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  1. rita.gujia, 05.05.2011 #1

    rita.gujia Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    hallo everyone, I have a stupid question.
    From Motodefy official website I donwloaded a *.exe update file, but just don't know where to use it. When I connect defy to my mac computer with the USB cable, it automatically list the SD card as a drive. Now I tried copying this setup somewhere to the SD card and doubled click to run it. But because my system is mac, it doesn't run. ... can anybody give me a suggestion...

    If it's necessary I can do this at work on windows.
  2. fighterchris, 05.05.2011 #2

    fighterchris Ehrenmitglied

    Hello rita.gujia you you must install Boot Camp on your Mac, Windows, and then play, since there is currently no way or tool that works on the Mac.

    Sorry for the bad English (Google translator);)
  3. crobe, 06.05.2011 #3

    crobe Android-Experte

    You could also use Virtualbox to install a virtual windows machine on your mac, but you need a windows license for both ways.
  4. kaiko, 06.05.2011 #4

    kaiko Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    with a PowerPC? forget it...!
    with a Intel Mac? Install with Bootcamp a Windows System!
    or use a native PC System!

  5. trouble, 06.05.2011 #5

    trouble Android-Experte

    intel macs are available since 2006. so most people should have one ;)

    there is still the posibility to upgrade your android phone directly(options->phone info->system updates)
    but it requires moto blur registration. but this update will arrive later then the update via pc. if you dont want to wait use your pc at work.

    just for your information: the update for the german defy version is still not online
  6. Tomatifred, 06.05.2011 #6

    Tomatifred Erfahrener Benutzer

    Why don't you transmit it live on your Defy device, OTA?

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  7. Tomatifred, 06.05.2011 #7

    Tomatifred Erfahrener Benutzer

    Ah, ich sehe gerade- das wurde schon angesprochen. Sorry,...too late.

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