[ROM] ICS 4.0.4 CivZ_FLEX-ICER_Rev4.6 (Aroma installer)

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Diskutiere [ROM] ICS 4.0.4 CivZ_FLEX-ICER_Rev4.6 (Aroma installer) im Custom-ROMs für LG Optimus Speed im Bereich Root / Hacking / Modding für LG Optimus Speed.


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möchte euch eine ROM vorstellen die auf der LG Stock V30A/B aufbaut.

Diese ROM ist nur mit dem neuen Bootloader kompatible!!!!

Ihr müsst ein Full Wipe durchführen damit die ROM zu 100% einwandfrei funktioniert!

Beim ersten start kann die ROM ein wenig Ruckeln, das liegt daran das sich Android in den ersten Minuten/Stunden cachen muss.


CivZ_FLEX_ICER_Rev4.6 (deodexed)_Public
(you can use "OdexMe" to odex the rom or download the already fully odexed rom.
"OdexMe" gives problem for some users)
SkyWalker RF1.1 kernel all versions included
Latest custom SkyWalker kernel and SU660 kernel version, look here

CivZ_FLEX_ICER_Rev4.6 (Odexed) Public
SkyWalker RF1.1 kernel all versions included
Latest custom SkyWalker kernel and SU660 kernel version, look here​

V30B stock based and V30A with a twist.
-Aroma options, 3 kernels
Full Detail of SkyWalker
in 3 different versions.
Ramhack or no ramhack
USB FastCharge option

To see all kernel commands, in terminal: su (enter)civz(enter)

-LG Swap of 131Mb on unused partiton (enable by default)

-ZRam 96MB optional available (disabled by default)

-CRT animation (screenOff)

-Xperia launcher & widgets (1.37)
(option in aroma)

-Samsung TouchWiz Launcher

-LG UI 3.0 Launcher
(option in aroma)


-30% transparent mod @ hugoqueiroz94
(option in aroma)

-GoogleNow (as option in aroma)Thanks to these people here and this is the "M7 - Mikeyxda's version 7."
You can't update it , just swipe away the notification

-Init.d tweaks: init.dtester/ zipalign-new installed apps/ auto-battery calibration/IOtweak/ sdcardtweak/ gps-update-lto/ battery tweak/ mimtemp-remover.

-Data also mounted in EXT4

-I/O tweak (mount) by ezterry
(one of the best mentors ever)

Acid Sound Mod
(Louder and clearer music , works only with headset)
(modded by me to work correctly on V30A ICS)
(Works best with GoogleMusic Player)

-Auto update of lto.data true init.d script , if it fails for any reason you can manually update by doing the following:
Update GPS lto.data with terminal= su(enter) gps-update(enter)

-V6-SuperCharged by zeppelinrox , with modded services.jar
V6Supercharged services.jar and do your own settings: in terminal= su (enter) V6(enter)

-Busybox1.20.2 with new installer by dk_zero_cool
(don't install busybox from playstore)

-Full root (su superuser)

-Deodexed (dalvik tweaked)

-Tweaks to make up for the deodexed rom (as you know odexed rom is still faster but these tweaks should make up for it)

-SonyBravia Engine

-Bootsound turned off

-Extra widgets , Music, Energy, Taskmanager.

-Google apps updated (Gmail4.2.1,..) and are installed in data and not system.

Not installing LG OSP , OMA and PCsuite/sync will also make it not shown in settings.

Special thanks to
-zeppelinrox (V6Supercharger)
-amarullz (for Aroma installer)
-Topogigi (special kernel)
Changelog 4.6 :

Release of Rev4.6
-New Terminal commands.
-Updated app like SU, etc....
-Playstore problem that some had on a dirty flash should be gone.
-New SkyWalker RF1.1 kernel with all features included.
-Extra 96MB ZRam disabled by default , LG swap is in my opinion better and more then enough.
Ich hoffe euch gefällt die ROM, ich selber benutze sie schon etwas länger und bin recht zufrieden! Nutze ab und zu CM10.1 muss aber manchmal feststellen das die "Stock" ROM manchmal etwas besser läuft.

Well to all my XDA friends and don't know you Topogigi but thanks for your kernel!
And of course spica1234 , Stefan, Carburano, Thor2002ro, MoscowDesire, Vache , Ezterry,..... always got my deepest respect!


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ich hatte die mal drauf aber django lief defenitiv besser.


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herzog2 schrieb:
ich hatte die mal drauf aber django lief defenitiv besser.

okay, kannst du kurz sagen warum?


Würd mich auch interessieren.

Hab übrigens den sleben Eindruck.
Das ROM wirkt irgendwie (trotz Supercharge) nicht so smooth wie DM.
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