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  1. MarciWoi, 17.04.2011 #1

    MarciWoi Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Hey Leute,
    habe bei den XDA´s noch einen Ginger-Sense Rom Gefunden :
    OK, here's ROM number 2. This one has all the HTC apps restored (along with their widgets), has the bootup sound turned off, should have APNs and should have different languages.

    I've removed apps available on the Market. There are:

    Adobe Flash Player

    I've also removed some pointless apps. There are:

    Plurk (+ Widget)

    I've updated:

    Vending (Android Market)

    This ROM also uses A2SD+ so make sure you have an EXT3 partition on your SD card if you want to use this. EXT4 isn't supported it would seem.

    This ROM isn't going to be carried on by me so do NOT ask for extra features as I just can't be arsed doing it. This is only a test ROM and gives people a chance to use Gingerbread with Sense in a stable fashion.

    I'd recommend a FULL wipe before flashing this ROM but those coming from the previous version shouldn't need to

    Seite: [ROM] SuperDuperAwesomeROM | Rooted | A2SD+ | HTC Apps | Sense 2.3.3 - xda-developers
    Viel Spaß !
    MfG Marcel