[How-To/Custom ROM] Argen2Stone 2.0 RE Ported to Defy+ (Based on Ms2Ginger 1.0)

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Diskutiere [How-To/Custom ROM] Argen2Stone 2.0 RE Ported to Defy+ (Based on Ms2Ginger 1.0) im Custom-ROMs für Motorola Defy+ im Bereich Root / Hacking / Modding für Motorola Defy+.


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First of all Many Thanks to santiemanuel for the rom

and walter79, He ported the ROM to Defy.

-Based on MS2Ginger. 1.0


-updated and modded bootmenu
-overclock and init.d removed
-updated CWM

-Bootanimation RAZR (qHD, fix asap)

- CRT ON/OFF Animation (Always on)(indepedent of Windows Animations on/off)

-Custom Theme ICStone based on SDK ICS

-Gtalk with videocalls (By Mats(grupoandroid.com))

-Scrollable quickpanel 10 toggles on statusbar (wifi, bluetooth, gps, data, sound, rotation, airplane mode, sync, autobrightness, shutdown, argen2stone logo)->Ported from Liberty 2.0 by Kejar31 and Jrummy

-Power menu with Sleep Mode and Reboot . IMPORTANT: If you are going to use Sleep mode, make sure the phone is not connected to pc nor charger, this produces a Force Close and you will lose the lockscreen(recoverable wiping data)

-Sleep Mode turns off wireless connections, and disables keys, to wake the phone up press and hold Power Key 4 seconds.

-Lockscreen AOSP Slides & Rotary ported from Liberty 2.0 by Kejar31 and Jrummy. Customized, very responsive. You can choose the lockscreen style opening the app LockScreenSettings. Music controls are compatible with stock music players com.android.music (ICS Music Player works too, NOT INCLUDED)

-Roboto Fonts

-Windows animations ported from ICS

-Genie Widget (Weather and News) ported from ICS

-BaseBand Switcher for Defy (Walter79)

-Hardware libs fixed (Walter79)

-Roottools ported from Argen2Stone 1.x
-ExtendedCommand fixed for automatic install of Bootlogos(New Argen2Stone 2.0 Bootlogo)
-Change clock color updated,now takes about 30 seconds or less to reboot. Includes 9 colors and No Clock mod( works offline)
-Switch window animations, 9 differents animations (works online)

-Switch keylayouts/chars (Milestone 2 Only)

-Bootsound applied. To disable choose option 6 and then 8.

-Adjust init scripts fully working, option 12

-NOTE: There are no themes available, roottools will be updated via magicbox once i got more themes.

- init.d scripts ported from Argen2stone 1.x(Liberty 1.5)

-00check in the first boot of Argen2Stone creates a control file in /data/liberty/init.d.conf, these settings are set in option 12 from roottools, if for some reason an adjustment that you set causes you reboots or any other problem, flash the update Reset_InitD.zip to delete /data/liberty/init.d.conf . Next reboot will create the stock file again. Max multitouch value can be set by running in terminal:
sysrw && echo "Value" > /system/xbin/touch_num
and reboot

In order to use you need Terminal Emulator free from Market. Once started type su and then magicbox, type allinone if you don’t want to update(if available) the script.

Next release will be based on ms2ginger 2.0 or newer.


Defy+ Nandroid thanks to vonLeitn from android-hilfe.de

Argen2Stone2 For Defy+

Defy (Walter79)

Argen2Stone201 For Defy

To begin:
  1. Put the Nandroid backup folder on the SDCard in this folder: Code:

Installation for red lens and defy+:
  1. Install official FroYo (if you have CM7, Miui, or any other rooted Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread with 2nd-init enabled rom go to step 4)
  2. After setting up FroYo, root it.
  3. Install CWM via 2nd-init from market.
  4. reboot and run 2nd-init (voldown on blue LED)
    • Go to "Recovery"
    • Go to "Custom Recovery"
    • Go to "Wipe data"
    • Go to "Backup and Restore"
    • Go to "Restore"
    • Select "argen2stone" and confirm
  5. reboot. You should get stuck in a black screen.
  6. Flash the FixedSBF now (pull battery --> go to bootoloader VOLUP+Power, flash /defy/fixed-sbf via RSD-lite)
  7. After this process is finished the phone should reboot. Booting up can take a while, max is about 10 minutes.
  8. Charge your phone to 100% and keep it charging for an hour after.
  9. Calibrate your battery using the pre installed apps.
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Achtung! Sollte Ihr nicht ins "Töne" Menü kommen setzt erst mit dem Musikplayer einen Klingelton, damit ist der Bug behoben!

Informationen auch im im Heim-Thread des ROMs
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