Ace of Spades V3

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Ace Of Spades
by Trent Turvey

The speed of the rom is NOT due to overclocking or modifying the kernel
It's due to the optimization of the management, all that makes it faster is the fact that it can chew through applications better and faster
from the tweak of the management. Overclocking physically changes the speed of the processor.

Thankyou for my donations!!!!!!!!!!!
Note: I do special, private releases for donators.

Donation list:
Aldebaran de Touro
Aledro Sanchez
Thomas Kert


Ace Of Spades is one of the highly preferred android systems.

Read the how-to or else you'll think the rom is playing up on first boot!

This System is designed for

1. Speed
2. Super Stability
3. Customization
4. General Use
5. Battery Performance

I've spent weeks, months purely modifying the system for performance whilst having the best battery life. I can guarantee the speed and the battery at the same time will impress.

This release has a blue over glow effect, Ice Cream Sandwich icons/animations and the Ice Cream Sandwich Status Bar. The backgrounds when in apps (Like gallery, contacts, settings etc.) are transparent.

I've added A2SD and I've included the A2SDGUI App in the ROM.

This rom is so highly customizable and stable, I've never used anyone else's rom for general use, I started developing roms so i could have a stable rom whilst being fast and efficient for social networking, gaming etc.

The System has an ultimate edit of the blackhawk kernel implemented into the rom. I have my own edits of the libs and files which all work together to make one stable, high quality system. I've based the System on 2.3.7, I've compiled the system directly from cyanogenmod github (It's pure cyanogenmod, No edit of anyone else's rom)

This is how I'll be doing it, I'll have three versions of each release

Yes, This version DOES have the CyanogenMod libaudio file ported by me, try the sound.. you'll notice it.

Overall, this rom is the best AOS release ever (well, from my experience)

ANY requests/issues regarding the rom, post below and I'll help you out, keep in mind that I'm only 16 years old and i have other commitments too! I'm customizing roms for YOU. So no hard criticism :)


You need ClockWorkMod installed

Reboot into ClockWorkMod Recovery, wipe data, wipe cache

Flash the .zip from the Downloads section (below) from clockwork recovery.

Reboot your phone (first boot will take some time, reboot twice for optimal performance)

Listen carefully! LET the rom do its thing when you install it, it'll reboot a couple of times (This is my script finalizing) It'll work like normal after the first boot.



V1 and V2 links will be posted soon ....

Latest Version V3

Ace-Of-Spades-V3 by Trent

Fix to make BLN work :
flash this zip file in CMW and don't forget to make a nandroid backup just to be on safe side.​

Click here to download fix


Ambitioniertes Mitglied
Nett, hat das schon jemand installiert und Erfahrungen damit gesammelt ???


Ambitioniertes Mitglied
octok schrieb:
Nett, hat das schon jemand installiert und Erfahrungen damit gesammelt ???
ich habs momentan drauf und ich find das rom supi :3

schnell & battery life is auch gut :3


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Soweit so gut :)
Wenn ich SMS schreiben will im Querformat, dann zeigt es die Zeichen nicht an, die ich tippe. Wenn ich dann im Hochformat drehe, dann sehe ich, was ich geschrieben habe.

Ist es eigendlich generell so, dass man in den CyanogenMod-Roms keine Kontaktgruppen (Familie, Freunde, Arbeit) zusammenfassen kann? Oder kann man das noch irgendwo einstellen?

Sonst konnte ich noch nichts feststellen. Läuft super.

SG Ace Tom

ich frag mich gerade, warum das beim status bei wlan,gps,.. grün blieb, schaut irgendwie nicht schön aus :/


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Habe die Rom jetzt auch mal draufgespielt. Habe aber das Problem das sich bei jedem einschalten des Wlan die MAC Adresse ändert.
Kann das jemand bestätigen ?

SG Ace Tom

das ist inzwischen sehr bekannter bug
wenn in xda kein wlan patch zum download für die rom dabei ist, siehts schlecht aus :/
du kannst ja mal den kernel flashen der ziemlich weit unten hier im verlinkt ist
cwm app öffnen --> flash a kernel --> auswählen --> bestätigen --> fertig
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