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Netchip hat seinen alten Kernel aufgegeben d.h. "Netchips Kernel" wird nicht mehr weiterentwickelt^^. Doch seit dem 24.09.2011 gibt es nun SuperPower Kernel (Name kann sich noch ändern) von Netchip. Aus diesem Grund habe ich das komplette Thread geändert und auf die aktuelle Stand gebracht.

Viel Spass beim testen.

Hey flashers

Netchip´s kernel was terribly, there where thousand and one bugs.
Such max overclock to 1400 MHz, no GPU overclocking, bad scripts.
Scripts who works not, it was one big drama.
But it was also great, light, quick, not one fancy kernel.

Netchip is not responsible for damage caused by the kernel and / or device.
If you encounter problems using this kernel, in what a way, I am not responsible.
You flashed the kernel, it is your responsibility.
This kernel is very very unstable, and not tested
And here I come to introduce my new kernel .
It is not a big drama, it is super, fixed some bugs by Samsung, CPU overclocking to 1.6 GHz, GPU overclocking, BFQ v2-r1, BLN, bootlogo, bootanimation and much more in the future .

I am inspired by Hacre, Chainfire and HellcatDroid.
Hellcat is very kind, and helps me with ex. the compile issue.
Also Hacre was nice together me, ex. the CPU overclocking code.

But now further on the kernel, the features

-Bootanimation support, place it in /system/media/bootanimation.zip
-Bootlogo, place it in /sdcard/getin, and give it the name, logo.png
-CPU overclocking till 1.6GHz
-GPU overclocking
-BFQ v2-r1
-Removed other schedulers
-Instant root
-KI3 initramfs
-I use the "hidden" p12 partition as tmp, so if bootlogo dont work, lemme fix it
-Compiled with AOSP 4.4.0 toolchain
-Init.d support - /system/etc/init.d/ - let it begin with "S"

It is newb friendly, you can flash it via Odin, and all is installed
Thus flash it via Odin!


Future idea´s:
-Version with CFQ
-Fix bugs
-You can vote for a name

Credits to:
Hellcat - for helping me with somethings and help me with bootlogo
Hacre - for the sources and the help
Netarchy - because you write nice code
connexion2005 - for the original idea of bootlogo
[KERNEL][XXKI3] SuperPower for android 2.3.5 - xda-developers

Großes Danke an Netchip für seine harte und großartige Arbeit.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


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Wer Interesse hat ^^.

Who like it to my beta tester.
You can test various kernels.
I have already one beta tester for stock kernels :)
I need a few for cm7 kernels.
And a few for miui kernels :p



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Melde dich einfach im XDA Thread im ersten Post bei Netchip.


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Update ^^. Aktualisierung des Threads auf den aktuellen Stand, da ein neuer Kernel seitens Netchip released wurde.

ACHTUNG, der alte Kernel wird aus zu vielen BUGgründen nicht mehr von Netchip weiterentwickelt.
Oben Unten