DorimanX 11.0 b039 (BETA)
- Fixes to zzmoove profiles
- Merged a few of missing and recent updates from CM13
- Changed config_hz to 300 (from 250) - This should give a small boost in interactivity with no cost in battery life
- sched.h: Changed LOAD_FREQ calculation
- UBER builds are now being built with latest UBER 6.1 with Cortex-A9 optimizations - I forgot to change the UBER version string from 6.0.0 to 6.1.0, but you can just look at GCC version for proof :)

Build b039 is out!

While my studies have been going well and exams are just around the corner, I have also been extensively testing recent changes to this kernel.

This build features changes to the kernel tick rate hz (changed to 300 from 250), which should give a slight performance boost. UBER toolchain got updated to GCC 6.1, this time I'm compiling it myself with cortex-a9 optimizations compared to the generic toolchain I have been always using. zzmoove got a few profile fixes and I merged some security fixes from CM. As always, let me know of any issues, but since I have exams coming up, I may not be able to debug any logs.

Happy flashing! gsstudios

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Die Kernel von gsstudio sind nach wie vor nur für CM ROMs richtig? Hätte eben fast den neuen Beta auf Slim geflasht.
Ja der LP-Kernel ist nur für CM12.1. Für die Slim könntest du ja mal den von arnab seiner Dirty Unicorns versuchen.

Gruß Nick Knight
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DorimanX 11.0 b041 (BETA)
- Switched to self-built Cortex-A9 optimized Linaro 4.9 toolchain from Cl3Kener's sources - Includes latest fixes and changes from Linaro. Linaro 4.9 is the sweet spot for our device :)
- Add TRIM function to stweaks and other TRIM related fixes from @chhapil's initramfs
- VM parameters have been tuned again - Now it matches Dori G2 LP values for better balance between performance and stability
- Increased swappiness to 40% - This should help prevent RAM drain under heavy load
- Updated UBER toolchain with latest changes
- Full tuneup to LMK profiles synced with Dori's G2 kernel. New optimized profile. Low profile removed - RAM management is now very aggressive and will not allow kernel to have less than 200MB of RAM
- Fixed incorrect file permissions for lowmemorykiller minfree and adj files
- Entropy tuned for better performance. Kernel will now tune entropy on boot.
- General stability fixes
- Your profiles will be reset after flashing this build!

Build b041 is out!

I have done many tweaks to VM settings. LMK profiles are now fully synced with Dori's G2 kernel, this means that RAM management is now very aggressive and should be able to kept free RAM over 200MB. Swappiness was increased to 40% because we need as much free RAM as possible. I have included a TRIM button in stweaks thanks to chhapil.

Other changes include general stability fixes and updated toolchains. See changelogs for full list of changes.

Happy flashing! gsstudios

P.S: You probably won't see me until after my exams.

Hab ihm auch mal geschrieben, wann es denn nun etwas mit dem Kernel für CM13.0 wird:
Please don't get me wrong, I admire your continuous work for the oldie but goldie S2, but why do you still put so much work into the development of the LP kernel instead of MM?

The development of CM12.1 and derivates stopped already a long time ago ;)
A MM Dorimanx would be a big blessing because until now it is not possible to use SuperSU on CM13.0 so a 12.0 b001 would be awesome after your exams, what do you think? And no, I don't ask for any ETAs

regards and good luck for your exams

Und hier die Antwort:

Und der Grund wieso es beim Kernel für CM13.0 derzeit nicht weitergeht:
Android Marshmallow Support · Issue #21 · gsstudios/initramfs3 · GitHub

Auf seinem Github schreibt er "Hilfe erwünscht", wen könnte man da mal drauf ansetzen @Nick Knight ?

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Neue Beta ist da !

DorimanX 11.0 b042 (BETA) - END OF LIFE

  • Merged several broadcom wifi security fixes
Release DorimanX 11.0 b042 · gsstudios/Dorimanx-SG2-I9100-Kernel · GitHub

Post von gsstudios auf XDA:

Build b042 is out!

Following from one of my previous posts, after I released b041 earlier today, I discovered that the kernel was unpatched from vulnerabilities in the wifi driver. If you have been following the android security bulletins, more issues were found this month.

This release aims to solve these vulnerabilities. No other changes were made. I will now retire development for the LP branch so I can prepare for MM in the future.

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Honestly @gsstudios,
It's hard to believe that. I read so many times about a final build here, that I would really recommend you one thing: good luck for your exams and try to focus on them now. Because that is one thing you need to do for you and your real life now. Don't feel obliged to fix anything in case you realize new issues. CM12 users have plenty of builds to choose from already. Your exams will remain unique for your future. You can't fix them later once you blast them.
So after achieving excellent results in your exams, feel very welcomed again to contribute again with your kernel builds, no matter for which platform. (OK, personally I would love to have some more alternatives for CM13, but do whatever you feel called to.)
And thanks for all the work you done already.

Oh mann bin ich blöd...
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Es gibt einen neuen Kernel (v12.xx), der wohl schon auf CM13.0 basiert, dort allerdings derzeit noch nicht bootet, ist demnach aktuell nur für LP, muss man nicht verstehen:

DorimanX 12.0 b001 has been released!

Please note that this build only supports LP, but future releases will have MM support.

Although CM13 ramdisk is present in the kernel, it will be stuck on android is starting screen so please do not run the kernel on CM13!

There were many changes done to this kernel, most of which were done by realex-fire. A lot of missing changes were merged from CM, Mali video driver got updated, our init system got reworked, kernel size has been reduced and many other changes (see changelogs).

I have tested the kernel for a few days now and it has been very stable, kernel runs smoother and faster than ever before.

Happy Flashing! - gsstudios

DorimanX 12.0 b001 (BETA)
CM13 is not supported yet, only CM12.1 support for now!
Most of the changes were done by realex-fire. Big thanks for his contribution
- Many changes from CM have been merged
- Major rework of init and ramdisk - Bugs fixes, a lot of unused code deleted. Kernel size reduced!
- Mali driver updated (CM12.1 will still work)
- General fixes and performance improvements
- UBER toolchain updated

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Es geht voran, sieht so aus als würden wir bald doch noch einen Dorimanx für MM sehen:


Wenn es soweit ist werde ich mein S2 mal auf die neuste CM13.0 von Markox89 updaten, auch, wenn es inzwischen nur noch mein Backup Gerät ist.

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schon mit der Beta 2 ist der MM-Support auch drin.
Jetzt aber Freiwillige vor!
I am excited to announce DorimanX 12.0 b002, now with CM13 support!!!

We've been working endlessly on this kernel to get it working on CM13 and now we have a working kernel! Many thanks to Realex-fire for helping me.

I have tested this kernel on CM13 for some time now and it has been stable. I still need to test if every feature is working correctly, but so far it is working fine.

If you've installed BLN-MOD, make sure to change the settings back to default and remove synapse otherwise hardware buttons will always stay on until you switch off the screen.

Selinux is now enabled and set to permissive by default. Wifi driver was updated to 1.141.44, let me know if you experience any issues with wifi. VPN has been fixed (tested on MM using Hola VPN and Hotspot Shield).

We haven't forgotten about CM12.1 users, CM12.1 users will also get the benefits of the CM13 changes as well. And yes, this is CM12.1 and CM13 support from the one kernel!

There were many other improvements, too many to list (see changelogs).

Happy flashing! - gsstudios
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Hat sich schon wer gewagt den DorimanX 12.0 b002, oder b003 zu flashen?
Beide MM Kernel laufen bei mir in der Linaro Version bis jetzt so gut wie der von Skyline, halt nur wieder mit meinen gewohnten Tweaks.
Mein Daily läuft ja immer noch auf CM12.1 letzte offizielle Nightly und dem v11.0.b042 Linaro, unglaublich gute Standarteinstellung, für Unerfahrene der beste LP-Kernel. Okay es gibt Trebuche Probleme, aber wer nutzt schon den Standartlauncher, ich liebe den Next3D unschlagbar in Punkto Augenweide, und Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten.
Neue Build:

DorimanX 12.0 b004 (BETA)
- Fixed mass storage mount on LP
- Full support for F2FS partitions - error log still may show on boot, but can be safely ignored
- Updated exfat modules from Dorimanx's source
- Added and enabled temperature export for zzmoove
- Changed the default hotplug method for zzmoove to Alucard. Force native zzmoove hotplug disabled - Intelliplug doesn't hotplug for zzmoove, only Alucard works.

DorimanX 12.0 b004 has been released!

There were some exciting changes in this build. We now have advanced support for F2FS mounting, so the kernel script should now properly maintain your F2FS partitions. I have tested F2FS on my /data and /cache partitions and it has been stable so far. You can try it out if you want to experiment with it, otherwise I would still recommend using ext4 anyway. Note: You may get file system error popups on boot. You can safely ignore these as it will only complain about your partitions not being formatted as ext4.

Exfat got updated to the latest DorimanX sources. I have changed the default hotplug method for zzmoove to alucard and disabled zzmoove native hotplug to prevent conflicting hotplugging. Temperature export support was also added to zzmoove to support temperature specific features.

Lastly, mass storage USB mount has been fixed for LP as the previous fix only worked on android marshmallow.

Happy flashing! - gsstudios

Derzeit läuft xposed übrigens noch nicht in Verbindung mit dem MM Dorimanx, gsstudios versucht das aber noch zu fixen.

Zuletzt bearbeitet:
Wie sieht es mit dem AICO Rom(MM) aus?
Kann man den Kernel damit flashen?
Unterstützt der Dorimanx 12.0 xxx das ext4 Format, oder muss man formatieren - auf was und wie?
Muss man die Synapse.apk wegen BLN deinstallieren?
Synapse so wie der BLN-MOD muss deinstalliert werden.
Das mit ext4 solltest du mal spezifizieren, denn das ist Standart für Cache, Data, System, Preload und ob er die SD Karten in dem Dateiformat unterstützt, musst du testen.

Gruß Nick Knight
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Ja, mein System ist auf Standart ext4 formatiert! Beim Pit flashen damals, ist die sdcard0 auf vfat formatiert worden!
chris1995 schrieb:
Wie sieht es mit dem AICO Rom(MM) aus?
Kann man den Kernel damit flashen?
Ich denke du meinst AICP ;)
Sollte funktionieren, da die AICP ja auf CM13.0 aufbaut.

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Ups ja
Stimmt habs ausprobiert,
SuperSu macht keine Probleme sowie xposed

Nur die Akkulaufzeit find ich noch schlecht fast jede Minute = 1%
Neuer Dorimanx für MM wurde veröffentlicht:

DorimanX 12.0 b007 (BETA)
- Added back IPV6 toggle
- Synced sched, LZ4 and LZO updates from Linux 3.16
- Merged a wifi security fix
- Reverted back to aggressive LMK profiles - Phone felts smoother with more aggressive LMK

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