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  1. appzoon, 26.02.2012 #1

    appzoon Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    Hello from Spain!
    I have released my first app, it is a guide for the UEFA Euro 2012 that will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine this summer.
    The market link is:

    Well, it is available in Spanish, Portuguese, English and Polish, and I would like to translate it also to German because I have realised reviewing my app stats that German is the first language without own translation in terms of my app's downloads.

    I really hate Google's artificial translations, so, Are any of you willing to help me and translate the description of the app? It's just this text:

    Complete guide for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship that will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine between 8 June and 1 July 2012.
    With this guide, you will have easy access to the Euro 2012 schedule, including all the games and their updated results.
    It will provide the players list for each team as soon as they will be selected by the managers.
    This guide also provides info about the venues, host cities and their stadiums.
    It is also included the list of named referees for this tournament and a complete list of all host cities, winners and runners-up of all European tournaments since 1960.
    The best application for being informed about the Euro 2012! Free!

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. trk, 27.02.2012 #2

    trk Android-Lexikon

    Kompletter "Leitfaden" für die UEFA Europameisterschaft 2012 die vom 08. Juni ibs 1. Juli 2012 in Polen und der Ukraine ausgetragen wird.

    Dieser "Leitfaden" verschafft Dir eine Übersicht über den Spielplan der EURO 2012 inkl. aller Spiele und Updates der Ergebnisse.

    Es gibt eine Spielerliste für jedes Team sobald diese von den Trainern nominiert wurden.
    Dieser "Leitfaden" gibt Dir ausserdem Infos über die Autragungsorte und ihre Stadien.
    Ausserdem beinhaltet der "Leitfaden" eine Liste der Schiedsrichter dieser Veranstaltung und eine komplette Liste aller Austragungsorte, Europameister sowie Vize-Meister aller Europameisterschaften seit 1960.
    Die beste App um bei der Euro 2012 auf dem laufenden zu bleiben !

    "Leitfaden" isnt perfect for "Guide", maybe somebody has a better idea for that :)

    venues and host cities are the same !?
    At least i understand both as the city where the matches take place ?
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  3. sinus61, 27.02.2012 #3

    sinus61 Android-Experte

    Ich denke mit venues sind die Stadien gemeint.

    Sport venue - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  4. appzoon, 27.02.2012 #4

    appzoon Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    Well, I think venue is a more generic word, i mean, stadium is a thing with grass, seats, spotlights, a place for sports... and venue is the place where an event is hold, maybe a stadium, a theatre, a full city...
    I'm not an expert with english at all, but my intention was: A venue is composed by a city name and its stadium.

    Danke! :thumbsup:
  5. Missie, 27.02.2012 #5

    Missie Gast

  6. trk, 27.02.2012 #6

    trk Android-Lexikon

    blue = changes :)
  7. appzoon, 05.03.2012 #7

    appzoon Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

  8. appzoon, 09.03.2014 #8

    appzoon Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    Hello again!
    I would like to reopen this thread with another suggestion.
    Related to this, I have reused the core of the app and I have launched a guide for the Brazil 2014 World Cup. It has new functionalities like the players Twitters timeline inside the app or the messages board:


    As well as with my other app, I would like to show it to all of you, and if someone would like to translate the following text to german, I would be very grateful. Of course if you want me to translate your app description to native spanish, I would be able to do it too. Win-to-Win ;)
    Thanks in advance! This is the text:
    Complete guide for enjoying the 2014 FIFA Football World Cup to be held in Brazil between 12 June and 13 July 2014.
    You will have easy access to updated info about the World Cup schedule, as well as live results and scorers of every game.
    It shows the current squad of each team, updated when the official lists will be published. For each team it shows info about the players, with a new feature, you will be able to see the players timelines in Twitter! without needing to leave the app.
    This guide also provides info about the venues (host cities and their stadiums) and the list of named refereees.
    The stats section has been improved, showing the classic list of winners and runners-up of all World Cup editions, but also showing a comprehensive list of team results by tournament for all World Cup editions since 1930, and also a World Cup all-time top goalscorers list.
    New feature: in the bottom bar of all sections, messages from other users around the world will appear. So, you will be able to comment and debate on this amazing championship with users from all over the world.
    This application is totally free, but for ensuring quality of users messages, it has enabled the in-app billing feature, like TV shows, for adding a message that will be shown to all our users around the world, it is needed to perform a micropayment, but it is absolutely optional.
    We provide to our users with a debate forum for enjoying even more the Football World Cup.
    Send your own message which will be displayed in the bottom bar of all our app sections, in all our users devices. Like the TV programs message service. Sounds good, right?
    For only 0.50€, you will be able to send your name or nick, and your 160 chars message. Your country will be automatically added too. The message will be displayed worldwide among other messages, at least during 12 hours after been sent, but it can be shown during more time depending on demand.
    If due to an error your message is not published, don't worry, your money will be reimbursed. If the message is deleted by our team, due to offensive, illegal or malicious material, your money will not be reimbursed.
  9. email.filtering, 10.03.2014 #9

    email.filtering Gast

    We are pleased to welcome you here in this forum, the world's most popular Internet platform of the German speaking Android community!

    Therefore, according to our rules, all contributions have to be written in German language! Hence, if you are not able to write in German, please use a translator (e.g. such as those of Google and many others). Adding the text in English is desirable, because it allows the avoidance of misunderstandings / errors due to lack of language skills and / or poor translations.

    In case of problems related to the forum please contact one of the team members.
  10. appzoon, 11.03.2014 #10

    appzoon Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    Lassen Sie aktualisieren den Deal, wenn man bedenkt, die Foren-Regeln :winki:
    Ich schreibe aus Spanien, aufgrund Forum Regeln, die ich in Deutsch schreiben, wird dieser automatisch von einem Übersetzer übersetzt, sorry.
    Wir alle hassen automatische Google Übersetzung, sie den Ruf der Anwendungen im Play Store beeinflussen.
    Ich biete Ihnen einen Deal. Wer von euch übersetzen meine App-Beschreibung (ca. 350 Wörter) zu Deutsch, und ich Muttersprache Spanisch Beschreibung der App übersetzen. Es ist eine Win-to-Win;)
    Wer Interesse hat?

    Let's update the deal, keeping in mind the forum rules: :winki:
    I am writing from Spain, due to forum rules I write in Deutsch, this is automatically translated by a translator, sorry.
    We all hate automatic Google translations, they affect the reputation of the applications in the Play Store.
    I offer to you a deal. Anyone of you translate my app description (about 350 words) to Deutsch, and I translate to native Spanish your app's description. It's a win-to-win ;)
    Anyone interested?
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