locale list
  • Patches integrated (Reboot menu and other minor updates)
  • Google Mail changed to Gmail
  • My Backup Root 2.6.5**** App Updated ****
  • Titanium Backup **** App Updated ****
  • Rom Manager **** App Updated ****
  • Quick App Remover
  • XDA Forum App
  • Locale/Language support includes:
    • English (US, UK, India, Australia, China, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, South Africa, Israel, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine)
    • French (France, Germany, Austria, Chile, Spain, Britain, Netherlands, South Africa, Italy, Israel)
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Dutch
    • German
    • Greek
    • Portuguese
    • Norwegian Bokmål
    • Danish
    • Swedish
    • Czech
    • Polish
    • Russian
    • Finnish
    • Chinese (China, HongKong, Taiwan)
    • Turkish
    • Arabic
      and Others!

[FONT=&quot]Requirements[/FONT] and Installation Instructions: Please read the Instructions very carefully from the minisite before proceeding! Please do not ask questions which have already been answered in the minisite!
1. Kenny@Heylisten.org for hosting download
2. snq- and Sibere for their Kernels
3. dsixda for the Android Kitchen
4. Alex-V and Firerat for ROM cooking advice
5. Mendozinas and The UOT Kitchen for adding support for this Rom from the first day it was released!
6. Ownhere for the patched libsqlite

A big thanks to the following people for the generous Donations received:


If you're an XDA user and do donate, kindly include your XDA userid and email id (if different from your emailid registered at Paypal), in a mail/PM so that I can update this list with your userid. Donors can access direct links to the latest ROMs and Addons on the Premium page on the StarBurst site, as the ROM is updated.

Visit this page TO access Premium features available to only Donors.

Please bear with me if I've left out the names of any recent donors. This is because I'm away from the PC and can update webpages only when I'm back.

Quelle: [ROM] StarBurst Froyo HTC 2.29.405 [9 Mar] Stable Data2SD | Unlimited memory | Stock - xda-developers

Zur Erläuterung:
There are now three different versions of Data2SD:

W series (previously called Beta code):
Moves dalvik-cache and all system settings to nand. Superfast. Known Issues: Nand may fill up fast and impose an absolute limit on number of apps that may be installed. Should be enough for most people. If you face the issue, you can switch to X series.

Setting fix version (X series):
Difference from W sereis is that settings is left on Nand, while dalvik-cache of apps is moved to sdcard. So you dont get the limit of apps like W series. May be slightly worse in performance compared to W series

Stable version (tiny series):
/data completely shifted to Sdcard. Known issue: Settings (Wifi, language-if not set at first boot; etc ) revert to default on each reboot.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:
Gab´s schon hier. Ist aber jeder Erwähnung wert; nutze es auch zufrieden.
Hab oben mal die verschiedenen Data2SD Versionen mit eingefügt, sodass jeder weiß was die jeweilige Version macht. Es gibt auch Migrationscripts, mit welchen man zwischen den Versionen wechseln kann.
Es gibt ein neues Update auf Version

Diejenigen, welche schon benützen können sich auf der Mini Site den Kernel von Sibere runterladen und flashen, das ist die einzigste Änderung. Den neuen Kernel gibt es hier: Kernels-Howto and Download links StarBurst – Sense ROM for the Desire with Data2SD

Ebenfalls die deutliche Empfehlung auf das Data2SD X1 Script zu wechseln. Das jeweils passende Migrationsscript gibt es hier: Data2SD Migration Code StarBurst – Sense ROM for the Desire with Data2SD
Muß ich das Rom komplett neu flashen für den Data2SD Migration Code?

Aktuell läuft bei mir - 1.3tiny und dem aktuellen Kernel.
Turbo-T schrieb:
Muß ich das Rom komplett neu flashen für den Data2SD Migration Code?

Aktuell läuft bei mir - 1.3tiny und dem aktuellen Kernel.
Nein musst du nicht. Einfach das tiny to X Migration Script flashen und im Anschluss den Kernel, sofern du willst.

Ich bleibe bei snq's kernel, der läuft bei mir ohne Probleme.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:
habs ma ausprobiert. anfangs echt super,top optik mit dem mod. aba nun hab ich nach nem reboot nur noch bootloops. also muss ichs wieder runterschmeißen,schade... :(

blackmail schrieb:
habs ma ausprobiert. anfangs echt super,top optik mit dem mod. aba nun hab ich nach nem reboot nur noch bootloops. also muss ichs wieder runterschmeißen,schade... :(


Das klingt sehr komisch, Bootloops treten nur auf wenn du im Recovery z.b. Dalvik Cache löschst oder ein Starburst Nandroid wiederherstellen willst.

Empfehlung von mir:

Mit siberes Battfix Kernel hatte ich nach einigen Tagen seltsame Lags und plötzliche FC's des Google Framework. Habe dann den aktuellen Kernel von snq geflashed und damit absolut keine Probleme mehr gehabt! Also wer Probleme mit FC's oder Lags hat, einfach mal den Kernel tauschen.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:
Hi Leute, kann ich mit diesem ROM meine EXT4 partition wieder als A2SD verwenden?
Hatte das ROM schonmal drauf aber es erkannte meine EXT4 partition nicht.
Muss ich da etwas einstellen?

edit: sorry hab wohl ein falsches rom letztes mal erwischt, jetzt funkts, aber wenn ich mit setcpu die taktfrequenz auf 1190mhz stelle stürzt es nach ca 5sek ab, ist der original kernel nicht dafür ausgelegt?
Bei meinem alten rom hatte ich auch 1190mhz und ohne probleme.

Zuletzt bearbeitet:

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