[RECOVERY] ClockworkMod Touch [official]

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Diskutiere [RECOVERY] ClockworkMod Touch [official] im Kernel für Samsung Galaxy S3 im Bereich Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für Samsung Galaxy S3.



ClockworkMod Touch Recovery for Samsung Galaxy S3 *GSM Edition* ONLY
Original Port by Developer
mskip /xda

*(Wer Lust hat es "Ein zu Deutschen", kann es an den Beitrag dranhängen)
This is the official Touch Version from the ClockworkMod Site *HERE*. All I did was to pack it into a tar file so it can be flashed via Odin or Mobile Odin. Do not attempt to flash this image to the Snapdragon variant as it will not work.
NOTE: CWM has the ability to 'choose backup format' to either the new .dup method with the blobs folder or the original .tar method where everything is in the date/time stamped folder. You can now ALSO 'create image zip' file from a NAND backup. Be patient with the zip backup option as it does take a while to create the zip (to be expected from a 1GB+ backup). Thank you for this addition koush it makes recovery alot more complete
QUESTION: Why are the backups size soo small now compared to the previous cwm backups?
ANSWER: Basically on the new cwm all the data is stored in a blobs folder in the clockworkmod folder. The backups folder now doesnt hold the actual data and instead the system and data files contain links to the files in the blobs folder (with the hash of the file as its filename). When you perform another backup only the changes have to be added so it performs incremental backups instead of full backups everytime. You can still flash different roms and back them up as any new data is stored in the blobs folder with the links in the backup folder. Several backups can share the same blobs file so over several backups the total file size of all the backups will be much much smaller. When you delete a backup via cwm you can then free space of the blob files that are no longer needed to keep everything tidy and make sure that no files are stored that arent referenced to any backup. If you don't free the space then any unused files will automatically be deleted when the next backup is performed.
Walkthrough video by TotallydubbedHD
How to flash ClockworkMod Touch Recovery on the Samsung GT-I9300 - By TotallydubbedHD
How to flash ClockworkMod Touch Recovery on the Samsung GT-I9300 - By TotallydubbedHD - YouTube
How to Install ClockworkMod Touch

1. Download the attached tar file at the bottom of this post. DO NOT EXTRACT THIS FILE! If you end up with a recovery.img file then smack yourself and start again.
2. Download Odin (windows only) at the bottom if you don't already have it and unzip it to a folder on your PC
3. Reboot into Download Mode: Power off your device, Hold down the 'HOME' + 'VOLUME DOWN' buttons and press the 'POWER' button for about 2 seconds until a WARNING! Screen appears. Press the 'VOLUME UP' button to enter Download Mode.
4. Plug your usb cable in
5. Start Odin (double click Odin3_v3.04.exe).
NOTE: When Odin opens you should see that the first box at the top under ID:COM should turn blue and 'Added' should appear in the message box in Odin.
6. Make sure 'Auto Reboot' and 'F.Reset Time' are ticked in Odin and nothing else.
7. Click on the 'PDA' button in Odin and browse to the recovery-cwmtouch- file that you downloaded.
8. Click on 'Start' to flash CWM to your phone.
NOTE: You can see whats happening in the message box in Odin. When the flash completes you should see 'RESET' in the top left the box and your phone will reboot.
9. You now have CWM Touch Recovery permanently flashed

How to Access ClockworkMod Touch

1. Unplug the USB cable.
2. Shut down the phone.
3. Hold down the 'HOME' + 'VOLUME UP' buttons and press the 'POWER' button for about 5 seconds to enter Recovery Mode.

Stock Recovery being reflashed after a reboot?
There is an auto recovery restore system on stock roms that will reflash the Stock Recovery on a Stock Rom. If the restore files are renamed then CWM Recovery should not be overwritten after a reboot.

You need to be rooted and then delete or rename the following files:
You can then flash recovery without it being overwritten.

You can also do all this through the S3 International ToolKit

**All credit goes to to Koush and anyone else responsible for ClockworkMod**
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