[TUT] Jay-Tech PA762 4.2.2 RK30x?

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Guten Tag,
Auf diesem wege möchte ich euch das Rooten des Jaytech`s Tablet ermöglichen.
Die Anleitung habe ich selber erstellt da ich selber das Tablet habe und nun seit 8 stunden ist es gerootet. :D
Das Tablet besitzt 512MB RAM

V1-> not working perfectly
V2-> AdF.ly - shrink your URLs and get paid!
V3-> testing. Update is Comming soon.

Entweder alles runterladen oder die unten stehende Anleitung* befolgen.
(*Sie ist in Englisch! wurde in Deutsch geschrieben und mit Google-Übersetzer Übersetzt. )

!!!!!Lock at Taskmanger and kill the adb.exe before! and after! the Root !!!!!
!!!!!PRESS ONLY ROOT !!!!!
!!!!!When you will support the Developer then donate him !!!!!
!!!!!Check if you have Android 4.2.2 !!!!!

1. Go in the Settings -> Developersettings -> USB-Debbuging -> Activate.

2. Connect the Tablet to internet via wifi (its the only way the go in the internet with this Tab ;-) )

3. Now Connect the Tablet with your Windows device and install the ADB Driver* (I have doit under W7 X64)

3. Start from the folder SuperOneClickv2.3.3-ShortFuse Modded The SuperOneClick.exe with Admin

4. Wait a moment (5-10 sec...), and then press Root. please ! only Root! Not More

5. Search on the Homescreen from the Jay-Tech 762 Tab the app Superuser

6. Start the App and follow the instrucions !

7. And now, the Jay-Tech 762 Tablet is Rooted. Have fun :)



Once the connection has been established between Tablet and Windows computer, Windows reports that a driver must be installed.
No reason to worry. Typing the Windows key or just click on the Windows logo at the bottom of the bar.
Then just type device manager, and press Enter or click on the desired. (Should normally be an application.)
Now a new window should open and several things should be seen.
It is important for us only what is at the top: Other devices (Should be yellow background) to other
devices themselves should be: TPC-PA762. Everything OK! :)
Now press the right mouse button on unknown device and select: install driver software.
Now in turn would have yet another window. Click here now to: Browse my computer for driver software.
Then clicks: Select from a list of device drivers on my computer. Then to: see all devices and bottom
right of the window, click Continue. Now click on disk and in the next window opens, click Browse.
Now you must specify the path from the extracted folder, normally of the "seeker" is in the System32 folder.
Click on it and then click on your user name (For those who do not know where this is..
Between libraries and Homegroup In between your users should be and these need to click her also)
Then on Downloads and goes into the folder Jaytech 762 ROOT.Unten right of the window then click Open.
Then in turn on SuperOneClickv2.3.3-Shortfuse Modded. Then also wiederrum Open. Now on Drivers, and also again open.
Then click on the file and goes android_winusb.inf bottom right Open. Now you should be back window at Lesser.
Now click on OK. Now Smaller Closes the window and the main window is again in the foreground.
Now lets look at model 3x Android. So once Android ADB Interface, Android Bootloader Interface and Android Composite ADB Interface.
We now click on Android ADB Interface and then aud on. now a window should open in this window and we just click on YES.
Now nor should one come where we click: Install this driver software anyway.
Now Windows will install the drivers for the Tablet which just now is in the ADB mode.
Finally, it should be there: The driver software has been successfully aktualiesiert.
The window we can now close by going on the bottom right, click Close. That was it.
The driver of Tablet`s have been installed and we can do with the instructions on.


v1 Device Rooted with old SU Binary.. cant updating

v2 Device Rooted with new SU Binary and Chainfire Superuser apk

*v3 Update is Comming with Complete new Chainfire Superuser apk*

*I am testing tomorow the new package. The v2 works and on the Root Checker have i complete Root Acces.

And now I go to sleep;) After nearly 15 hours before the Tablet. 00:45


Credits by testgamer1911 for the TUT!, I have all Translattet with Google .. My English is not so good. :).
THX TO iNYhmDDz for the One-Click-Root ! NICE WORK !!!

Have Fun