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Diskutiere [CM7] vork's bastard stepson -- ironkrnL im Custom-ROMs für LG Optimus Speed im Bereich Root / Hacking / Modding für LG Optimus Speed.


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read the readme
Please re-download if you tried the Nov23 morning release, it using the wrong install script and kernel/modules weren't flashed correctly
Full changelog (for who's too blind to see it -.-'): https://github.com/SetiroN/lge-kerne...d-tegra-2.6.32

Only now I'm uploading the rebased builds I've had ready for a while, sorry but I wasn't home.
Normal build, should be stable for most.
Streamlined build, slower but more compatible.

Check out the commits for details, they're on two different branches.

Following suggestions from a couple of my aficionados, I've finally decided to make my kernel build public and abandon it's usual underground IRC distribution.
This doesn't mean that I'm going to provide a good-for-everyone kernel, or that I'm going to provide any kind of support, I'm merely providing a download link for everyone who wants to try out my take on the O2X CM7 Kernel.

I am by no means an even decent programmer, and the purpose of this kernel is just to implement or modify features that no one has been providing the way I'd like: so I have decided to take vorkKernel as an example, take advantage of vorkTeam's awesome scripts, and have it the way I like it; therefore this kernel is strictly about the way I want my device to run, so while certainly welcome, feature requests are possibly going to get ignored unless I'm convinced I want them myself.

My main targets are UI smoothness, responsiveness and prompt multitasking while maintaining good battery life, avoiding silly compromises.
Who measures performance through math benchmarks, especially the ridiculous quadrant, is very welcome to GTFO.

This is not for the faint hearted: by using this kernel it is implied that you know what you're doing, what the various commits are about and what risks you might be taking.

While taking lots of inspiration from vorkTeam, this kernel is completely unrelated: it's built starting from CM sources, not as a fork of vorkKernel; it does however contain most of its features.

Basic features (see github commits for more details):
- 32/64/96MiB RAM Hack
- OC/UV support - 1.3GHz default max frequency, adjustable up to 1.5GHz
- GPU, AVP and RAM overclocked without breaking bt/camera functionality
- multitasking focused internal subsystems and settings (schedulers, RCU, VM, SWAP, lowmemkiller, CFS etc.)
- voodoo sound
- as streamlined and optimized as I could make it
- optimized init scripts and roboto font included
- automatic ext4 conversion

Name format(GMT+1):

RAM Hack:
00 (128Mb left to the GPU): stock, everything working as intended
32 (96Mb left to the GPU): reboot doesn't work
64 (64Mb left to the GPU): 1080p video recording and reboot don't work
96 (32Mb left to the GPU): camera (being looked into - it used to work), 1080p/720p video and reboot don't work, some recent heavily textured 3D games might not work

Check out commits and compare them to the build date for a changelog: multiple builds are available

For example:
117h23 includes commits up to 948253442b (it was uploaded AFTER that commit but BEFORE the next one)
118h01 includes commits up to 575ada4d60
118h02 includes commits up to 8d5a72fecf

Installation instructions:
- Format /cache
- format /system
- wipe dalvik cache
- install latest nightly
- install gapps
- install kernel
- reboot, wait for the fairly long time necessary, let rest for a minute
- rm /system/etc/init.d/70zipalign_defragdb using adb (remember to remount first) or your favorite root file manager
- use pimp my cpu/CPU master/setcpu and undervolt



Huge thanks and credit go to Benee and Kiljacken for their astounding scripts and development support, as well as everyone else involved in kernel coding for this god forgotten device, from rc to morfic to every single legit developer around.

Find me on #vorkKernel@irc.freenode.net or Twitter @set_iroN

P.S. I strongly invite you to NOT push the 'Thanks' button; I really don't see how I could care less about a number under my nickname. I guarantee you my self esteem will remain intact.

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([ROM] Custom CM7 Ice Cream Edition / MIUI Style *NEW 203b* + [CM7] ironkrnL -- vork's bastard stepson - FIXED Nov23 h19.59)