[RECOVERY][KLTE] *20.05.2019* TWRP 3.3.1-0 Touch Recovery

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Diskutiere [RECOVERY][KLTE] *20.05.2019* TWRP 3.3.1-0 Touch Recovery im Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für Samsung Galaxy S5 im Bereich Samsung Galaxy S5 (G900F) Forum.


Nun gibt es auch Team Win Recovery Project eine Offizielle Recovery

Bitte beachten: Das flashen des recoverys triggert Knox unwiderruflich auf 0x1!

CHANGELOG for 3.3.1-0:
  • Fix selinux issues during formatting - dianlujitao
  • Various fixes for toybox and toolbox builds - CaptainThrowback and bigbiff
  • Flash both A and B partitions when installing a recovery ramdisk - Dees_Troy
  • Add option to uninstall TWRP app from /system - Dees_Troy
  • Create digest for subpartitions - bigbiff
CHANGELOG for 3.3.0-0:
  • Merge AOSP 9.0 r3 (Dees_Troy)
  • Use ANDROID_ROOT variable instead of hard coding to /system (CaptainThrowback)
  • Decrypt FBE on 9.0 and metadata decrypt (Dees_Troy)
  • vold decrypt updates (CaptainThrowback and nijel8)
  • Support vibration on LED class devices (notsyncing)
  • Metadata decrypt support for Pixel 3 (Dees_Troy)
  • Support rotating the display via build flag (vladimiroltean)
  • Reboot to EDL mode button (mauronofrio)
  • Support MTP on FFS devices (bigbiff)
  • Update FDE decrypt to support keymaster 3 and 4 (Dees_Troy)
  • Detect mkfs.f2fs version to properly format on f2fs partitions (Dees_Troy)
  • Allow TWRP to use md5 and sha256 checksums for zip installs (bigbiff)
  • TWRP can use /data/cache/recovery and /persist/cache/recovery on AB devices with no cache partition (bigbiff)
  • Switch part of advanced menus in TWRP to use a listbox of options (Dees_Troy)
  • Use magiskboot to allow repacking boot images for installing TWRP (Dees_Troy with thanks to topjohnwu of course)
CHANGELOG for 3.2.3-0:
  • Fix automatic installing of OTA zips on encrypted devices
  • Remove SuperSU from TWRP
  • Support both md5 and md5sum file extensions when doing MD5 checking for zip files
CHANGELOG for 3.2.2-0:
  • adb backup fixes
  • OTA style update zips will now install automatically without prompting for decrypt
  • minor tweaks to handling date/time on Qualcomm devices
  • updates to some language translations
CHANGELOG for 3.2.1-0:
  • minui fixes (cryptomilk)
  • Better android-8.0 compatibility in ROM trees (Dees_Troy)
  • Fix missing library in android-8.0 (nkk71)
  • Fix inconsistent SDCard naming (DevUt)
  • Default to TWRP restore instead of adb backup restore to fix restore on fresh TWRP boot (jlask)
CHANGELOG for 3.2.0-0:
  • Allow restoring adb backups in the TWRP GUI (bigbiff)
  • Fix gzip backup error in adb backups (bigbiff)
  • Fix a bug in TWRP's backup routines that occasionally corrupted backup files (nkk71)
  • Better support for installing Android 8.0 based zips due to legacy props (nkk71)
  • Support vold decrypt with keymaster 3.0 in 8.0 firmwares (nkk71)
  • Decrypt of synthetic passwords for Pixel 2 (Dees_Troy)
  • Support newer ext4 FBE policies for backup and restore in libtar (Dees_Troy)
  • v2 fstab support (Dees_Troy)
  • Bring TWRP forward to android 8.0 AOSP base (Dees_Troy)
  • Various other minor bugfixes and tweak
CHANGELOG for 3.1.1-0:
  • Backups will now include adopted storage keys (Dees_Troy)
  • Fixed an adb restore issue (bigbiff)
  • Fixed rebooting when no OS is present (Dees_Troy)
  • Fixed line wrapping in the GUI terminal (_that)
  • Updated TWRP source code to AOSP 7.1.2 (Dees_Troy)Updated TWRP source code to AOSP 7.1.2

CHANGELOG for 3.1.0-0:
  • vold decrypt on a few select HTC devices, TWRP will now attempt to use the system partition's vold and vdc binaries and libraries to decrypt the data partition (nkk71 and CaptainThrowback)
  • adb backup to stream a backup directly to or from your PC, see documentation here (bigbiff)
  • tweak MTP startup routines (mdmower)
  • support new Android 7.x xattrs for backup and restore to fix loss of data after a restore (Dees_Troy)
  • support POSIX file capabilities backup and restore to fix VoLTE on HTC devices and possibly other issues (Dees_Troy)
  • better indicate to users that internal storage is not backed up (Dees_Troy)
  • improve automatic determination of TW_THEME (mdmower)
  • minimal getcap and setcap support (_that)
  • try mounting both ext4 and f2fs during decrypt (jcadduono and Dees_Troy)
  • shut off backlight with power key (mdmower)
  • timeout during FDE decrypt (Dees_Troy and nkk71)
  • support for FBE decrypt and backing up and restoring FBE policies (Dees_Troy)
  • boot slot support (Dees_Troy)
  • TWRP app install prompt during reboot (Dees_Troy)
  • support for AB OTA zips (Dees_Troy)
  • support new Android 7.x log command (Dees_Troy)
  • update recovery sources to AOSP 7.1 (Dees_Troy)
  • numerous bugfixes and improvements by too many people to mention
CHANGELOG for 3.0.2-2:
  • All devices use klte as ro.product.device - variant specific name is still used in ro.product.name (klte asserts work on all variants)
  • Switch from XZ to highly optimized LZMA compression (same or slightly faster decompression speed, 800 KB shaved off size to fit future additions)
  • Lie about SEAndroid state to Samsung bootloader to disable RECOVERY IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING message
  • f2fs driver updated to 2016-05-18 kernel 3.4 sources
  • last_kmsg should be fixed
  • CyanogenMod 13.0 crypto libraries added and enabled, AOSP/QCOM encryption does work
  • Hardware encryption support enabled
  • modemst1/modemst2 added back to EFS backups
  • /dev/block/bootdevice should now point to /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1
  • Old SuperSU installer removed (it should never ask you to install it anymore)

CHANGELOG for 3.0.2-0(1):
  • Fix a bug with the input box that affected masked inputs (passwords). This fixes decrypt of full device encryption on devices that support decrypt. This bug also impacts encrypted backups. Users are highly encouraged to stop using 3.0.1 if you use encrypted backups or if you need decrypt of data in TWRP.
  • Add Greek translation to some builds.
  • MTP support inside Recovery
  • Brightness Control is working now
CHANGELOG for 3.0.1-0:
  • support new CM 13.0 pattern encryption (sultanqasim)
  • fix slow flashing issue due to modprobe (present on only some devices) (#twrp)
  • libtar updated to latest upstream and fixes (jcadduono)
  • fixes for loading custom themes (_that)
  • TWRP will now detect and install TWRP themes automatically through the normal zip install process (Dees_Troy)
  • translation updates - added Italian, Czech and Polish and significant updates to Dutch
  • progress bar improvements - progress bar updates during image flashing and better tracks progress during file system backups (tar) (Dees_Troy)
  • fix input box text display (Dees_Troy)
  • reboot option after zip install complete (bigbiff)
  • other mostly invisible bug fixes and improvements

CHANGELOG for 3.0.0-0:
  • Completely new theme - Much more modern and much nicer looking (by z31s1g)
  • True Terminal Emulator - Includes arrow keys, tab and tab completion, etc. (by _that)
  • Language translation - It won’t be perfect and especially some languages that require large font files like Chinese & Japanese won’t be availble on most devices. Also some languages may only be partially translated at this time. Feel free to submit more translations to OmniROM’s Gerrit. (mostly by Dees_Troy)
  • Flashing of sparse images - On select devices you will be able to flash some parts of factory images via the TWRP GUI (by HashBang173)
  • Adopted storage support for select devices - TWRP can now decrypt adopted storage partitions from Marshmallow
  • Reworked graphics to bring us more up to date with AOSP - includes support for adf and drm graphics (by Dees_Troy)
  • SuperSU prompt will no longer display if a Marshmallow ROM is installed
  • Update exfat, exfat fuse, dosfstools (by mdmower)
  • Update AOSP base to 6.0
  • A huge laundry list of other minor fixes and tweaks

  • Initial ground work for software drawn keyboard (_that)
  • Fix handling of wiping internal storage on datamedia devices (xuefer)
  • Allow DataManager to set and read values from the system properties (xuefer)
  • Fix crash when taking screenshots on arm64 devices (xuefer)
  • Fix error message after an ORS script completes (Dees_Troy)
  • Fix crashes / error when creating encrypted backups (_that, Dees_Troy)
  • Add system read only option – more details below (Dees_Troy)
  • Add resize2fs and GUI option to run resize2fs (Dees_Troy)
  • Fix crash loop caused by empty lines in AOSP recovery command file (_that)
  • Prevent duplicate page overlays such as multiple lock screens (mdmower)

  • Fix daylight savings time rules for USA and Europe (_that)
  • Allow mulitple overlays for popup boxes (Dees_Troy)
  • Add pattern style password entry for decrypt (Tassadar)
  • Keyboard improvements (_that)
  • Update AOSP base to 5.1 (Dees_Troy)
  • Reduce theme count to 5 and rely on scaling (Dees_Troy)
  • Various scaling improvements (Dees_Troy)
  • Improved handling of resources in the GUI (_that)
  • Make scroll bar size proportional to list size (_that)
  • Allow scoll lists to render without a header (_that)
  • Make console scroll per pixel with kinetic scrolling (_that)
  • Support styles in XML to reduce XML size and improve consistentcy (Dees_Troy)
  • Various other fixes and improvements (mdmower, bigbiff, codelover, etc)

  • Add flashing of boot and recovery images via the TWRP GUI (Find the Images button on the Install page)
  • Fix some MTP related crashes and bugs
  • Eliminate TWRP toggling USB IDs during boot if MTP is enabled
  • Fix various adb sideload issues
  • Improve threading of actions
  • Eliminate separate thread for screen timeout
  • Update libblkid to 2.25.0
  • Use power button as back button on watch themes for easier navigation
  • Add mutex locking to data manager
  • Improve custom theme handling on encrypted devices
  • Allow the stock theme to be offset by build flags so we can center a lower res theme on a higher res screen especially for watches with round screens


  • Faster graphics rendering by disabling alpha blending on fully opaque objects thanks to Tassadar
  • Allow sideloading from /tmp on encrypted devices
  • Check for a crypto footer before asking for a password to prevent user confusion
  • Additional checks for validity to auto generated backup names
  • Text wrap in the console output
  • Proper caps lock support in the keyboard
  • Mouse support via USB OTG for devices with a broken digitizer
  • Improve scanning of storage locations for OpenRecoveryScript
  • Haptic feedback for buttons, keyboard, and vibration at the end of longer running actions thanks to Samer Diab
  • Fixed ext4 wiping when no selinux contexts are defined for that partition (e.g. sd-ext)
  • Update SuperSU to 1.93 and improve installation process
  • Added selinux contexts restoration to fix permissions
  • Load RTC offset on Qualcomm devices to fix the date/time in recovery
  • USB Mass Storage fixes Add SELinux support checking
  • Add Disk Usage class to better handle excluded folders (e.g. Google Music cache)
  • Add 4.4 decrypt support
  • Add some toolbox utilities to TWRP (namely to support SELinux functions not supported in busybox)
  • Various SELinux fixes and bug fixes

  • Proper backup and restore of SELinux contexts (thanks to Tassadar)
  • Pull in some ROM information for backup name generation
  • Merge all recent patches from AOSP bringing TWRP up to date with Android 4.3
  • Add 1200x1920 theme (thanks to Tassadar)
  • A few other fixes and tweaks

  • Initial SELinux support (only a few devices, need testers so come by IRC if your device doesn't have it and needs it)
  • Initial support for f2fs file system formatting (Moto X)
  • Update SuperSU install for 4.3 ROMs
  • Fixed a permissions bug on files created during backup
  • Fixed a bug that caused TWRP to not wait for compressed backups to finish causing 0 byte files and md5sums to not match
  • Fixed decryption of encrypted data so that both TouchWiz and AOSP decryption are possible
  • Ignore lost+found folder during backup and size calculations
  • Various other minor bug fixes and tweaks
Most devices can be updated quickly and easily with the TWRP Manager app:
Play Store Link
1) Installiere den TWRP Manager vom Play Store
2) Öffne den TWRP Manager die root Rechte
3) Wähle Advanced -> Install Recovery
4) Wähle den richtigen Handynamen aus und drücke Install Recovery
You can find more information and download links on our website!

Device page on our website

Download links:

[RECOVERY][klte] TWRP 3.1.0-0 touch recovery [2017-03-10]
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Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

ich habe mir den TWRP Manager ROOT installiert.
Ich brauche das APP eigentlich nur um ein vollständiges Systemabbild zu erstellen. Falls ich mal ein andere FW installieren möchte und wieder zurück zum Samsung FW möchte.

Meine Frage zur Punkt 4.
Was ist der richtige Handyname für ein Samsung Galaxy S5 (G900F) ?
Ich finde bei der Auswahl kein geeigneten Namen.

Grüsse Pepe


klte heißt unser Gerät.
Eigentlich steht das überall, sogar im Header dieses Threads, aber auch ich habe es übersehen und danach gesucht ;)


Neues Mitglied
Kann mir jemand sagen, für was das -gt- in den neueren dateien stehen? ich möchte mir das twrp für die neueste firmware installieren, bin mir aber nicht sicher, welches ich nehmen soll
grüße an alle


Recovery Installation heißt dann aber auch immer "KNOX 0x1" oder?


Neues Mitglied


Ich nutze Safestrap (TWRP)...funzt super und knox bleit unangetastet...


habe den Manager installiert und Rootrechte vergeben.
Wenn ich nun auf Install TWRP gehe und auf "Device Name" klicke, stürzt die App ab. (Fehlermeldung: TWRP Manager was crashed).
Mache ich da was falsch, muss ich was beachten?


Nee...so ging es bei mir auch...er oeffnet dann normalerweise eine seite wo man das handy auswaehlt und der download startet...


Nun ging es auf einmal, warum auch immer....


Erfahrenes Mitglied
wird knox getriggert?




Gibt es für das S5 auch schon TWRP


Muss ich da das cmw selber auch updaten oder gibts da nur eines ? ( momentan ) ?


Danke für die Information (und den direkten Link) :)

Gerade mit Mobile Odin installiert und ein Fullbackup läuft ...

What's new in

  • MTP fixes and improvements - you can now copy zips to the root of storage - thanks to _that
  • TrueType Font support - optional as it takes up a decent amount of space so may not be available on all devices - thanks to Tassadar
  • Temperature support - thanks to bigbiff
  • Various other bugfixes and tweaks


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

ich habe meinem Samsung S5 bereits TWRP installiert.

Wie installiere ich am besten das update auf TWRP ?
Über das jetzige läst sich das update .img nicht installieren.
Muss ich erst das alte deinstallieren ?


Grüsse Pepe


Mit Odin oder Mobile Odin die .tar installieren.

Du kannst einfach die neue über die alte Recovery "überinstallieren".

Es muss zuvor nichts deinstalliert werden.


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

Danke erst mal.

Kann aber das neue TWRP nicht flaschen.
Odin bricht ab - siehe Bild :confused2:
Bin nach Anleitung vorgegangen.
Virenscanner ist aus
Handy im Download Modus
dann an USB angeschlossen und bei Odin Datei ausgewählt und Start geklickt.
dann Abbruch von Odin, habe es mit Version 3.07 und 3.09 versucht.

Was kann ich noch machen ?

Habe mir gerade mobile Odin heruntergeladen, aber ich weiss ich nicht welches add-on.apk ich für das S5 (G900F) laden soll-


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