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  1. el_fuego, 19.07.2012 #1

    el_fuego Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    sorry for using English, but my German is good enough for reading only ;)

    I need help!

    I rooted my S9512 and used TitaniumBackup to integrate system updates into ROM, which modified my ROM files. Now I can not apply system update to 4.0.4, because of modified files. Perhaps someone could send me original files from 4.0.3 ROM?

    I need following files (sha1 provided for verification):
    /system/app/GMS_Maps.apk (e3c5b43a1fed0799d20a9ed8f33ea645452fd429)
    /system/app/Gmail.apk (7e6ae825567a8d32b016aee7e3aea082e2525b55)
    /system/app/Phonesky.apk (c569e27b439bbcd14f9eac1bad42bd564a08b654)
    /system/app/PlusOne.apk (8ad5cba642365162a4c4e9160f91c75f58c6be51)
    /system/app/YouTube.apk (427dfddb730afa3c4e6283eb2d110f7d0170ede3)
    /system/app/oem_install_flash_player_ics_dcts.apk (777036ed87061e7b852af05dba8e16ff2f883e6c)

    PM me if you can help!
  2. el_fuego, 20.07.2012 #2

    el_fuego Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    Come on, anyone? I'll buy you a beer ;)
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