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  1. idealforyou, 12.05.2011 #1

    idealforyou Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    [​IMG] [ROM BETA][Sense 3.0][9 MAYl]Desire Sensation & Flyer PORT *Rosie/GFX FIX* [DEV ONLY]
    Sesne 3.0 Future Is Here...omerkisoss Version & Coolexe Version

    If you using this Rom for ur Port, than please put the link above: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...8#post12995138

    Highly Experimental ROM, Use at Your Own Responsibility, DON'T BLAME ME FOR ANY BRICK


    [YT]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XiGiEdyCH4& feature=player_embedded[/YT]

    Desire Dev TEAM

    Robo (RC TEAM)

    Thanks to:
    capy (RC TEAM)

    Known bugs:
    Dimens in apks needs editing for making screen fit...

    1GB sdext (ext2/ext3/ext4)

    Wipe All Data & Flash Rom.zip From Recovery.
    Sensation Port BETA 2

    baadnewz Version with All Latest FIX (Bravo CM7 Hboot 130M 5M 302M)
    Direct Link

    GFX FIX HERE (thanks to templebar)


    Files from RCMix Kingdom port
    (thanks to Muxeu)

    Home Screen Can't be Loading... Check this
    Flyer Port v1 (Port by omerkisoss)

    Multiupload Link
    INFO: (Thanks to MrYuiM & *damo*)
    Just a starting note. This ROM is ALPHA, as in not ready to run for you daily. There will be bugs upon bugs, so stop asking when stuff will be fixed and let the devs take their time. If you don't have experience with wiping, testing ROMS or bugs, then I advise you to saw a mile and a half away from this Rom.

    1. Pull ring to unlock: There's no ring! What do I do?!
    There should be a ring, if there's not the fix is posted somewhere in the thread

    2.Help my screen isn't aligned/ the widgets are off the screen.
    This is a resolution problem and we're working hard to fix it. It's not easy.

    3.My camera/camcorder isn't working.
    Known problem, not main cause for concern. Will be fixed in due time.

    4.Gallery doesn't open images or show thumbnails?!
    Yeah, the gallery isn't working yet.

    5. Do any custom kernels work with this ROM?
    Nope, just snq- v2
    Device: HTC SLCD [S-OFF 1.8]
    Recovery: CWM
    Kernel: Default
    ROM: Cool VisionS vXYZ[​IMG]

    First Person Who Fit DesireHD & Z ROM's In DESIRE 250MB SYSTEM[​IMG]

    [ROM ALPHA]Cool Sensation [DEV ONLY]
    [ROM]Cool AceS & VisionS
    [ROM]HTC Desire GingerBread Sense 2.3.3
    [ROM]Cool Z & HD 250MB FIT
    [ROM]Cool Z & HD CM7 HBoot
    [ROM]Cool FroYo DATA++/Oxygen & Coolzed WP7
    [ROM]Honeycomb SDK Port to Desire
    [TUT]Edify Installation Script Syntax's

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    [ROM BETA][Sense 3.0][9 MAYl]Desire Sensation & Flyer PORT *Rosie/GFX FIX* [DEV ONLY] - xda-developers

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  2. chris_te, 12.05.2011 #2

    chris_te Android-Experte

    Auf sowas hab ich gewartet. Jetzt müssen nur noch die Bugs behoben werden *g*
  3. 2WildFire, 13.05.2011 #3

    2WildFire Android-Guru

    Japp, das werde ich mal im auge behalten
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