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  1. "D", 15.07.2012 #1

    "D" Threadstarter Gast

    [​IMG] [KERNEL] (Jelly Bean) GalaXsih v2.0 beta 7

    thanks to yasser rizky for your banner

    objective : good battery life

    Not for AOSP / AOKP ROM

    Download Here

    (thanks to geistteufel for your ftp server, space and bandwith!)

    Do not forget to donate to this forum XDA :

    Stable Version change-log:

    Incremental update from last version

    GalaxSih Kernel Jelly Bean v1.3

    Thanks to Beta contributor:
    1. SETdown
    2. spencer1208
    3. Sad56
    4. samaxen
    5. netchow
    6. delgamarco
    7. hshah
    8. kwankl
    9. tupac19861013
    10. brunodu91
    11. ksr007
    12. mariosraptor
    13. AndiP
    14. Milchbeck
    15. Chillz88
    16. borjaag
    17. RuralGalaxy
    18. androb0t
    19. poppy9009
    20. Razertje
    21. jothi2lingam
    22. ph3nom
    23. Jmldsilva
    24. slimldj
    25. benc88
    26. currydude
    27. wtfshouldidonow
    28. fastcx

    • Update linux kernel from 3.0.31 to 3.0.36
    • Kernel optimizations - by VOKU
    • Resync to XXDLJ2 ramfs thx to andip for your stock boot.img
    • Revert : power: reduce regulator initializations to regulator minimal (this commit is not for i9300 - thanks to andreilux for your notice)
    • Revert: sensorhub: Fix firmware mislabeling and version checking (this commit is not for i9300 - thanks to andreilux for your notice)
    • Wakelock: use single threaded workqueueus
    • Switch do_fsync() to fget_light()
    • Staging: android: lowmemorykiller.c - Fix compiler warning about the type of the module parameter.
    • pegasusq (based on ondemand): cpuidle detection by Andrea Arcangeli
    • Android Logger as a module - thanks to andip for your idea.
    • Possibly car dock error have been fix..need your report to prove it., thanks to gokhanmoral
    • MTP fix for OSX user

    Big Thanks to 1.1 Beta contributor:
    • AbuYahya
    • JYJY
    • mkh@xda
    • ph3nom
    • ongchonghian
    • Sad56
    • x10i DauL
    • fastcx
    • jothi2lingam
    • raaghav2
    • tupac19861013
    • androb0t
    • samaxen
    • RuralGalaxy
    • fastcx
    • SETdown
    • poppy9009

    GalaxSih Kernel Jelly Bean v1.1

    Change log:
    • power: reduce regulator initializations to regulator minimal -AndreiLux
    • sensorhub: Fix firmware mislabeling and version checking
      Payloaded firmware version doesn't correspond labeling. This causes the kernel
      to reflash the firmware on every single boot thinking it has a newer firmware
      than listed on the device. - AndreiLux
    • max77686+max77693 revert: disable debugging - this will fix USB charge error.
    • android: lowmemorykiller: Change default debug_level to 1
    • cpufreq: pegasusq: instead of jumping around the frequencies leaving some unused we now jump from one to another by 100Mhz increments - franciscofranco
    • net: wireless: bcmdhd: sync with newer sources - gokhanmoral
    • merges with GT-I9300_SEA_JB_OpenSource.zip -gokhanmoral
    • re-enable touchbooster
    • mdnie: black crush fix. (Thanks to AndreiLux)
    • cpuidle: Change state properties - AndreiLux
    • fix front camera crash - (revert front camera block-space to default stock)
    • change cfq to deadline io scheduller as default io scheduller
      thanks to Sad56 for your idea.
      about Deadline:
      The scheduler helps organise reads and writes in the I/O queue to maximise performance. The default scheduler in the Linux kernel is CFQ (Completely Fair Queuing), which is designed with the rotational latencies of spinning platter drives in mind. So while it works well for standard hard drives, it doesn't work so well when it comes to SSDs.Fortunately, the kernel comes with some other schedulers to play with, and here the deadline and NOOP schedulers are ideal
    • Wifi: Reenable IPv6, disable multicast in suspend (entropy512)
      Why do they keep on reenabling that stupid "let dirty networks tank the battery" feature?I have yet to see an example of something that disablingmulticast in suspend breaks. Signed-off-by: entropy512
    • reapply bcmdhd: change packet filter settings to block multicast
    • bcmdhd: update wireless driver to from Korean S3 (gokhanmoral)
    • mmc: Increase timeout - this tweak for some crappy cards (andreilux)
    • Revert:"disable GENTLE_FAIR_SLEEPERS"
    • reduce busfreq volt to -25mV
    • set sched_mc_power_savings to 1

    Big thanks to : V1.0 beta tester:


    Jelly Bean v1.0 Change Log:
    • Compile with linaro 4.7 2012.9
    • Triangle Away support.
    • ADB active while in recovery mode
    • Bigger RAM limit
    • USB faster charge (only effect with usb 3 port)
    • CFQ as default I/O Scheduler
    • Pegasusq as default I/O Scheduler
    • mms-ts: Disable touch booster
    • mali: reduce utilization sampling timeout
    • Add ARM cpu topology definition
    • pegasusq: add tweak from galaxsih ICS v3.9 pegasusq tweak
    • enable arch_power
    • Proportional Rate Reduction for TCP.
    • Disable Various Debugging
    • Custom Voltage / U/V Interface control support (tested with voltage control & setcpu)
    • Undervolt GPU to -25mv for all frequency
    • Update wifi driver to
    • cpupower: update the cpu_power according to cpu load (thanks to andreilux to make it work)

    for more detail change log goto:

    ICS Kernel Version

    beta tester:
    • deadsoullp
    • JYJY
    • jothi2lingam
    • apeiron6
    • N78006
    • samaxen
    • delgamarco
    • dladz
    • mobilevirus
    • CRBoy47
    • hieupham
    • RuralGalaxy
    • walda
    • Jekle_Ace
    • ongchonghian
    • mariosraptor
    • sunwee
    • ph3nom
    • telenger

    thank for your help guys!
    -Fix arm topology patch
    -Fix broken sound with MHL adapter, edit: confirm its fixed with v6.0
    -Disable touchbooster mali (disable again, i think (mali: reduce utilization sampling timeout) is enough for smoothness)
    -Kernel patch from 3.0.42 to 3.0.43
    -Bigger RAM - Changed memory mapped regions’ allocation sizes (by AndreiLux).
    -Patch MTP driver to samsung source update 2

    -Modify unicast filter and ignore IPv4 multicast except for mDNS
    -mmc: increase read and write timeouts for bad SDHC cards
    -modem_if: make modem driver silent
    -revert HRTICK to 0
    -kernel compression revert back to gzip
    -pegasusq tweak back to 3.9 tweak


    beta tester:
    1. JYJY
    2. Milchbeck
    3. jothi2lingam
    4. hieupham
    5. CRBoy47
    6. MuertoKo
    7. marioh
    8. ph3nom
    9. samaxen
    10. 6pudu5
    11. apeiron6
    12. poppy9009
    13. N78006
    14. Simow.b
    15. ksr007
    16. Chillz88
    17. mariosraptor

    thanks for your help guys!

    -Modify unicast filter and ignore IPv4 multicast except for mDNS
    credit: AndreiLux

    -ARM: 7011/1: Add ARM cpu topology definition
    The affinity between ARM processors is defined in the MPIDR register.
    We can identify which processors are in the same cluster,
    and which ones have performance interdependency. We can define the
    cpu topology of ARM platform, that is then used by sched_mc and sched_smt.

    Signed-off-by: Vincent Guittot
    Reviewed-by: Amit Kucheria
    Signed-off-by: Russell King

    -Alternate wakelock stats labeled as "Discrete" instead of "Exclusive"
    credit: Tungstwenty

    -modem_if: make modem driver silent
    -mmc: increase read and write timeouts for bad SDHC cards

    -pegasusq (based on ondemand): cpuidle detection
    Signed-off-by: Andrea Arcangeli
    ported by: gokhanmoral

    -Linaro Compiler update to 2012.18

    -disabling printks - hardcore

    -sdcard sdhci: Remove Samsung's broken hack
    Signed-off-by: Andrew Dodd

    -sound Fix debug level
    Signed-off-by: Andrew Dodd

    -max77686: Fix debug statements


    Thanks to v4.0 Beta Tester:
    - Update kernel from 4.0.41 to 4.0.42
    - Re-Enable Touchbooster
    - Increase USB charging mAh to 800 so you can charge faster via usb3
    - voltage control fix, compatible with most of undervolt application - tested with voltage control and setcpu

    -Disabled the Kies daemon, I see no point in it and it uses up memory uselessly. Obviously Kies won't work any-more, if you want you can start the service yourselves manually.
    -silence the touchscreen debug
    -Decreased Mali utilization timeout to 100ms down from 1s which improves reaction time on instant GPU loads (Lock screen is best example).

    -Fix media scanning problem with new clockworkmod
    -add efs-backup script
    -s3cfb: brightness curve mod

    - Shut Modem logs after new modem update.

    - arm: smp: Wrap backtrace IPI with irq_enter/exit
    This appears to be something that should also be wrapped. Also,
    the backtraces experienced may be a cause and not a symptom -
    instead of an RCU stall causing backtraces, backtraces
    may be causing an RCU stall - which causes more backtraces
    and then the system gets mental.
    Signed-off-by: Andrew Dodd

    -lib/checksum.c: optimize do_csum a bit
    Reduce the number of variables modified by the loop in do_csum() by 1,
    which seems like a good idea. On Nios II (a RISC CPU with 3-operand
    instruction set) it reduces the loop from 7 to 6 instructions, including
    the conditional branch.
    Signed-off-by: Ian Abbott
    Signed-off-by: David S. Miller

    -init/main.c: execute lockdep_init as early as possible
    This patch removes the lockdep warning[1] on ARM platform.
    The warning is caused by printk inside smp_setup_processor_id.
    It is safe to do this because lockdep_init doesn't depend on
    smp_setup_processor_id, so make printk can be called as early
    as possible without lockdep complainment.
    Signed-off-by: Ming Lei




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  2. Gast5050, 15.07.2012 #2

    Gast5050 Threadstarter Gast

    Gleich mal testen, bisher hat mich noch kein CK überzeugt.
  3. akaebi, 15.07.2012 #3

    akaebi Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    wo soll denn dieses init.d tweak und script sein? unter system/etc/init.d ist nichts.

    ist bei euch auch von 200mHz-1200mHz als default eingestellt?
  4. Gast5050, 15.07.2012 #4

    Gast5050 Threadstarter Gast

    Bei mir lief der Kernel etwas instabil gerade bei Auslastung ... gab einige fc.
  5. akaebi, 15.07.2012 #5

    akaebi Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    liegt vll eher an deiner baseband.... ich hab mit der turkbeyrom keine probleme bis jetzt
  6. Gast5050, 15.07.2012 #6

    Gast5050 Threadstarter Gast

    Das könnte sein, werde es nochmal in einer anderen Kombination testen.
  7. akaebi, 15.07.2012 #7

    akaebi Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    ich weiß ja nicht in wie weit das samsung update 3 schon auf die BLG1 funkt...denn diese ist denke ich der LFB um einiges voraus
  8. Masta_Gee81, 16.07.2012 #8

    Masta_Gee81 Android-Ikone

    2.1 ist raus ... infos im ersten Post
  9. akaebi, 16.07.2012 #9

    akaebi Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    wo soll man denn das finden???? ist bei mir nichts im init ordner drinnen.
  10. Masta_Gee81, 16.07.2012 #10

    Masta_Gee81 Android-Ikone

    Sorry ich hab den Kernel nicht drauf ... kann ich dir leider nicht sagen :o
  11. harunjo, 16.07.2012 #11

    harunjo Neuer Benutzer

    Dank für die Nutzung meiner Kernel
    mein Kernel nur init.d unterstützen, prüfen und erstellen / system / etc / init.d Ordner jedes Boot, so dass Sie Ihre init.d können zwicken setzen mit diesem Kernel auf / system / etc / init.d /

    sori for my bad language..i was translate it using google translate :o
    akaebi gefällt das.
  12. alf328, 16.07.2012 #12

    alf328 Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Der Kernel ist ja richtig sparsam und läuft gut

    Wahnsin :)
    harunjo gefällt das.
  13. harunjo, 16.07.2012 #13

    harunjo Neuer Benutzer

    danke !

    Ich freue mich Sie enyoy es.

    V2.2 hochgeladen
    luschi-uschi und alf328 gefällt das.
  14. akaebi, 16.07.2012 #14

    akaebi Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    harunjo, dein init.d support des kernels geht nicht in verbindung mit dem external2interalsd mod

    in english: your kernel doesnt work with the external 2 internal sd modification tweak. you say your kernel support init.d, but it seems not to work....
  15. Masta_Gee81, 16.07.2012 #15

    Masta_Gee81 Android-Ikone

    Mali Platform Rewrite from Andreilux
    and also Thanks for your help to resolve compile error
  16. akaebi, 16.07.2012 #16

    akaebi Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    init.d support geht trotzdem noch nicht
  17. harunjo, 17.07.2012 #17

    harunjo Neuer Benutzer

    Ich sagte mein Kernel ist die Unterstützung init.d.

    vielleicht ist dies, weil busybox? .. siyah Kernel haben eingebaute busybox in / sbin /

    mein Kernel derzeit busybox darauf gebaut haben und nicht über Plan, um es an meinem Kernel aufnehmen,

    Vielleicht möchtest Du busybox installieren müssen, wenn Ihr nicht über rom es auch, Play Download busybox Installateur bei Google und installieren Sie es.

    Oder Sie MOD Die external2internalsd zu Ihrem System busybox Pfad verweisen.

    Ich persönlich dont Verwendung external2interalsd mod ..., und auch mein Ziel, wenn beschlossen, einen eigenen Kernel ist Akkulaufzeit bauen .. so external2internalsd Modifikation ist nicht meine größte Sorge .. da läuft App von externen SD Akkulaufzeit essen

    i said my kernel is support init.d.

    maybe this because busybox? ..siyah kernel have busybox builtin in /sbin/

    my kernel dont have busybox built on it and not have plan to include it at my kernel,

    maybe you need to install busybox if your rom does not have it also, download busybox installer at google play and install it.

    or maybe you just mod the external2internalsd to point to your busybox system path.

    personally i dont using external2interalsd mod..., and also my objective when decided to build a custom kernel is battery life.. so external2internalsd modification is not my main concern..since running app from external sd will eat battery life.
    diddsen und akaebi gefällt das.
  18. walda, 20.07.2012 #18

    walda Android-Guru

    V 2.5 ist heraussen.

    Ich benötige bei V2.4 fast nur Idle 1,285 % /h. Mit dem SpeedMod waren es ~1,7 %.

    Bin kein Benchmarkjunkie aber er läuft generell genauso Smooth wie ich es mir erwarte, keine Lags oder Ruckler im normalen Gebrauch.

    PS: Great work @harunjo. Keep it up! Thank you!
  19. luschi-uschi, 21.07.2012 #19

    luschi-uschi Neuer Benutzer

    Checkrom 3.5 mit GalaxSih 2.5

    Danke für die Arbeit.

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9300 mit Tapatalk 2


  20. hanspampel, 22.07.2012 #20

    hanspampel Super-Moderator Mitarbeiter

    Neue Version ist up

    alf328 und Masta_Gee81 gefällt das.
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