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  1. acorbi, 13.01.2010 #1

    acorbi Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    Hi AndroidHilfe community,

    I'm sorry i don't speak german, but i want to introduce you my new Android app because i added support for german language so i thought it would be interesting for you.

    VoiceAlerts is an application for the android mobile platform, its goal is to alert the user with speech messages when the following events occur:

    Incoming/Missed Calls: Alerts the user when receives a call, speaking the name of the contact. Configure repeat mode for missed calls alert.

    Time changes: it can be configured to “speak” the current time in 15,30 and 60 minutes intervals. For instance: “it is 20 hours 15 minutes”

    Sms received: A voice alert informs the user that a new sms is received, it can be configured to read the content as well. And to translate the most common sms abbreviations while reading the content for instance: c u l8r -> see you later.

    Battery alerts: The user can specify a battery level (for instance 5%), below that level the app alerts the user with a voice message about the current battery status. Also, when the battery is completely loaded.

    Memory alerts: A voice alert informs the user when the memory level is too low. When the battery has been completely loaded…

    Message on Boot: You android welcomes you with a customized message.

    Application Installed/uninstalled: It will be informed when an application package is being installed or removed.

    Network availability: Your android informs you when the connection to the network is interrumpted ( in an elevator or tunnel) and re-established.

    Wifi connections: Informs you when your phone connects to a wifi network.
    Support for different languages (Spanish, English, German, Italian and French).

    Added Widget to Activate/Deactivate the App easily and quick.

    Lots of new features. (Headset activation, Notifications)

    for more info check: Alejandro Corbi Portfolio
  2. acorbi, 15.01.2010 #2

    acorbi Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    HI community!

    A new update of Voice Alerts Full is available on the market :

    In this new Version:
    Little bug fixes done.
    Time Alerts > 12h Format : Reads the time in 12h format.
    Data Sync : Informs you when online data like emails, calendar entries, etc are being synchronized.
    Speak various unread SMS : if you received some SMS, and you configure Voice Alerts to pop up a notification when you receive them, your android reads them one after another.
    Soon new cool features including Twidroid integration are coming, stay tuned.
  3. acorbi, 21.01.2010 #3

    acorbi Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    HI community!

    A new update of Voice Alerts Full is available on the market , and this is a nice one:

    In this new Version:

    Little bug fixes done.

    UI Changed to make it more compact and for a better usability.

    Battery alerts improved, now with more configuration possibilities.

    Added TWIDROID integration, now your android phone will tell you the twitter messages the user you are following post and the replies or direct messages you received.
    You need to install twidroid ( lite or PRO version) on your android phone. Don't you know Twidroid already? is the most widelly used twitter client available for the android devices. check: twidroid - the twitter & identi.ca client application for android mobile phones

    for more info check Voice Alerts – Your Android Talks

    Best Regards,

    Alex Corbi.
  4. acorbi, 16.02.2010 #4

    acorbi Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

  5. timo564, 17.02.2010 #5

    timo564 Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

  6. acorbi, 03.03.2010 #6

    acorbi Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

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