Note 7 [ROM][N93xF/FD][7.0][SU3AQFE] *15.08.2017* Note FE For Note 7 Fullport V3.0

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Diskutiere [ROM][N93xF/FD][7.0][SU3AQFE] *15.08.2017* Note FE For Note 7 Fullport V3.0 im Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für Samsung Galaxy Note 7 / Note 7 FE im Bereich Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (N930) / Note 7 FE (N935) Forum.


Gestern auf XDA gefunden und auf mein Note 7 geflasht :) Schönes Rom, läuft alles soweit super .

Über das Rom :

  • Galaxy Note 7 N930F
  • Galaxy Note 7 N930FD
  • Galaxy Note 7 N930S
  • Galaxy Note 7 N930L
  • Galaxy Note 7 N930K
  • Galaxy Note FE N935S/L/K

Rom features of Nougat:
  • All app and features from Galaxy Note Fan Edition
  • Build on N935SKSU3AQFE

* based purely on the latest Samsung kernel source code (DQEF)
* custom scripts with tweaks applied at boot and wakelock fixes
* init.d support
* init scripts at boot with recommended cleaning and fixes
* added a few tested and updated CPU governors (elementalx, blu_active, conservative, ondemand, interactive, performance).
default: interactive
* added a few tested and updated I/O schedulers (noop, deadline, cfq, fiops, sio, zen, bfq, row)
default: cfq with custom parameters
* added a few TCP congestion algorythms (westwood, cubic, reno, bic, dctcp, highspeed, hybla, htcp, vegas, veno, scalable, lp, yeah, illinois)
default: westwood
* full and stable f2fs support
* fixed various bugs in the Linux code, improved algorithms, filesystems, network...
* updated to the latest Linux 3.18.55 patches
* smart overclock and underclock controls for both CPU and GPU (meaning the maximum frequencies are limited by your ASV, so you can always have a stable overclock)
* voltage controls
* LED controls
* numerous performance and stability tweaks (defconfig, fstab and Makefile)
* SELinux set to Permissive by default
* enabled extra compression algorithms, filesystem and cryptography methods
* sqlite3, busybox, fstrim and other binaries are integrated in the installer
* Knox 0x0 and SafetyNet spoofed to pass
* Gentle Fair Sleepers switch added
* Fsync switch added
* and many more changes (too many to list)...

How to install the rom:
1. Now boot into TWRP by pressing home+volume up+power on while phone is turned off
2. If TWRP asks you about allowing system to be edited, swipe yes to confirm
3. In TWRP, go to wipe, format data (a keyboard will pop up now), type "yes" (this will wipe all your data, make sure to have a backup!)
4. After this, reboot recovery and start the rom installer


XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][NOUGAT] Note FE For Note 7 Fullport , ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

LinhPhi9x94, linhphi9x94
ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
ROM Firmware Required: Nougat 7.0

Version Information
Status: Beta

Created 2017-08-01
Last Updated 2017-08-15

Quelle : [ROM][NOUGAT] Note FE For Note 7 Fullport


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Nur scheint es keine weitere Entwicklung für das ROM zu geben.


Doch V4 mittlerweile raus

update version 4:
- Base N935F Global Fix Dualsim Audio
- Added Note8 Apps Port By AlexisXDA
- Phone and Contacts
- Incall UI
- Browser
- Clock
- Calendar
- Messaging
- TouchWiz Home
- Edge Lightning
- Task Edge
- People Edge
- Air Command
- S Finder
- Samsung Themes Store
- Smart Manager
- Keyboard
- My Files
- Gallery
- Photo Editor
- Calculator
- Weather
- Live Messages
- Unified Profile
- Fingerprint Service
- Fused Location
- media/audio and fonts folders


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Die V5 ist raus und läuft fantastisch. Lässt sich auch rooten mit :

Iris-Erkennung geht nicht, ansonsten habe ich keine anderen Einschränkungen feststellen können.


ich würde mein Note 7 so gerne rooten....
Kann mir jemand schreiben ob und wie das jetzt noch geht ?
Habe in der Vergangenheit einige Tools probiert, auch TWRP... aber ich war wohl zu spät dran, ging alles nicht mehr...