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    Ich hab auch das hier nicht testen können, da ich "nur" den Vorgänger des RAZR HD habe :p

    Klingt aber doch recht Interessant

    => Heute soll wohl noch eine neuere Version kommen <=



    Always do a backup before flashing, responsibility lies with the operator of the device ultimately

    General Info
    Of all the open-sourceish MIUI alternatives this rom wins, It is absolutely fantastic in every regard, I love it.

    General Features

    -MIUI Security
    -MIUI Swipe Keyboard
    -MIUI Notes
    -MIUI-ish Theme Manager (accessed through CMs themes, requires internet connection to DL and first-time boot)
    -MIUI Weather (US only)
    -MIUI Status Bar
    -MIUI Framework themes
    -MIUI Calculator
    -MIUI Music

    Known Annoyances

    - Unknown
    - Stock Camera may spout USB related BS, try a 3rd party one
    - USB mounting is currently borked but maybe not, some people have no issue with it some do.

    Do a full wipe and install via the usual method in CWM or touch recovery, whichever you use

    3/12/13: Dev-Host - AvatarRomXT925RC3.zip - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

    Big thanks to
    Specifically every person here that does source work
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