[APP for Siyah and Perseus][3/5/13]Zram & Swap Control [CACHE & PARTN] V2.5.1

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Diskutiere [APP for Siyah and Perseus][3/5/13]Zram & Swap Control [CACHE & PARTN] V2.5.1 im Kernel für Samsung Galaxy S3 im Bereich Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für Samsung Galaxy S3.


Hallo liebe Forengemeinde,

Diese app wurde für Siyah und Perseus entwickelt, sollte aber mit jedem Kernel der Zram / ​​swap unterstütz arbeiten.

Wer Bock hat es in's Deutsche zu übersetzen kann dies gerne tun und sich dann bei mir melden. Ich werde die Übersetzung dann einfügen. Mir fehlt leider die Zeit dazu.

This was developed for Siyah and Perseus but should work with any kernel that supports Zram/swap.

IMPORTANT: please make sure super su app re-grants permissions after install!!


>>>UPDATE: Zram & Swap Control V2.5.1<<<

DOWNLOAD: http://db.tt/rG1B0WVu

-Bug fix: 2.5>>2.5.1 App will now make the data folder: /sdcard/Android/data/siyahmods/ if not present.


- Swap PRIORITY settings made possible via a custom busybox which the app will download and Auto-install.

NOTE!! This custom busybody WILL NOT replace your main busybox. So don't panic. Only this app will use it. It will reside in /system/bbsiyahmods/

- Q: Why is a custom busybox necessary?

A: Because the pared down version of busybox used in CM and many other ROMs does not have the ability to set swap priorities.

- Q: What is so special about being able to set swap priorities?

A: Linux sets the priority in order that to make them active. So to activate a Hard swap partition for example it is necessary to first turn off zram and turn it on again after to ensure it has the highest swap otherwise it won't be used properly.

- Swap activation is much faster now!

A2: Secondly it is now possible to set several swaps with THE SAME priority. So you can have several swaps used equally. I had a theory that perhaps using several swap files in /Cache might make the overall swap work faster... AND IT DOES!!

- CACHE BASED HARD SWAP IS NOW MUCH FASTER!.... (using 4 parallel swap files set with equal priority)

Please before anyone disses this claim please try it for yourself. I don't know the technical reason why but there is no doubt it improves performance markedly!

Quelle XDA [APP][3/5/13]Zram & Swap Control [CACHE & PARTN] V2.5.1 NEW FAST CACHE SWAP! - xda-developers

Viele Grüsse und viel Spass damit,




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updated auf 2.5.5 @xda
Gene S

Gene S

Läuft die app auch mit dem Boeffla Kernel?


Ich glaube gelesen zu haben, dass die App mit allen Kernel geht die zRam haben :)



was ist z-ram? Und was macht dann die App?auch sorry hab nix gefunden dass mir z RAM schlüssig erklärt..