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Diskutiere AGNi pureSTOCK im Kernel für Samsung Galaxy S3 im Bereich Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für Samsung Galaxy S3.


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Hier einmal ein Stock Kernel für das I9300 :razz:

Android 4.3 AGNi pureSTOCK v3.2c

  • CPU GOVERNORS: conservative, ondemand, powersave, hotplug, adaptive, interactive, performance, userspace, lulzactive, lulzactiveq, pegasusq, Zzmoove 0.7d
  • I/O GOVERNORS: deadline, cfq, row v4, sio (tweaked), noop, vr, bfq-v6r2
  • CIFS & NFS Network FileSystems support
  • Boeffla sound v1.6.4 supported but not enabled by default (use automatically installed Boeffla Sound app)
  • tweakable led fading notifications
  • swap support enabled
  • cleancache enabled
  • automatic efs backup on internal sdcard
  • CRT-OFF friendly
  • 300MB LZ4 Zram with zcache
  • uses my compiled busybox (v1.22) integrated in kernel to support swap device priorities
  • kernel uses LZMA compression
  • Triangle Away support
  • SAMSUNG Open-Sourced exFAT support v1.2.4
  • Dynamic Fsync v1.2, Battery Charging voltages support
  • CPU OC(1.6GHz) & UV support
  • integrated second prioritised optional AGNi preloadSWAP option in Boeffla app
  • CWM-FLASHABLE OC/UV boot failure reseter tool automatically placed on internal sdcard
  • Touchboost & Touchwake implemented
  • GCC 4.7.2 toolchain compiled arm-v7l cortex-a9 neon optimised
  • Implemented Zram modifications with 4 zram devices support
  • AGNi Main user profiles (Extreme Battery Save / Battery Save / Normal / Gaming) which does not break NON-OC limits but user can override settings at will
  • Drop & forget for init.d scripts (user doesnt need to set permissions manually)
  • Linux kernel upstreamed to 3.0.101
  • 11-11-2013: Update v3.1 :-
    Reduced WiFi wakelocks | some performance improvements | internal & external SD read_ahead_kb values user tweakable | Implemented Power Saving CPU load balancer (sched_mc_power_savings) | user changable Quad-Zram implementation(with equal swap priority) size and swappiness
  • 01-12-2013: Update v3.2 :-
    added ignore unstable power charging option (changed custom charging code implementation) | some code change regarding how boeffla sound is handled upon boot | Mali r3p2 OC/UV implementation (now users dont have to OverVolt GPU when GPU OC) | reduced some mali debug messages
  • 02-12-2013: Update v3.2a :-
    applied fix for broken MALI r3p2 GPU OC/UV sysinterface | introduced "160/266/350/400/440" GPU freq steps in Boeffla Tweaks
  • 16-12-2013: Update v3.2b :-
    fixed HDMI sound issue | applied some mali gpu oc/uv fixes | Implemented CPU boost kernel driver experimentally | Auto Root SuperSU v1.80
  • 21-12-2013: Update v3.2c :-
    Updated to SAMSUNG OSRC I9300 Update 13 (XXUGMK6) | Auto Root SuperSU v1.86 | added settings backup and restore to Boeffla Tweaks and its reset settings will not need reboot and default settings will be applied instantly | Disabled some kernel debug support
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