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  1. xxderMarkusxx, 04.08.2012 #1

    xxderMarkusxx Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Ich möchte Euch hier die neue Rom von CodenameAndroid vorzustellen.
    Wie es scheint ist es nun jedoch kein Gemeinschaftsprojekt mehr sondern die Arbeit und Mühe eines Einzelnen.

    Ich habe es nun einige Tage getestet und muss sagen, dass es mich sehr überzeugt hat.


    Ich würde eine saubere Instalation empfehlen.
    1 Also alles sichern und dann schön "Wipen" was das Zeug hält.
    2 Rom flaschen
    3 Gapp flaschen
    4 Kernel flaschen (ich verwende den aktuellen AirKernel)
    5 Reboot und fertig.


    : Hier

    Alternative für den Romdownload (Version 3.4): Hier <-- Ein Dank an taette

    Die alten Gapps findet Ihr

    GApps: Hier

    GMail: Hier

    Nightlys findet Ihr HIER Und den Changelog Hier

    Hompage des Entwicklers: hier
    Nun auch mit Forum : hier
    Der Thread von den XDA ist hier

    Hinweis: Da ich meist mit anderen Dingen voll ausgelastet bin weis ich nicht ob ich diesen Thread immer so schnell wie möglich aktuell halten kann. Ich versuche es jedoch.


    Alte Logs:

    Codename Android 3.0.0 - 3.1.0 Changelog

    all builds updated with JRO03H binaries
    switched from Superuser for SuperSu
    added support for caller name display

    Galaxy Nexus: Switched to faux b19
    Nexus 7: Switched to faux kernel
    Xoom: Using Tiamat (Team Eos)

    Browser: option open tab in incognito mode (Arham Jamal)
    Browser: menu option to close all other tabs (Arham Jamal)
    Browser: added access to user agent settings
    Keyboard: ability to use the volume buttons to move the cursor (romanbb)
    PowerMenu: power menu now configurable
    Statusbar: notification counter (Stevespear426)
    Navigation bar: configurable transparency (akellar)
    Navigation bar: background now themeable (NMILTNER)
    Lockscreen: Centered lockscreen clock
    Lockscreen: Updated lockscreen target images (blunden)
    Lockscreen: lockscreen before secure unlock (Danesh M)
    Lockscreen: Option to always show lockscreen battery (Blunden)
    Info and Tools: Propmodder (Jdkoreclipse)
    Performance: Startup-tweaks (kejar, Jrummy)
    Performance: Voltage controls (kejar, Jrummy)
    Performance: Kernel controls (bluehartford)
    Performance: ability to disable the boot animation
    Settings: Hardware info in about phone (romanbb)

    crespo builds boots without kernel flash
    fixed apn settings
    fixes for the expanded volume overlay

    Codename Android 3.1.0 – 3.2.0 Changelog

    Update All Builds To JRO03L (4.1.1_r4)

    updated the apns both gsm and cdma

    removed navigation bar settings from the devices without them
    Galaxy Nexus: CNA 100 Kenel (codenamedroid)
    All kernels features included in the rom included in the kernel

    DSPManager: Added DSPManager (CyanogenMod)

    Launcher: Added Trebuchet launcher (CyanogenMod)
    DeskClock: add settings to do nothing/snooze/dismiss and alarm by flipping the device (maurodec)
    Keyboard: make keyboard letter colors themeable (NMILTNER)
    Navigation Bar: Add navigation bar color and glow time back (xoomdev)
    Lockscreen: Option to disable vibration on the lockscreen (StevenHarper)
    Lockscreen: Option to override the lockscreen timeouts (Will DeBerry)
    Bluetooth: added AVRCP to add new metadata when playing music over bluetooth (Trey Briggs)
    fix battery on the tablets

    fixed mms on neuxs s 4g
    added the tethering ability back to the nexus s 4g

    added cdmaLteServiceStateTracker fix to support simultaneous voice and data without any additional build.prop changes

    Codename Android 3.1.0 – 3.2.1 Changelog

    Hardwarekeys gefixt

    Codename Android 3.2.0 – 3.3.0 Changelog

    general: added file manager
    general: added rom about(syaoran12)
    general: ability to set a custom carrier label (Netboy)
    general: introduced a new updated version of "Screen Candy" (android screen savers - wip)
    general: added option to change the devices hostname (Cyanogen)
    camera: (CyanogenMod)
    * continuous focus
    * iso support
    * support for red eye reduction
    * ability to use power button to take pictures
    * enabled HDR feature
    statusbar: customizable clock color (Kyle Teague)
    statusbar: brightness slider (optional ability to slide finger across the status bar to set the brightness - CynogenMod)
    notification drawer: power widgets has been added to the tablets (CyanogenMod)
    lockscreen: made centered lockscreen widgets optional
    lockscreen: ability to set custom lock screen text color (Jonathan Steadman)
    navigation bar: menu unlock is now accessible to both devices with and without hardware keys
    phone: added the ability to set a custom ring delay (Netboy)
    contacts: added Facebook contacts syncing (romanbb)

    new updated Google Apps package (custom CNA formula84 4.1.1 google apps - Books and Currents are included because they are more up to date version than the ones on the market but can be disable)
    launcher now shows google branded search bar and new market icon
    made a few speed tweaks to the launcher
    added dsp manager icon back to the launcher
    down arrow now shows in place of the back software button when a keyboard is showing (stock behavior)
    "Info & tools" has grown up, been simplified, and merged into developer options (any "missing" options are already enabled, or would degrade the performance of jellybean if enabled)
    removed touch wake and high performance sound from the kernel controls menu (best of use an app for these)
    updated both the gsm and cdma apns
    updated the keyboard dictionaires

    galaxy nexus: switched to faux's 20b9 3.0.41
    nexus s: updated to air kernel r186 3.0.40

    fixed issue with frequencies not sticking on gnex and nexus7 builds
    fixed custom batteries not showing up on the Xoom tablets
    fixed galaxy nexus mms receiving on t-mobile
    fixed slow gps initialization on galaxy nexus
    fixed owner info showing up on the lock screen
    fixed facelock not showing in certain instances
    fixed issue with some music apps playing through bluetooth
    the "kill app" features has been made more intelligent, will no longer kill the launcher or foreground system apps

    [porting help] (CyanogenMod)
    added in fixes for usb
    added in extra ril support
    support for ics camera and blobs

    Codename Android 3.3.0 – 3.3.1 Changelog

    optimization tool no longer compresses resources.arsc allowing it to be read
    directly without uncompressing (makes the system run much faster and smoother)

    Display: optional landscape lockscreen on phones (Interface -> Display -> Rotation - Kelly Craft)
    Phone: End call to Home (qnhoang81)

    added arz bhatia's gradeint fix (makes most of the system apps look a 100% better) [FIX] ICS/JB Gradient Fix - Version 5.5! - [18th July 2012][BLACK Version Added!] - xda-developers

    Removed DSP Manager (caused bluetooth audio degradation)
    fixed lockscreen lag (removed optional center lockscreen for now)
    fixed issue with having to re-set the camera target on the lockscreen
    fixed maximum CPU frequency
    removed "Screen Candy" caused issues with the screen staying away while plugged in

    Codename Android 3.3.1 – 3.3.2 Changelog
    Re-add CrespoParts and Galaxy Nexus Parts (Color Changing)

    Codename Android 3.3.0 – 3.4.0 Changelog
    New Codename(Android) Wallpapers!!! (Only available on Galaxy Nexus for now - Codenamedroid, LordGarlicBread)
    Navigation Bar: Custom NavBar Ring Targets (Team Eos, modified by Codenamedroid)
    Navigation Bar: Custom Navbar color (Team Eos, modified by Codenamedroid)
    Lockscreen: Up to Eight Configurable Lockscreen Targets (Codenamedroid)
    Lockscreen: Added Optional Centered Lockscreen Layout (Codenamedroid)
    Performance: Added I/O scheduler (Marcle Bokhorst)
    DeskClock: you can now set an alarm to switch your profile (jorge ruesga)
    Phone: Added advanced phone settings (optional vib on outgoing or incoming call or every 45 seconds - CM)
    Phone: Added the option for settings the devices phone number (Pawit)
    Phone: option for national data roaming (Rdlgrmpf, LorD ClockaN)
    Mms: Added the ability to display a pop-up QuickMessage when an Sms message is received (DvTonder)
    Mms: Added Emoji patch from CM MMS app (Robert Burns)
    Settings: Added option to disable volume adjustment sound (Settings -> Sound - StevenHarper)
    Settings: Added nfc poling (sethyx)
    Settings: Updated CNA about (Added contributors and youtube)

    added HSPA+ support (shows H+ icon on status bar when connected to hspa+ - Bajee11)
    the lock screen weather will now automatically stay up to date (Daniel Bateman)
    Updated the SuperSu app

    Removed AVRCP (breaks bluetooth audio for some music apps - will revisit)
    Removed Facebook contact support (causes issue)
    Lockscreen volume controls no longer raise volume when skipping a track
    No longer shows WiMax option in the powerwidget settings if not supported
    Fixed issue with voice search icon being press-able when the search bar has been removed from the launcher
    Replaced pixelated xhdpi emoticons in the mms
    Code for the powerwidget autorotate button has been cleaned up
    Fixes and improvements to volume settings
    Re-add picotts

    Codename Android 3.4.0 – 3.4.1 Changelog

    Fixes issue with switching lockscreen layouts
    Lockscreen wallpaper now works with any layout

    Codename Android 3.4.0 – 3.5.0 Changelog

    volume panel style code has been cleaned up
    improved sending of sms messages when multiple are being sent and the same time
    cleaned up the launchers default workspace
    reboot no longer needed to change navigation bar height or width

    DeskClock: added stopwatch and countdown timer to alarm clock app (Jorge Ruesga)
    Mms: quick emoji (option to enable a button to quickly add an emoji)
    Mms: added call sender and quick reply notification actions to mms (DvTonder)
    Email: added meeting time to email invitation tab (erezak)
    Email: added option to enable/disable LED notifications per email account (apohl79)
    Bluetooth: AVRCP 1.3 (Trey Briggs)
    Phone: added advanced phone settings (andrew landsverk)
    General: long-press back to kill apps for phones with hardware keys (DaneshM)
    General: using the volume keys as a cursor is now global and can be used with any keyboard
    General: ability to add a kill all button to the recent app switcher (dagr8)
    General: add disable alarm clock icon in status bar (romanbb)
    Status bar: customizable signal and wifi text (Whitehawkx)
    Notification power widget: added a brightness slider to the power widget options
    Notification toggles: notification toggles from aokp (romanbb)
    Sound: Ability to customize action taken when connecting a headset (syaoran12)
    Sound: Face down actions (ability to customize the action taken when the phone is flipped - syaoran12)
    Performance: new cpu settings and updated voltage control in performance settings (xoomdev)
    Launcher: the launcher section in settings will now show apex or nova launcher settings if either are set to default
    added the torch app back with updated widgets

    contacts and mms are now fully themeable (B_Boy)
    Mms: Replaced some of the emojis with Android-style ones
    Lock screen: moved lock screen vibrate to screen security
    updated superSU to 0.96
    added camera launcher to the nexus 7
    added drm support for apps like hulu
    removed the file manager (the new astro makes it look like a joke)
    enabled usb otg storage support for the nexus 7
    voice dialer has been removed from the build
    mms support for umts_everest

    updated galaxy nexus kernel

    fix occasional force close of power widget torch toggle

    Codename Android 3.5.0 – 3.6.0 Changelog
    [Phones added] (Stable):
    Galaxy S3 International - i9300

    [Phones added] (Beta):
    Galaxy S3 Att
    Galaxy S3 Sprint
    Galaxy S3 T-Mobile
    Galaxy S3 US Cellular
    Galaxy S3 Verizon

    * updated AOSP base to 4.1.1_r6 (JRO03R)
    * seperated the ability to center the lock screen widgets and the lock screen targets widget
    * better performing wifi connection
    * wifi will no longer avoid poor connections if not connected to a mobile network
    * HTML 5 video user experience and stability fixes and network optimizations
    * better text rendering
    * enabled fdatasync for SQLite

    * added 720p recording support to the nexus 7 (Mark Kennard)
    * added theme, smiley, emoji, strip unicode and date support for Mms Quick Message
    * added sms over bluetooth (i.e. ability to read sms via car stereo)
    * added feature to configure wifi idle timeout (Entropy512)
    * added the ability to have up to 5 customizable ring targets (Steve Spear)
    * lockscreen widgets can now be on the right, centered, or on the left (FaultException)
    * added timer snapshot support to the camera (Jonathan Steadman)
    * added burst mode to the camera (Jared Caliendo - up to 20 pictures at a time)
    * added jpeg quality settings to the camera (Jared Caliendo)
    * added settings for enabling and disabling WebGL in the browser
    * added option for preloading media in the browser

    * better multilanguage support
    * moved ring targets feature into the navigation bar settings
    * re-organized all phone settings
    * power widget no longer shows data options if they arent supported
    * added landscape layout for the color picker

    * Updated Galaxy Nexus Kernel - Faux 21 Mainline Series
    * Updated Nexus S Kernel - Air Kernel 211

    * fixed navigation bar settings force closing on the xoom
    * fixed weird black line about Mms text feild
    * fixed small down arrow when keyboard is up and phone is in landscape
    * fixed wi-max power widget toggle
    * fixed export-to-storage function in contacts
    * bluetooth audio streaming should be fixed across all music apps and hardware
    * fixed tethering issue that was occurring on some devices
    * reverted to previous CPU Settings while preserving the new voltage settings (more universal, should fix weird issues on Nexus S)
    * automatic lock screen weather refresh will no longer cause freezes

    ** source now also build-able on Linux Mint as well in OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion
    *** CNAWallpapers will not be included as it has been rebuilt and updated for jellybean and we are still working on re-sizing them for all the different device sizes

    Codename Android 3.6.0 – 3.6.5 Changelog
    * new Codename(Android) wallpapers -
    (Codenamedroid, LordGarlicbeard, Paranoid Android)
    * custom navbar icons - (Zaphod-Beeblebrox, modified to work with CNA)
    * notification wallpaper - (xoomdev, modified to work with CNA)
    * statusbar transparency - (Paranoid Android)
    * re-added navbar color
    * added force tablet and dpi change
    (dagr8 - Settings -> Interface -> Gerneral UI)
    * added alternate signal layout
    (Zaphod-Beeblebrox - Settings -> Interface -> Status bar)
    * added IME switcher and Ring/Vibe toggle as navring target
    (Boris Bershadskiy)
    * added IME toggler as Navbar target (Boris Bershadskiy)
    * increased themeability of the statusbar (Zaphod-Beeblebrox)
    * added the advanced calulator features from cm
    * add alow mock sms to developer settings (jruesga)
    * new command line tools:
    htop, lsof, powertop, nano, vim

    korean translations (franco-c)
    czech translation (Kynio89)


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  2. xxderMarkusxx, 05.08.2012 #2

    xxderMarkusxx Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Update auf

    [ROM][4.1.1][AOSP] Codename Android 3.1.0[JB][08/05/2012]

    Starpost angepasst mit Changelog!:razz:
  3. taette, 06.08.2012 #3

    taette Erfahrener Benutzer

    wenn du schon einmal AdamG's Custom-ROM getestet hast, würdest du sagen, dass diese hier ähnlich performant und smooth ist? :)
  4. xxderMarkusxx, 06.08.2012 #4

    xxderMarkusxx Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Ja, auf jeden Fall.:thumbsup:
    taette gefällt das.
  5. da_markus, 06.08.2012 #5

    da_markus Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Hat schon jemand eine möglichkeit gefunden die Google Suchleiste auszublenden? In der ICS Vorgängerversion hat das funktioniert. Hier habe ich die Einstellung leider noch nicht gefunden.


  6. xxderMarkusxx, 06.08.2012 #6

    xxderMarkusxx Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Versuch doch mal den apex launcher. Benutze ich auch und da hast Du alle Freiheiten etwas einzustellen, auch die Suchleiste ;-)

    MFG Auch ein Markus :)

    Gesendet von meinem Nexus S mit der Android-Hilfe.de App
  7. taette, 06.08.2012 #7

    taette Erfahrener Benutzer

  8. xxderMarkusxx, 07.08.2012 #8

    xxderMarkusxx Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

  9. da_markus, 07.08.2012 #9

    da_markus Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Naja, dass es mit einem alternativen Launcher geht war mir schon klar. Aber mir ging es darum, dass es in der ICS Version auch ohne funktioniert hat.

    Warten wir mal auf die nächste Version...


  10. xxderMarkusxx, 10.08.2012 #10

    xxderMarkusxx Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Da bin ich doch mal gespannt was da kommt:

    Von CodenameAndroid über twitter:

    Codename Android (@CodenameAndroid)
    Posted Friday 10th August 2012 from Twitlonger

    I got a lot done today, however its looking like we are going to have to shoot for an early release tomorrow morning. It took a lot longer to get parts of the source uploaded because of technical issues and I dont want to skip out on testing. :( BUT trust me, the update will be MORE than worth the wait! I have a few surprises in store.

    LG Markus

    Gesendet von meinem Nexus S mit der Android-Hilfe.de App
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  11. xxderMarkusxx, 11.08.2012 #11

    xxderMarkusxx Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 11.08.2012
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  12. Scofield, 11.08.2012 #12

    Scofield Android-Experte

    Bei der neuen Version funktioniert bei mir die Menü Taste nicht sowie das lange drücken des Homebuttons.
  13. xxderMarkusxx, 11.08.2012 #13

    xxderMarkusxx Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    jep bei mir auch nicht!

    mach mal nen neustart, dann hast du in den apps (zumindest bei mms und titanium hab ich es gesehen) die softwareversion des menu knopfs)

    habe das aber auch schon im hauseigenen forum kund getan, mal sehn was da kommt.

    Halte Dich auf dem laufenden



    Der ursprüngliche Beitrag von 16:44 Uhr wurde um 16:59 Uhr ergänzt:

    Ist gefixt :thumbup:

    CodenameAndroid at 16:36 via web
    Codename Android 3.2.1 GSM Nexus S (Hardware Keys Fix) http://t.co/LvuAsmlf
    thegreat und Scofield gefällt das.
  14. Scofield, 11.08.2012 #14

    Scofield Android-Experte

    Toll, jetzt bin ich wieder zu CM zurück! :D Vielleicht dann heute Abend nochmal.

    Habe nicht nachgeguckt ob ich mit den Volume keys den Cursor bewegen kann, kannst bitte nachgucken ob es die Option in den Tastatureinstellungen oder sonst irgendwo gibt? :)

    /Habs gerade in der Featurelist gelesen. Hat sich erledigt.
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 11.08.2012
  15. xxderMarkusxx, 11.08.2012 #15

    xxderMarkusxx Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Und ich habe getestet und kann Dir sagen, das es klappt ;-)

    Gesendet von meinem Nexus S mit der Android-Hilfe.de App
  16. taette, 18.08.2012 #16

    taette Erfahrener Benutzer

    Wenn ihr jetzt die Rom testet, könntet ihr vlt später kund tun, was die Akkulaufzeit so sagt? ich komme mit der ollen JellyBelly Version immerhin auf fast 48Std Akkulaufzeit^^
  17. xxderMarkusxx, 18.08.2012 #17

    xxderMarkusxx Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Update auf

    [ROM] Codename Android 3.3.0 [JellyBean] [08/17/12

    Startpost angepasst :flapper:

    Der ursprüngliche Beitrag von 08:23 Uhr wurde um 08:26 Uhr ergänzt:

    Ich mach mir gerade die neue Version drauf, dann werde ich mal darauf achten und auch berichten :rolleyes2:.

    Mein Eindruck bisher mit 3.2.1 ist das 48 std. Akkulaufzeit kein Problem ist.
    -Je nachdem was man so macht-:smile:


    taette gefällt das.
  18. taette, 18.08.2012 #18

    taette Erfahrener Benutzer

    Alles klar :) Dankesehr ich konnte es schon garnicht mehr abwarten
    und habe deswegen gerade die Dateien runtergeladen,
    aber was für nen grausiger Downloadmirror es hat Ewigkeiten gedauert,
    hier ich habe die Daten direkt bei zippyshare hochgeladen.
    vlt hält ja einige Leute lediglich die lange Wartezeit davon ab, die Rom zu testen:

    ROM: Codename-Android-3.3.0-NS.zip

    GAPPS: CNA-Formula84-gapps-jb-20120817-JRO03C.zip
    blur gefällt das.
  19. Scofield, 19.08.2012 #19

    Scofield Android-Experte

    An sich ist die Rom ganz gut, leider muss der Launcher bei mir sehr oft neuladen, hatte ich soweit ich weiß bei anderen JB Roms nicht.

    Gesendet von meinem Nexus S mit Tapatalk 2
  20. taette, 19.08.2012 #20

    taette Erfahrener Benutzer

    Also bei mir ist noch kein Fehler aufgetreten es läuft wirklich sehr rund. Keine Hänger oder sonst irgendwas. Lediglich die fehlende GMail.apk nervt ein wenig und das ich sie bis jetzt noch nicht finden konnte. :p

    Gesendet von unterwegs
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