Gearbottle - Find Streetwear Even Easier!

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Diskutiere Gearbottle - Find Streetwear Even Easier! im Karten und Navigation im Bereich Android Apps und Spiele.


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dies ist kein spam, sondern ein press release, das mir von den entwicklern für meine eigene website geschickt wurde!

Gearbottle has officially released the world’s first streetwear locator on the Android market. This phone application will assist streetwear and sneaker enthusiast with locating shops where ever they are in the world by searching with city, state or zip code.

In 2010 Gearbottle was conceived right in the streets of SoHo, NYC after leaving the sneaker convention known as Dunk X Change. While walking up and down Greene Street searching for Flight Club two friends were unable to locate this world famous sneaker store. After eventually giving up in finding the store the pair began to brainstorm a solution for everyone who has traveled to a different city and were unable to locate streetwear and sneaker shops. This solution was Gearbottle the world’s first streetwear/sneaker boutique search engine.

The search database consists of a variety of stores from the one-off hidden brick and mortar shops, to the more recognized chain stores. Whether you are on vacation in a new city wondering where the exclusive shops are, looking for that shop you’ve heard of but could never find, or just want to see what’s out there, just search, find your spot, and get your fresh.

The Android application will allow users to search with city, state or zip code, but it also allows its users to push on any address for directions to that shop from wherever their standing on the earth! Simply search “Gearbottle” on the Android market, and allow this application to make your shopping experience easier. IPHONE users can except the application within the next month as well!
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