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  1. thedoginthewok, 30.01.2011 #1

    thedoginthewok Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Das hier soll der Download & Info Thread zu "The FroyoMOD" von 89luca89 von XDA Developers sein.



    Dieses Rom basiert auf den offiziellen AOSP Sources in Verbindung mit den proprietären Teilen des Systems ( signierter Kernel), die der Bootloader vorraussetzt.

    Weitere Infos bitte der Quelle entnehmen. Ich editier hier noch ne Übersetzung rein, wenn ich Zeit hab.





    1. Zip-Datei Runterladen
    2. OpenRecovery installieren (Ich empfehle Androidiani.)
    3. Zip-Datei in den Ordner /OpenRecovery/updates kopieren
    4. Full Wipe machen. Dazu im OpenRecovery "Wipe Dalvik", "Wipe Cache" und "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" auswählen.
    5. Über OpenRecovery flashen (Menüeintrag heißt "Apply Update")

    [ROM-AOSP][12/02/2011] The FroyoMOD v2.5.0- Fast and smooth!! And more Reliable!

    Letzte Änderung:
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 13.02.2011
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  2. AleviDroid, 24.03.2011 #2

    AleviDroid Android-Lexikon

    [ROM-AOSP][2011-03-21] The FroyoMOD v2.6.0- Smoother, better looking!

    2.6.0 Changelog

    New Arab Kernel with RARE DSI errors and better management of resources
    New icons for the power widger, prettier and fingerfriendly!
    New JIT option ON / OFF in Froyomod Extra Settings

    App FasterFix included to improve the GPS fix!
    GPS Management Revised
    Memory Management Reworked! Quick and smooth!-> This took a little time to optimize [​IMG]
    Uppate Google Apps
    Uppate DPS manager and sound effects (both now work! and give a scary sound quality !)
    UPDATE CAMERA, taken from the last edition of SapphireMOD with icon "Video" and more options!
    INCLUDED video player Motorola in combo with the gallery 2D-> Fixed bug with NO VIDEO 2D gallery [/ B]
    New graphics for the File Manager!

    Downloadlink: http://www.multiupload.com/45KWTGIPAX
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  3. eybee1970, 27.04.2011 #3

    eybee1970 Android-Ikone

    Original-Thread auf xda: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=815595

    Und noch andere Sachen sind dazugekommen:

    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 27.04.2011
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  4. -FuFu-, 26.05.2011 #4

    -FuFu- Android-Urgestein

    RELEASED 2.8.0!

    2.8.0 Changelog

    Autoboot OR: add recovery command creation
    1% step battery (thanks kabaldan and GoodWin!)
    Lock Home in Memory
    New Memory Managment
    New Overclock
    Add selection of silent mode with volume control
    Add a long press option to the status bar widgets to open the corresponding settings!! (THANKS radadev on GitHub!!)
    Wifi icon will bring to Wifi Seings
    Blutooth icon will bring to Bluetooth settings
    Data/Newtwork/AirplaneMode button will bring to MobileData settings
    Brighness/Rotation/Screen Timeout will bring to DisplaySettings
    Sync icon will bring to Account Settings
    Gps/Lockscreen will bring to Gps and Security settings
    AudioMode button will bring to Audio Settings
    Flashlight button will bring to the Flashlight App!
    Buttons Are now Chooseable!! (Thanks Cvpcs)
    Allow disabling of dock observer
    Add the possibility to swap the volume keys in landscape mode (Thanks againg kabaldan for both! [​IMG])
    Flashlight app+Button
    AttributeCache clear (again Master Kab xD)
    Slide notifications during swipe-to-clear (This is VERY Nice and Wonderful effect [​IMG][​IMG] THanks evancharlton From GITHUB!!)
    Gallery 2D AOSP By Default --> Faster, lighter and AOSP! xD
    Music STOCK By default
    Launcher 2d AOSP By default, smaller memory print!! Faster!
    Fix FC In Edit Other Levels
    Fixed Overheat
    Fixed Not-so-ok overclock

    Now included the AOSP 2d gallery
    Added also AOSP 3d Gallery
    Added MIUI Camera or Stock chooseable!! (FOR WHO WANT ALSO WIDESCREEN CAMERA!! [​IMG]
    Added MIUI Music

    Hope you like it! [​IMG]

    For the themes, maybe Next week, you'll have the Original theme...
    for now...
    Use those amazing works!! [​IMG]

    Hope also that Anime16 and sileshn will upgrade their themes also! [​IMG]

    Enjoy!! [​IMG]

    download und infos:
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  5. Gregor901, 07.07.2011 #5

    Gregor901 Android-Guru

    RELEASED 2.9.0!

    2.9.0 Changelog


    CTR on and off animation from gingerbread (Beautifull altought not very useful xD But still beautifull no? xD) Thx to doixahn!

    I/O Optimizations (very improved performance in some bench from me)
    CPU optimization (at compile level)

    Memory Optimization:-> When big apps like camera or maps are opened, the home will be killable as any app, otherwise with any other app open, the home is still unkillable
    Other memory Optimizazion-> Removed dead code from source

    Battery 1% and 10% chooseable in FMextras->Extras, requires reboot
    Fixed Over 100% charging with 1% steps (showing 109% for example) Thx to kabaldan!

    Added also DsiFix.ko from kabaldan! (Thx!)

    Reworked Power widget, Icons are now able to be of any dimension and shape (rectangoular or square), removed toggle in the botto, this will be parts of future icons, so it can be easly themable
    removed the scrollbar and overscroll in power widget scrolling.


    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!


    Bei der o.a. Version kommt es oft vor, dass der Screen nicht total abschaltet und ein schwaches Grund-Leuchten besteht (im abgedunkelten Raum erkennbar). Dafür gibt es folgenden Fix:


    Bitte beachtet, dass durch diesen Fix allerdings der schöne "Gingerbread - on/off-Effekt" verloren geht. Frei nach dem Motto: "Alles kann man nicht haben" (nocht nicht).

    Diskussionen zu diesem ROM bitte nur hier: froyo-mod-fuer-das-milestone.html
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 07.07.2011
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  6. Gregor901, 19.07.2011 #6

    Gregor901 Android-Guru

    RELEASED 2.9.1 !

    2.9.1 Changelog

    Fix apps FC (forgot to put permissions and a part of Gapps in framework ç_ç)
    Fix No-video Player in AOSP gallery2d (used by default)
    New Interactive governor backported from 2.6.38 kernel (thx Nadlabak)
    New 5 points multitouch kernel Module (thx nadlabak)
    Modified 08KernelTweak--> Now it says to the system that we do not have an hdd but a flush disk! So it will move faster! ;D thx Dorimax from HD2 forum!!
    Reworked I/O e memory managment

    Fixed Backlight bug removing the CRT animations

    There will be an addon downloadable...IT MAY provoke BACKLIGHT BUG!
    If you have it, use the roll-back addon, or if you want to convive with it its ok xD BUT DO NOT COMPLAIN ANYMORE ABOUT THE BUG [​IMG]

    Made also ROm a litter Lighter in Ram, to speed things up! ;D


    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    Diskussionen zu diesem ROM bitte nur hier: froyo-mod-fuer-das-milestone.html
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 19.07.2011
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  7. sk92le, 01.08.2011 #7

    sk92le Erfahrener Benutzer

    2.9.2 Changelog

    NEW Gingerbread Text Handler in Froyo! -> see screenshot http://i52.tinypic.com/ay1zbd.png (thx Achotjan!!)
    NEW ICONS in Statusbar PowerWidget! (Beautifull [​IMG] Thx mblaster4711!)
    Included Fix WIFI
    INcluded DSI Fix v2.2 (thx nadlabak!)
    Included Fix Fro Blinking Leds
    Reworked Overscroll effect to have a more natural feeling
    Updated GoLauncher to latest release
    Reworked a little the Tweaks for I/O and kernel
    Tried also to resolve the Sleeping iussues!

    Diskussionen zu diesem ROM bitte nur hier: https://www.android-hilfe.de/forum/...ssion-froyo-mod-fuer-das-milestone.54022.html

    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
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  8. Diamond-X, 28.08.2011 #8

    Diamond-X Android-Lexikon

    2.9.3 Changelog:

    Package manager optimization
    EGL set to use HW accelleration (thx kabaldan)
    Framework optimization
    WPA Supplicant fix (thx Kabaldan)
    Updated to new kernel and modules
    Updated GoLauncher
    revised location.cfg and build.prop to reduce GPS logging, stop useless log deamon
    Rom completely batch-optipngized consume less space on disk and ram

    Download: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    Diskussionen bitte hier: https://www.android-hilfe.de/forum/...ssion-froyo-mod-fuer-das-milestone.54022.html
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 19.01.2012
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  9. Diamond-X, 19.01.2012 #9

    Diamond-X Android-Lexikon

    Froyo-Mod-Version 2.9.3 ist die letzte, da der Entwickeler 89luca89 auf Grund von Zeitnot nicht mehr daran arbeitet. Hier nachzulesen.
    wuerfel, Alosha und -FuFu- gefällt das.
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