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InsertCoin Sensation - 2.3.0 (29Aug11)

LINKS:|[OFFURL="https://www.android-hilfe.de/custom-roms-fuer-htc-sensation/131214-rom-insertcoin-sensation-android-2-3-4-a.html"]Android-Hilfe[/URL] oder XDA-Developers[/OFFURL]
|reworked from the ground up
|removed Roman's tweaks due incompatibility with my roms
|removed power + home for screenshot
|- causes problems
|- get some app from market
|all bad scripts removed
|rock solid and speedy!
|fixed HTC Camera
| - removed panorama and bitrate selector thou; will be added at a later date
|added Romanbb's Tweaks in Settings
|- all personalization like animation glow, crt, enable / disable screenshot feature. etc now can bet set from Interface - awesome work mate thank you
|removed forceddualcore
|- not a good call from my side
|- not because of battery drain but because after some time cpu1 governor is set to userspace and everything is laggy
|ondemand is the default governor you can however use smartass
|get cpu master free from market and your set
|no wipe needed!
|changed to AUTO PRL instead of WCDMA Preffered, should give battery a boost
|cleaned scripts for better transparency
|added zipalign script - thx leedroid
|added fix permission script - thx Roman (birgertime)
|enforced interactive for both cores - thx Leedroid for idea
|- both cores are awake
|- from my testing you won't experience any battery drain, but it don't like the idea remove /system/etc/init.d/50forcedualcore or move it outside init.d folder.
|browser with unlimited tabs - thx Roman (birgertime)
|- you can even customize the UA string type about:debug in adress bar, hit menu - settings - scroll down to UA string.
|fixed Wifi Calling for TMO
|added Visual Voicemail for TMO
|what i forgot (as always )
|updated google maps
|updated facebook
|updated hosts
|added google plus
|added cifs manager
|fixed FC on SU for some users
|fixed ring delay
|updated libs for TMO users to match 1.45 base
|improved scrolling
|removed kernel "tweaks" - does more harm than good 2.2.4
|incremental update
|- has less than 1 mB flash ONLY ON TOP OF 2.2.3
|fixed black screen on incoming calls when CRT animation were used - thanksvladnosferatu for the tip
|updated Superuser to beta4
|Updated Android Market to 3.1.3
|Added Browser hack
|Custom UI string, 20tabs & more courtesy of Leedroid
|Added OpenVpn
|Adapted some tunes from [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=991276"]SuperCharger V6 script of zeppelinrox
to fit better the Sensation and InsertCoin
|More free ram
|More speed
|More battery
|fixed "Make more storage" in Settings
|SD & Phone Storage -> thanks MarlinFF for find
|added smartass cpu governor - AWESOME
|set smartass cpu governor as default - AWESOME
|Thanks snq- and faux123 for all this!
|flash on top on 2.2 or 2.1[/table]
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Leedroid Sensational - 2..3.0 (27Aug11)

LINKS:|Android-Hilfe oder XDA-Developers
|Rebased on official HTC WWE 1.45.401.2 RUU
|Several script/xml cleanups
|Exposed additional browser settings
|Enabled persistence in some browser settings across reboot
|Switched back to interactive governor as default
|Forced CPU1 to always on (FULL DUAL-CORE)
|CPU1 Default governor forced to interactive (1188MHz Max)
|Random reboots fixed
|Additional GPU config tweaks
|Build.prop tweaks
|Several kernel & VM Tuneups
|Force JIT enabled (everyone else has..)
|Additional power saving tweaks
|Fixed Spare Parts battery history
|Removed SMS Secure box & Blocklist (due to sms delete issue)
|Enabled SMS/MMS Signatures
|Fixed delete multiple SMS/MMS
|Updated to superuser 3.0 Beta-4
|Updated to Android market V3.1.3
|Added re-worked Stock GB keyboard (thanks to thoughtlesskyle)
|Updated AdFree Hosts
|Updated pre-installed apps
|Updated TmoUS WiFi Addon
|And more..
|Added SmartAss CPU Governor module (thanks to snq-)
|SmartAss CPU Governor as default 192MHz-1188MHz
|Screen off max freq 540MHz
|Added CIFS module (thanks to snq-)
|WiFi PM=FAST in standby
|100% fixed CRT on/off animation (thanks to birgertime!)
|Autobrightness scaling 100% working
|Added low memory manager form LD 1.X (system app)
|Added Auto battry calibration script (Thanks to Seo)
|Battery life improvments
|Fixed final glitches in battery % display
|Cleaned up build.prop
|Removed Astro & added ES File Explorer
|GlassSkin is back!
|Cifs manager is back
|Updated Google Maps
|Please uninstall SetCPU
|(Use CPU Master if you must, buy it may mess up the config)
|Optimized all framework png's
|Adjusted memorykiller parameters
|Obsolete files cleaned up
|Fixed battery % display glitches
|Removed CRT animation for now(available as addon)
|Fixed autobrightness scaling
|Wakelocks functioning correctly
|Fixed keyboard open/close animation
|Modified camera - custom bitrates (mdeejay)
|Tweaked CPU governor
|Improved battery life
|Several XML cleanups
|Huge code cleanups!
|Updated Gmail
|Updated Google Maps
|Fully working RTL patch
|TMO US patch updated [/table]
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P3D Neon - 6.1 (31Aug11)

LINKS:|Android-Hilfe oder XDA-Developers
|Fixed mms size (properly) - Needs FULL wipe
|Fixed updater-script (causing a few minor issues)
|Added cifs
|Added smartass gov
|Added extra themed wallpaper to HTC Wallpapers default
|Added Stock battery percent and green overglow as stock
|Removed some other un-needed init.d scripts
|Removed forced dual CPU support (does more damage than good)
|Updated some libs
|Updated Stock HTC Kernel
|Updated Base to my QuikSense ROM (Faster)
|Updated System Apps
|Reviewed Andreno Configuration files and updated
|Updated Theme to v3 - Fixes fonts properly
|Heaps smoother scrolling
|Updated Bluetooth config to enable auto connect (testing)
|Battery improvements
|Improved CPU responsiveness (opening apps etc)
|Updated hosts file (adfree now)
|Changed default wallpaper to honeycomb
|Updated Base to full 1.45
|Updated System Apps
|Fixed "Make More Space" (Thanks Baadnewz)
|Updated Theme to v2 - Fixes fonts
|Lots more speed tweaks
|Added better working battery calibration script
|Removed Virtuous start up scripts
|Generally faster and better battery
|Added Google+
|Fixed Ram script
Updated Framework theme files (Thanks Thyrus for saving me a pile of time ;))
|Updated SystemUI theme files
|Fixed FC on SystemUI when mounting SD Storage
|Updated build.prop tweaks
|Few more speed and battery tweaks
|Modified settings everything out of v3.2 PLUS...
|New updated base 2.3.4 WWE
|Can now use Unity's v6 Kernel (Thanks m-deejay!!)
|Overclock up to 1.8Ghz (1.4 Recommended)
|Virtuous Daemon Controller included in kernel patch
|Added more speed tweaks
|Deleted battery calibration script (Causing issues)
|Fixed Messed up search bar
|Added Juwe11's RAM Script for speed
|Added Astro File Manager to stock ROM
|Added Titanium Backup to stock ROM
|Removed a whole pile of un-needed stuff
|Hosts file updated to be adfree (Thanks Baadnewz)
|Added Themed system app icons
|Fixed quick settings text (Properly)
|Faster again!
|Updated more system icons
|Plus more.. still updating [/table]
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Virtuous Sensation - 1.1.3 (Kernel: UNITY V8) (20Aug11)

LINKS:| Android-Hilfe oder XDA-Developers
|Back to stock HTC kernel
|UNITY V8 kernel optional
|New kernel UNITY V7
|Added camera with panorama & bitrate select
|Fixed USB Tether
|Fixed Advanced power menu
|Fixed screenshot function
|Fixed CRT settings
|Newest base 1.45.401.2 (Android 2.3.4)
|Newest kernel UNITY V6
|- patched to
|- JHash3
|- Back to NOOP I/O Scheduler
|- alot config cleanups
|- new ACPU table
|- OC Max 1890MHz
|- 2WCR patch (Beta) (use CallRecorder app)
|Brand new boot/down animations
|Virtuous Settings (Beta. not like in CM)
|Updated Superuser to 3.0 beta3[/table]
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ich mach morgen ein update, bitte nicht hier posten, danke

wenn du vorschläge /getestete roms hast bitte per pm, danke


Coredroid 2.3 (29Aug11)

|Same as 2.2
|Streak live wallpaper has visual bug, thx daman215
|Hot reboot broke on TMOUS
|Settings > Apps > Manage > All Apps > Hit search = get FC thx offenberg for reporting. Romanbb is looking into it.
|TMOUS users, if u want 4G indicators, go to Settings > Tweaks > Sense Options and enabled it from there.
|If in WhatsApp and you click on menu, FC occurs.
|Built-in screen capture has issues
|Some people reporting lockscreen weather reflecting wrong time of day. Investigating...
|Sense reload is happening more often. Investigating as well...|1.4
|Hot Reboot not working.
|Some ppl reporting SOD please try stock kernel or any others. I have attached stock for yall.
|High battery drain can be fixed by switching Kernels/Radios. Find the combination that works for you.
|Hot Reboot not working.
|FULL WIPE is required
|BSOD has been reported when phone is left overnight. Current workaround is open Deamon Controller and up the MIN settings.
|Same as v1.1

|TMOUS users who would like the 4G indicator as well as WiFi-Calling, |please download and flash the attached "CoreDroid_Tmous_4G_&_Wifi_Calling.zip" AFTER a complete reboot.
|Hot Reboot not working.
|High battery drain + temp
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