Resurrection Remix v5.6.3 [2016/02/20] Android [6.0.1_r13]

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Diskutiere Resurrection Remix v5.6.3 [2016/02/20] Android [6.0.1_r13] im Custom-ROMs für Sony Xperia Z1 Compact im Bereich Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für Sony Xperia Z1 Compact.


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Hi Leute,

die Cm 13 Entwicklung nimmt langsam Gestallt an.

Simkarte und Kamera werden noch nicht unterstützt!

Link Rom: | by OmarEinea for Xperia Z1 Compact

Link Gapps: downloads for -Android- Generic Device by dankoman | | Download GApps, PA GApps, Roms, Kernels, Themes, Firmware and more. Free file hosting for all Android developers


Android Marshmallow 6.0.1_r10 > 6.0.1_r13
FWB: Status bar header font style
FWB: Even more fonts to LS clock
Hide Lockscreen clock & date
FWB: Notification Header Customizations
SystemUI : 3G Icon Instead Of H+ Switch
Custom header: Add shadow to more TextViews
QS: Selinux Switch Tile
QS: App picker Tile
RR logo Location
Breathing SMS
SystemUI: Double tap to sleep anywhere on the lock screen
NavBar: Add Some More Buttons [ camera,Screenshot,Kill Task, Pie,Torch,RR config,App picker, screenrecord, Immersive Mode]
SystemUI: HeadsUp whitelists
SystemUI: HeadsUp blacklists
HW keys tweaks
FBW: Add DancingScript / ComingSoon / NotoSerif to Statusbar Temp
FBW: Add DancingScript / ComingSoon / NotoSerif to Statusbar Clock
Make task manager button themeable
Hide arrows in network traffic indicators
Qs : Improve Navbar Tile Logic
SystemUI: handle when brightness slider is hidden
SystemUI: don't add already attached qs tile pages
SystemUI: smoother tile transitions when moving to 1st row
SystemUI: improve tile caching mechanism
Lockscreen fonts: set correct default value
Make lights out mode of navigation bar consistent to normal mode.
SettingsProvider : Don't replay aosp defaults every boot
aapt: add check for untranslatable "string array"s
pm: Fix ordering of parameters for sendPackageBroadcast.
allow priveleged phone state permission to be whitelisted
SystemUI: disable editing tiles while in lock screen
Clean Up QSpanel
SystemUI: make sure to expand all the way when flinging
SystemUI: initialize drag panel with proper column count
IMS: Add Ims reason info codes for supplementary service failures
IMS: Fix video call forwarding options issue
Add mapping string for call reject cause code 26.
SysUI: Listen for changes to LIVE_LOCK_SCREEN_ENABLED
SystemUI: Don't update if HeadsUp is disabled
Intent: Fix a NPE on readFromParcel
SettingsProvider: Add missing INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL permission
Taskmanager: Reduce Logging
Flip to Mute/Reject Call
SystemUI: add better hints when trying to delete edit tile
SeekBarVolumizer : Disable notification volume if RINGER_MODE_VIBRATE
Partially revert 'SOFTAP: implement SOFTAP new requirement in framewo
ZenMode : Update defaults for CTSVerifier
Tethering: Fix number of device connected
am: Don't take down activity process if target intent component is null.
Themes: Fix CMSetupWizard package name in ThemeService
Themes: def theme package is defined in CMSettings
Add keylayout for Xbox One controller
SystemUI: Don't update if HeadsUp is disabled
SystemUI: make online cpu color green for cpu overlay
Don't reuse weather controller before it's changed
Wifi tile: don't set items visible from non ui thread
SystemUI: fix contracting qs settings page
SystemUI: visually disable EditTile in lock screen
add routing for explicit call transfer
Battery: Show battery fully charged notification
Fix pattern visibility settings
Alarm: add missing closedir after opendir when searching for RTC
String update, change wording from "Mobile" to "Cellular"
Frameworks: Restart last task if last task is dead
SystemUI: Allow clearing recents tasks within recents button
Frameworks: Lockscreen blur fix & tweak
fw: Make sure to get the actual ringtone uri per subId.
nms: Actually allow smsRingtone to work.
SystemUI : Show create profile if user doesn't have one setup
Tethering: Turn off Wi Fi Hotspot after inactivity
SELinuxTile: use runShellCommand instead of runSuCommand for getenforce
am: Handle potential NPE when activity info can't be resolved.
SystemUI: nuke broadcast tile from user tile list
base: fix window bounds for left hand navigationbar
SystemUI: add flashlight notification reminder
Themes: Process applied themes before boot finishes
Add FDN enabled related API
Themes: Get default theme from CMSettings
SysUI: Make sure LLS is enabled after inflation
Fix lockscreen disabling for MSIM.
SystemUI: update keyguard state when profiles disable keyguard
SystemUI: prompt for SIM PIN if lockscreen is disabled
systemui: notify everyone that lockscreen is not going to be shown
Profiles: Disable lock screen after boot
The DUT can't screen shot in guest mode
DocumentsUI: Expose appbar elevation value.
pm: Allow fall through for protected apps validator activity.
GlobalActions: Use circular user avatars
LiveDisplayTile : Update entries on locale changes
livedisplay: remove user hint notification when clicked
GlobalActions: Fix setting ringer mode in global actions
lights: Automatically generate an LED color for notifications
Remove leftover power menu profile resources
settings: Add preference for automagic LED colors
Settings: blacklist: update iconography
Fingerprint: do not error out when stopping to listen
ProtectedApps: add up navigation and fix action bar icons
All updates and Fixed From CM
Improved Translations
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Mefisto schrieb:
Hi Leute,

die Cm 13 Entwicklung nimmt langsam Gestallt an. In den nächsten Tagen dürfte die ersten Builds von RR veröffentlicht werden, basierend auf dem letzten Android 6.0.1 r3 und CyanogenMod 13.

Link Rom: FOLGT
Wird sehnsüchtig erwartet


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Ich bin sehr gespannt. Aber jedes mal vermisse ich bei RR meine DRM keys und somit die gute Kamera.


Und hat sich inzwischen was getan?


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RR war schon auf meinem Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE hammergeil..... (stand damals mit dem DEV in Kontakt bei XDA).....aber nun
AUCH AUF DEM Z1 Compact D5503 wäre ja echt der Knaller!

Aber was soll ich sagen, ich warte bis aus den Kinderschuhen fette Erwachsenenstiefel geworden sind.

Doch der Wunsch das alles funzt liegt sehr nahe. ;-)

Gruss aus Stralsund an der Waterkant @ Eastsea