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  1. HYUNDAI2010, 04.07.2011 #1

    HYUNDAI2010 Threadstarter Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    This ROM is based on FR19 from MoDaCo with som fixes from me.

    P.S You need to do a full wipe if you come from FR3/StockROM

    For FR19 you have to use BACKTOEXT3 if you got EXT4 installed.
    It's included in the download

    Fear Edition 12.1:


    MD5: 7D03460C82E8295704741528749D9A40

    LG Orginal Theme

    Gingerbread Theme

    Vanilla Theme (Froyo)

    LG Widget



    You will need CWM Recovery to install this ROM

    And the newest Baseband version (20110622)

    1. First you need to download the ROM and lay it over to your SD Card
      (It's a rar file with backtoext3 and rom!!!!!)
    2. Boot in to CWM Recovery
    3. Do an backup for safety
    4. Flash backtoext3 in CWM (Will wipe your device. Sorry)
    5. You need to do a wipe before if you come from FR3/Stock ROM
    6. Choose "install zip from sd card"
    7. Choose "choose zip from sdcard"
    8. Let it flash (Takes 1-2min)
    9. Reboot and you got my ROM installed


    • Calendar
    • Gallery
    • Standard Launcher
    • Lockscreen
    • Quick Search Box
    • SIM Toolkit
    • Youtube
    • MMS (SMS)

    • Alarm Clock
    • FM Radio
    • Fonts
    • Mirror
    • Music
    • PC Sync + On Screen Phone + MITS
    • Screen Capture
    • SmartShare
    • Video
    • WAP Service
    • Keyboard

    MoDaCo added:
    • Development Tools
    • Gingerbread Keyboard
    • HTC IME Keyboard
    • Spare Parts
    • Disable 'Battery Full' Popup (Stock Style ROM)
    • Disable Music Controls
    • Hidden Menus / Debug / Test Tools
    • Silent Camcorder
    • Fr19
    • Bootanimation
    • Sqlite is added and gives prestandard boost
    • Adobe Flash Player


    Fear Edition ChangeLog:
    Fear Edition 12.1

    • Added BGB Theme 2.7 Final.
    • Original Browser is re added.
    • Back to EXT3 file is included in download.
    • Added flashed option for themes
      (Gingerbread, Froyo and LGs)

    Fear Edition 12.0
    • Lagt till FR19
    • Kamera Modden är tillagt
    • BGB Theme är nyaste versionen.
    Changes in MoDaCo ROM:

    Jun 30 Fr19

    • Updated Google Maps

    Jun 29 Fr19 RC 2

    • Rebased with ALL changes from 0622 ROM
    • Fix for corrupt images in Gingerbread theme

    Jun 21 Fr19 RC 1

    • Fixed French localisation of Fonts app
    • Removed software update client (and patched Settings APK), gains 20MB RAM
    • Online kitchen now saves chosen selection to a text file in the ROM zip (for debugging use)

    Jun 20 Fr19 Beta 5

    • Added semi transparent pulldown in all themes
    • Restored Vanilla Froyo / Gingerbread themes

    Jun 20 Fr19 Beta 4

    • Fixed BBA support in 'remove battery full alert' option
    • Fixed some corrupted PNG files (e.g. lock screen sliders)
    • Updated Superuser app
    • Updated Titanium Backup
    • Battery improvement tweaks

    Jun 17 FR19 Beta 3

    • Added 'remove battery full alert' options
    • Fixed incorrect '<' character in Gingerbread keyboard
    • Updated Maps app
    • Updated Amazon Appstore app
    • Updated Google Music app

    Jun 16 FR 19 Beta 2

    • Added stock Google lockscreen options
    • Added SQLite performance patch options
    • Added disable toggle buttons / music controls / both options
    • Added silent camcorder option

    Jun 15 Fr19 Beta 1

    • Initial Fr19 release

    20 May Fr18 Beta 2

    • Remove USB debugging sound and persistent notification
    • Add option to include 'old' non oc/uv kernel
    • Reverted Beta 1 dialer changes (should fix a number of issues)
    • Updated lge-ril to a new version (previously unseen MD5 from Spanish release)

    20 May Fr18 Beta 1

    • More Dialer battery saving changes
    • LGU660 (Korean 2X) boot animation added to kitchen

    19 May Fr17

    • No changes between RC3 and release

    18 May Fr17 RC 3

    • EternityProject kernel updated to r2, USB mount fixed (if using, install PimpMyCPU to control)
    • MCK (MoDaCo Custom Kernel) updated to r14 (normal and 64MB patched versions), now with OC/UV support too as standard. The phone is NOT overclocked by default. (if using, install PimpMyCPU to control)

    18 May Fr17 RC 2

    • Fixed broken Camera with no Camcorder sound from RC 1
    • Updated MCK with IPtables 'LOG' support (user request)
    • Included an option in kitchen to flash EternityProject OC/UV kernel with MCK based configuration (if using, install PimpMyCPU to control)

    18 May Fr17 RC 1

    • Removed some debug code in LGEmail.apk
    • Removed some debug code in Settings.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in AccountAndSyncSettings.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in AlarmClockNew.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in AnalogAlarmWidget.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in AnalogClockWidget.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in AndroidBackup.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in AppAdvisor_v1.5.78_production_signed_aligned.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in ApplicationsProvider.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in BookmarksWidget.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in Browser.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in Bubbles.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in Calculator.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in Calendar.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in CalendarProvider.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in CalendarWidget.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in Camera.apk (2 versions)
    • Updated Norwegian resources in CarHome.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in CertInstaller.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in ClockWeatherScheduleWidget.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in ClockWeatherWidget.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in com_lge_christmassnowcity.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in com_lge_lgfirework2.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in Contacts.a.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in ContactsProvider.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in ContactWidget.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in cyon.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in DefaultContainerService.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in DeskClock.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in DigitalAlarmWidget.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in DigitalClockWidget.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in DocMaster.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in DownloadProvider.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in DrmService.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in EmailWidget.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in FmRadio.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in FMRadioWidget.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in framework-res.apk (5 versions)
    • Updated Norwegian resources in Gallery3D.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in HomeSelector.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in HTMLViewer.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in JSFontService.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in LGDisplaySettings.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in lge-res.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in LGEmail.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in lgeVideoPlayer.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in LGLauncher.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in LGMemo.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in LGOnScreenPhone.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in LGSetupWizard.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in LiveWallpapers.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in LiveWallpapersPicker.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in MediaProvider.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in MemoWidget.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in MessageWidget.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in Mirror.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in Mms.apk (LG Version)
    • Updated Norwegian resources in Music.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in MusicWidget.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in NewsWidget.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in OPP.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in Phone.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in PhotoFrameWidget.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in PicoTts.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in PreloadedApp.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in Protips.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in resources.arsc
    • Updated Norwegian resources in Screencapture.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in Settings.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in SettingsProvider.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in SmartShare.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in SNS.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in TodayScheduleWidget.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in VisualizationWallpapers.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in VoiceRecorder.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in VpnServices.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in WapService.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in wdwallpaper.apk
    • Updated Norwegian resources in WorldClockWidget.apk

    17 May Fr16 Beta 4

    • Battery optimisation changes!
    • Removed some debug code

    16 May Fr16 Beta 3

    • A new change that should give a noticeable improvement in performance!
    • Reverted some changes to Phone app behaviour
    • Updated Adobe Flash to 10.3
    • Minor kitchen tweak (moved some test apps into the test app / hidden menu item)

    16 May Fr16 Beta 2

    • RAM hack is now optional (disabled by default)
    • Some minor improvements to battery management

    16 May Fr16 Beta 1

    • Addition 64MB RAM hack (thanks Kiljacken)
    • GPS improvements

    13 May Fr16 (WIP)

    • Chinese WiFi fix
    • French fonts dialogue fix (Odustani -> Annuler)
    • Low level changes for a forthcoming notifications product
    • Changes to messaging app (Dialer battery drain diagnostics)

    12 May Fr16 (WIP)

    • MCK updated to r11 - more minor performance improvements
    • Updates to try and improve battery usage (particularly around Dialer usage)
    • Updated apps - Amazon Appstore, Market, Maps, Google Music, SlideMe Market, Titanium Backup
    • Added option to wipe battery stats on install
    • Added MarketAccess application (see in topic for more details)

    3 May Fr15

    • Reverted to MCK kernel - patched to .28 stable and with a ton of performance improvements
    • Added gps.conf to /system/etc
    • Patched settings and removed update client (gains 20MB RAM

    28 Apr Fr14

    • Initial v10d / 1303220460 merge
    • Modified boot image config (performance improvements)
    • Modified EXT4 partition options (performance improvements)
    • Modified mount config (performance improvements)
    • Updated Gingerbread Keyboard
    • MCK-cm-r1 (MoDaCo Custom Kernel) - now with merges from the CyanogenMod kernel for the 2X
    • Initial test support for Korean devices with Home button

    26 Apr Fr13

    • MCK (MoDaCo Custom Kernel) r9
    • Changes to attempt to eliminate app install / management lag
    • Added BFQ scheduler and set as default (unrelated to above fix, you can revert to CFQ if desired)

    13 Apr Fr12

    • Rebased on 1301920892 release including updated RIL (20110405 baseband recommended)
    • All fixes / tweaks to date merged into latest release
    • Removed adfree hosts file (accidentally included) - use AdFree app from the Market if you'd like this functionality
    • French language Fonts app fix
    • Fixed crash on Gingerbread Keyboard settings

    11 Apr Fr11

    • Updated kernel (performance enhancements - improved overall smoothness)
    • Updates to reduce duration of 'app install / uninstall lag'
    • Updated third party apps / components

    8 Apr Fr10
    • init.d support
    • terminfo support (for nano etc.)
    • Nvidia module updates / additions
    • Removed some unneeded files
    • Fixed an error in the keyboard layout file
    • Semi transparent notification pulldown
    • Additional Gingerbread sounds (alarms, ringtones, notifications)
    • Optional Gingerbread Vanilla theme
    • Optional bleeding edge .36 kernel patched to official P990 code release

    6 Apr Fr8
    • Reverted kernel to .9 (browser lagfix)
    • Fixed 'dim screen' in Camera when using auto brightness
    • Added an alternative Camera application with no camcorder sound
    • Disabled menu button unlock in stock unlock screen
    • Added option to not have the 'battery full' popup
    • Includes SQLite performance patch (with option to disable)

    5 Apr Fr7
    • /data/data permissions now checked on install

    4 Apr Fr6
    • Stock Google lockscreen option
    • LG Calendar now a kitchen option
    • Framework image fixes
    • Stock Froyo (Vanilla!) options

    4 Apr Fr5
    • Multitouch Fix
    • SD card speed fix
    • Clock size fix
    • Optional Google calendar
    • MoDaCo Custom Kernel (MCK) r5
    • CyanogenMod APN list

    30 Mar Fr4
    • Stock Google Contacts / Phone now selectable in the kitchen
    • Stock Desk Clock now available (for use when disabling LG Alarm Clock / Desk Clock)
    • Amazon Appstore and SlideME Markets now in the kitchen (I use SlideME as the only place to buy Quadrant Advanced!)
    • Boot sound is now optional
    • Key items (e.g. framework-res) now signed with AOSP platform keys to aid themers
    • Fixed some typos and naming in the kitchen
    • Gingerbread keyboard now added (Steven Lin version)
    • Minor tweaking of kitchen default options
    • Minor performance enhancements

    29 Mar Fr3
    • Initial MCR release
    F3tish und muri04 gefällt das.
  2. n3m3sis, 05.07.2011 #2

    n3m3sis Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Mit der FR19 B3 Fear Edition keine Probleme. Stabil und schnell. Mit der Fr19 Fear Edition hänger und reboots. Optisch hat mir die B3 auch besser gefallen.
  3. LG-Tommi, 08.07.2011 #3

    LG-Tommi Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Kann ich das über mein FR 17 MODACO STandard hier aus dem Forum einfach drüber flashen oder muss ich dann alles neu einrichten. Bringt das überhaupt was?

    Hat noch wer Erfahrenungen mit dieser Edition gesammelt?

    lg, Tommi
  4. LG-Tommi, 08.07.2011 #4

    LG-Tommi Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Habe das jetzt geflasht.
    Man muss dieses BacktoExt3 wirklich laufen lassen.
    Telefon danach im Urzustand.
    Per Titanium alles wieder zurück gespielt. Das hat ganz schön Arbeit gemacht.

    Bis jetzt bemerke ich noch keine Vorteile gegenüber Fr17.
    Allerdings erkennt die Cam. meine SD-Karte nicht und meint, ich solle eine einlegen.

    Das Telefon erkennt die aber ansonsten und ich kann auch vom PC per MyPhoneExplorer darauf zgreifen.

    Wie kriegt man das in den Griff.

    Ich werde weiter berichten.

    lg, Tommi
  5. F3tish, 08.07.2011 #5

    F3tish Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Hallo, habe das Rom geflashed. Nur sieht alles fast genauso aus wie das Stockrom, ist das normal? Gibt es auch eine Möglichkeit zu overclocken?
  6. n3m3sis, 08.07.2011 #6

    n3m3sis Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    die optik ist sehr an das original angelehnt. oben gibs aber mehrere themes die man über cwm flashen kann. wenn du optisch was ausgefalleneres suchst solltest du skywater custom rom nehmen. das ist mit go launcher und weiteren extras bearbeitet.

    overclocking geht mit der fr19 noch nicht weil es noch keinen kernel gibt der das unterstützt. also abwarten.
  7. F3tish, 08.07.2011 #7

    F3tish Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    hab grad Sense 3.0 Ui installiert :) sieht super aus.
    hmm, schade, hätte es gerne mal auf 1,2 oder 1,3 GHz gehabt...da auch diese ROM bei mir oft ruckelt, wenn ich meinen Tast Manager nicht immer gleich anklicke und alles beenden lasse
  8. MMcFly267, 08.07.2011 #8

    MMcFly267 Android-Lexikon

    Frage: kann man die oben genannten Extras auch auf normalen Modaco Roms installieren???
  9. LG-Tommi, 09.07.2011 #9

    LG-Tommi Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Kleiner Zwischenbericht:

    Also das Speicherkartenproblem ist gelöst, es war keines. Die Karte war durch die Sicherungen schlicht voll.

    Gefühlt läuft dieses Editition etwas schneller als FR 17 in der Standardfassung, bin aber noch nicht ganz sicher. Das Nachmessen mit Quadrant brachte zu meiner Überrraschung, nur 2750, während FR 17 über 3000 herauszkitelte.

    Beim Energieverbrauch und beim GPS habe ich noch keine spürbaren Veränderungen festgestellt.

    Ein definitives Plus ist die eine Extra-Tastatur. Die macht viel aus.

    Ach ja, Go-SMS läuft nicht mehr. Keine Ahnung, woran das liegt.

    Wann kokmmt endlich dieses verdammte Gingerbread-Update. Bin echt sauer auf LG. Versprechungen nicht zu halten ist das allerletzte!!!

    lg, Tommi
  10. F3tish, 09.07.2011 #10

    F3tish Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    ja, sehe ich auch so, sie lassen sich zu viel Zeit mit dem Update :( Die Konkurrenz ist da echt fitter, wobei LG halt in Sachen Preis - Leistung nicht zu toppen ist, naja, zumindest nachdem der Preis rapide gesunken ist.
    Ich werde mir heute das Optimus 3D für 350 Euro holen und mal unter die Lupe nehmen...immerhin rriiieeeßßiiggeesss Display :p
    Und sonst GIBT GAS LEUTE, NEEEEED OC Kernel hehe, will mich nimma vom Galaxy S2 provozieren lassen, dass täglich sagt, kauf mich, kauf mich....
    Ach ja, Swiftkey ist nach wie vor die beste Tastatur finde ich, da ich fast gar nicht mehr tippen muss, der sich meine Texte eh merkt und ich fast nur noch den Anfangsbuchstaben oder gar keinen angeben muss, um meine SMS zu verfassen

    Zum ROM, also bisher muss ich sagen, merke ich kaum Unterschiede zum Stock Rom, ich habe auch damals nen alternativen Launcher benutzt und daher lief auch dieses sehr flüssig, lediglich ein livewallpaper + einige Widgets brachte mein Handy zum ruckeln...aber das ist auch bei dieser ROM erhalten geblieben...leider.

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