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Okey just did some reorganisation to get this post a little bit cleaner.
If you have Siyah Kernel older than 2.4.2, use "2.2 Beta 16", else use the Version that matches your used kernel best, ie if you use Siyah 2.5.2(b/p) or 2.5 GT take init.d Gen 2.5 and so on.
SE stands for Second Edition and should be preferred, but you are free to take the version you like.

A new tutorial and updated pics will come with 2.6

Thanks to gokhanmoral for the best kernel ever and helping me via pm!
Thanks to droidphile for this epic manual!
[REF][&Tweaks] Kernel Governors, Modules, I/O Schedulers & CPU Tweaks: Siyah & Others - xda-developers
Read it first for a better understanding of the values.

2.6 (not released yet):
Excluded charging currents (not needed)
Added a handfull of new options:
- deepsleep cpu and bus level
- second core sample settings (rate 2nd core on, off, screen off)
- smooth scaling parameters
- added AFTR settings

2.5 SE:
Added lulzactive samplerate settings

Added touchscreen threshold

2.4.2 SE
Added delay function (the script will delay for a choosen amount of seconds before execution)
Added governordepending settings (sampling rate, up/downscale thresholds etc)
Added function to pull bootscript from phone to hard disk

Updated to new default values.
Excluded "insmod/non insmod/legacy"-modes, insmodding will be included as needed by 2.4.2 Kernel

2.2 Beta 16 SE:
Exchanged "2.2 Beta 16 mode" with "always insmod mode"

2.2 Beta 16:
Improved including options
Added Siyah 2.2 Beta 16 referring insmod-settings
Added possibility to activate bootscript without restarting the phone
Added possibility to import settings from existing bootscript

Beta 2.2:
Included 2nd core thresholds for screen on and screen off
Included 2nd core loadbalancing (sched_mc)
Included displaysettings (min backlight and max gamma)
Change permission after pushing script to phone

Beta 2.1:
Possibility to include only selected tabs to the created script

Beta 2:
Added ADB to the package
Possibility to push script directly to phone via ADB

CPU frequencies and voltages
Minimum/Maximum frequency used by governor
GPU frequencies and voltages
IO scheduler
Static busspeeds
Charging currents
Possibility to create and save script on harddisk
(Quelle: XDA)

Ich weiß nicht in wie fern der Dev hier aktiv ist oder gar angemeldet ist. Das Programm ist, meiner Meinung nach, wirklich hilfreich da es einem erfolgicht ein init.d Script zu erzeugen um den Siyah Kernel zu tunen. Hierbei sei erwähnt das es Dinge einstellen kann die über Voltage Control so nicht einstellbar sind.

Testen auf eigene Gefahr, sollte euer System nicht mehr durch starten solltet ihr im CWM per adb shell das ganze wieder löschen.

init d Gen 2.5 SE
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