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[Nougat 7.1.1 OOS Stock Kernel] Dorimanx 2.7 N PWR CORE

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Diskutiere [Nougat 7.1.1 OOS Stock Kernel] Dorimanx 2.7 N PWR CORE im Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für OnePlus 3 im Bereich OnePlus 3 Forum.


Hey Leute,

nach gut einer Woche im Beta Test ist der Dorimanx Kernel für Nougat nun Offiziel verfügbar.
Ich war beim Beta Test dabei und der derzeitige Kernel läuft stabil und wir haben alle bekannten Bugs entfernt.
Kein Vergleich zum Stock Kernel in Sachen Performance und Batterie Laufzweit.
Weiters gibt es bei der Aroma installation ein paar Funktionen für den Kernel.

Eigene App zum Einstellungen verändern gibt es dewrzeitig nicht und sollte mit jeder Kernel App funktionieren.
Ich preferiere die Stock Einstellungen, da diese bereits am besten Abgeglichen sind sind im Bezug auf Balance der Performance und Laufzeit

Nougat OOS Stock und Beta ab 4.1.6 am Gerät installiert?
Aktuelles TWRP installieren 3.1.1.x !
Dorimanx OTA App installieren
App sucht automatisch den aktuellsten Kernel und läd bzw. installiert diesen
Installation kann auch manuell nach Download gemacht werden im TWRP (DorimanxOTA Ordner)

Habe den Thread auch im OP3t Forum erstellt da der Kernel für beide Geräte funktioniert.
Laut OP3 Usern im Forum, auch bei Ihrem Gerät ein beachtlicher Boost zum Stock Kernel.
Kann dies nicht direkt testen da ich ein OP3t habe.

Dorimanx OP3/T Kernel for STOCK 7.1.1 OOS/H2OS 4.1.6 + BETA!

No Oxygen 3.x.x or CM/LineAge SUPPORT!!! GO AWAY NOW!

My PM box, is for Emergency ONLY! do not send me PM's just because you cant post! that is lame, post something useful and post in thread.

My kernel was based on OP3/T Stock Kernel 4.1.6 + BETA 9 Source.

Kernel Tree is 3.18.57, + OP3/T and CAF updates + my tweaks and lots of tuning!

Global Credits!
Flar2 for many kernel mods
Cyanogen/LineAge/Code Aurora for many kernel mods
OP3 Devs for Stock kernel base!
To all my sources in GITHUB!

Linus Torvalds for Linux source!


  • Kernel support OOS/H2OS 4.1.x
  • Kernel compiled with GCC 7.1.1 64Bit adapted for OP3/T
  • Kernel includes all new security patches.
  • Kernel updated up to 3.18.57 build.
  • Kernel includes all original last 7.1.1 changes by OP3/T Devs.
  • Kernel operate in 300HZ + all needed fixes to do that.
  • Kernel has DASH charge and USB Fast Charge (USB mode up to 900mA with MTP on)
  • Kernel support charging up to 2500ma with any charger! stock locked to 1500ma
  • Kernel has swipe to wake features by @FLAR2 (up,down,right,left,and dual tap).
  • Kernel include Sweep2Sleep allows sweeping from right to left and backwards!
    on soft buttons to turn off the screen. by @FLAR2
  • Kernel has support for screen color change app. (KCAL Interface).
  • Kernel has support for touch keys light delay, default 6sec. by @andip71
  • Kernel include KGSL fixes and reworked GPU driver (use 133MHz min freq to save juice, goes to idle @ 100MHz)
  • Kernel include all latest patches from Code Aurora source for 3.18.y
  • Kernel include Enhanced TCP methods
  • Kernel include IPA/TIMERFD/WIFI/NETLINK wakelocks removal code by @franciscofranco
  • Kernel include open source QUALCOMM Wi-Fi driver updated to max without debugs.
  • Kernel include advanced binder driver from main line 4.10.y kernel.
  • Kernel include CDROM emulation on mass_storage (compatible with DriveDroid 0.10.18+)
  • Kernel include latest F2FS driver for 3.18.y with fixes for speed and stability.
  • Kernel include ZEN,NOOP,BFQ,DEADLINE,CFQ,FIOPS,SIO I/O govs tuned for SSD.
  • Kernel includes Elementalx, Blu_active, Interactive, Conservative, Ondemand, Performance CPU GOVS.
  • Kernel support FSYNC mode for FS. (Off by default)
  • Kernel includes ARM enhanced performance and battery patches
  • Kernel support Backlight Dimmer feature.
  • Kernel supports CPU OverClock/UnderClock for both clusters.
  • Kernel support thermal driver tuning, max heat for cores.
  • Kernel includes advanced crypto drivers and latest qseecom decryption driver.
  • Kernel includes updated EXFAT and FUSE + NTFS drivers.
  • Kernel support for not forcing encryption and verity checks.
  • Kernel includes support for CIFS driver.
  • Kernel includes fast finger print sensor mod when screen is off.
  • Kernel includes support for Haptic Feedback (vibrate) tuning (more/less)
  • Kernel includes massive code update for sound driver, and @FLAR2 sound/mic gain control interface.
  • Kernel include boost to I/O by mounting partitions with optimized flags, and updated MMC driver.
  • Kernel includes updated BT and NET/PPP/VPN/DATA drivers.
  • Kernel include mode to ignore home and touch keys when finger is pressed against the screen.
  • Kernel includes Aroma Installer for easy install with few simple changes that can be selected.
  • Kernel includes many patches to camera, GPU, and screen drivers.
  • Kernel has OTG enabled by default internally.
  • Kernel has Notification LED Control driver by @andip71
  • Kernel include usage of power efficient workqueues in many drivers by @franciscofranco
  • Added Support For INIT.D Scripts see /data/init.d folder
  • Kernel will switch to NOOP I/O Sched during screen Off time to save power. by @SultanXDA
  • Kernel will boost CPU frequency when screen wakeup to improve user experience, by @SultanXDA
  • Kernel will set max allowed apps in RAM to 60 from 32
  • Kernel will add advanced busybox binary in /sbin/busybox for advanced users and my scripts

Known BUGS!

Post reports, i will fix.

Standard disclaimer:

By installing this kernel YOU will take full responsibility for any damage to your device!
Hardware or software! no one forcing you to install it.
So please do not blame me if you read wrong! or didn't read at all the instructions that i have written for YOU.

But you can feel SAFE to use it, as I test every release on my phone!
Before I publish it for download.

Your warranty will be void by installing custom kernel as my.

Kernel Sources:
TO DOWNLOAD GO DOWN!!! YES MORE DOWN...(do i need to repeat?)

How To Install:

You will need to have device with Latest Recovery installed! Please install the 3.1.1.x BUILD!
>>>Here is the Recovery you need!<<<

Old recovery can corrupt your DATA partition as my kernel using latest F2FS driver. new recovery has updated driver.

Refer to other threads for recovery install process and for oem bootloader unlock.

Download kernel, upload it to your SDCARD, anywhere.
Always have STOCK Kernel for your ROM!
Reboot to Recovery.

THINK AGAIN! did you made backup? NO!!!!??? DO IT NOW!
If you had any other Custom kernel, Install STOCK kernel or dirty flash your ROM,
to clean any trace from other kernel. then install ROOT/Magisk if you wish! then install my kernel ALWAYS THE LAST.
Do not clean any cache or dalvik (needed for ROM only!).
Reboot! :)

If you wish to UNINSTALL my kernel, there is a uninstaller ZIP for you.
it's will remove all ramdisk changes, and install last 4.1.6 stock kernel, preserving ROOT if was installed!

Have Fun and report.

Honored Fearless BETA Testers! without them i would be lost in dark kernel space:

    • dimberr
    • Diechel
    • marc1091998
    • vampire36
    • RyperX
    • siggey
    • bipinbedi
    • Chris7
    • Leicxan
    • Radon94

Donation Board:

    • ME donated 100+ hours to update stock to now.
    • Dimberr HUGE Donation!
    • Diechel
    • RyperX
    • marc1091998

Mirror #1 by willflint
Mirror #2 by GITHUB!

Info for Web Hackers,

in my mirrors, there is nothing to take!
My work is public and for the people!
Please let my mirrors work in peace.

Change logs:

Kernel 2.7 Stable

*Added busybox mount function to help with working with /system folder.
*Merged latest patches from CAF and AOSP including:
*Merged 3.18.67 patch including: NET,SCHED,Kernel CORE,MM,SOUND updates.
*Fixed selinux not enforced if Magisk installed on EXT4 Data partition!


[Nougat 7.1.1 OOS/H2OS 4.1.6 Kernel 3.18.57][25 JUN] Dorimanx 2.0 N PWR CORE, Kernel for the OnePlus 3T

dorimanx, dimberr, dimberr, Diechel, marc1091998, vampire36, RyperX, siggey, bipinbedi, Chris7, Leicxan, Radon94
Source Code: Commits · dorimanx/DORIMANX-OP3T-KERNEL · GitHub

Kernel Special Features: See What Inside list.

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 2.7
Stable Release Date: 2017-08-28

Created 2017-06-26
Last Updated 2017-08-28
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Habe den Kernel jetzt seit gestern drauf.
Komme vom bluspark.

Läuft richtig gut, gefällt mir am besten.
Der Kernel vereint für mich die besten Funktionen aller Kernels zusammen!


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Ich habe den Kernel (Version 2.1) jetzt seit zwei Tagen im Betrieb.
Nutze eine Custom Rom auf Basis der Beta 18.
Hatte den Stock Kernel installiert, allerdings mit dem Profil "Fusion Balance" mit AKT angepasst.
Natürlich ist der Kernel jetzt viel schneller, aber auch gleichzeitig sehr viel flüssiger und verbraucht kaum mehr Energie.

Ich bin echt zufrieden.


Ja der Kernel ist im Vergleich einfach Top :)


Welche Custom Rom hast du am Laufen ?


Wieder mal den Thread geupdatet. Letzte Version ist 2.7 und hat alle aktuellen Fixes der neuen Rom 4.1.7 drinnen und vieles mehr ;)

Achja und zum Updaten einfach am besten die Dorimanx OTA App verwenden.
Läd automatisch den aktuellsten Kernel herunter und installiert diesen
Dorimanx OTA OnePlus 3(T) - Android Apps on Google Play
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